Scream (1996) – Retro Movie Review – Best Horror Movie Ever!

Someone asked me “What is the best horror movie of all-time or my favorite?” The answer…. SCREAM (1996)!

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Scream Synopsis
The sleepy little town of Woodsboro just woke up screaming. There’s a killer in their midst who’s seen a few too many scary movies. Suddenly nobody is safe, as the psychopath stalks victims, taunts them with trivia questions, then rips them to bloody shreds. It could be anybody…

Directed by Wes Craven
Produced by
Cathy Konrad
Cary Woods
Written by Kevin Williamson
David Arquette
Neve Campbell
Courteney Cox
Matthew Lillard
Rose McGowan
Skeet Ulrich
Drew Barrymore
Music by Marco Beltrami

Scream movie review
Scream film review


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MirrorDomains says:

One of my fav’s too!

Moviemen Reviews says:

Dude bravo! this is my 2nd favorite scary movie of all time. it’s so nice to watch a review of this by someone who loves it. I’ll go check out Codys channel after this. and id love if you could please checkout my review of scream. I’d really love to know what u thought about it. great review dude

vielned says:

Scream is great smart fun but as far as scary movies go The Exorcist, The Thing & The Shining are in a whole other league.

The SilverScreen Analysis says:

One of the classics! Perfect for all the right reasons.

SirTyJensen says:

I liked Scream, I seen it only twice but I’m not a horror guy.

Language Philosophy News says:

Lol The Faculty is written by the same guy who wrote Scream.

austin willcut says:

That opening murder is bad ass and the first time you see it it is pretty harrowing! Never seen a lawn chair disemboweling in somebody’s backyard until I saw this movie. The ending(spoiler alert)…….with the two killers was awesome and the way they were stabbing each other to frame someone else was really shocking at the time and I had never seen that before! Those dudes were crazy as hell lol!! I wish they would release the uncut director’s cut on Blu Ray, what’s the deal? I liked some of the knock offs like Urban Legend, The Faculty, I Know/Summer(not the best but watchable!) and Cherry Falls was sorta like Scream but very different as well. I would like to see a Scream 5 but not sure if that’ll happen. I was 9 or 10 when this came out so I was a lot younger but I still remember the late 90’s slasher/Buffy/Dawson’s Creek WB era! It was a decent time.

Kenneth Sprasky says:

Hay Sean,

I was going to write on your message board when you first posted this review., but working 2 jobs is keeping me quite busy. I have a few moments, and just thought I would provide some feed back for “Scream”. I like most people saw this in the theater, and after the first kill, I though any character was done for including the Sidney Press cot character. No Mercy !!! A couple of things about the move.
# In the scene were Sidney, and (other girl) can’t remember her name are shopping in the grocery store, after being in the frozen food section, the camera does show a close up, revealing a reflection of “Ghost Face” on the freezer door. My question is how can someone be in a public grocery store, and not be called out for wearing that costume? Hmm…. People just hang around in public dressed in costume?

Also later in the move the character “Randy” makes a note to my favorite slasher “Prom Night” (1980), by saying the line “If they would watch Prom Night, they would save time.” I never understood that line? or why it was in the move?

One other note, when Drew Beryomore’s character makes a comment about the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies “The first one was good, but the rest sucked” Wes Craven wanted to cut that line out, but decided to leave it in since Scream was all about poking fun at horror movies.

Scream brought the slasher film back to the big screen!!!! I always call it a High Class slasher film, but we would not have seen blood and gore on the screen today, if it had not been for 1996’S Scream.

Thanks for the review !!!!

Ticia M says:

I think I have similar thoughts to you on the Scream movies, they’re one of the few horror movies I’ll watch, because I remember watching them in college with friends.
My kids aren’t old enough to watch them, but I look forward to seeing their reactions, though I’ll probably just show the boys first…

MABlaze says:

I’m glad you show love to scream. Most people retro-hate this series because it’s legacy has been watered down because of the scary movie franchise and all of the copycats,,but I remember scream scaring the hell out of me when I first “saw” it (get it lol)

Douglas Beamer says:

Dude I loved the faculty! But I never saw scream until muuuch later. i did enjoy how the broke it down of how the cliches and such. the ending was kinda funny to me when the twist is revealed. lol Great review man 🙂

Trevor Lee says:

did you ever see a classic old horror movies like psycho, silence of the lambs, or the shining? I watched those recently.

Rich Reviews says:

Do you generally take request for films to review.

The Music Crew says:

do more retro movie reviews

Justin Cross says:

I love the faculty. Nobody ever talks about it

Marshall Windsor says:

Do you like scarry movies

ImJackWhite says:

Love your content . your a very underrated YouTuber and to be honest I feel your one of the best when it comes to reviews cause you explain your self in depth. Keep it up man

Stuff You See In The Cinema says:

Love this film Soooooo much

Cody Leach says:

Hell yes! I enjoyed your take on this one man you should review the other 3 eventually. Thanks for taking the request. I’m probably gonna review this franchise after Freddy because I have a really interesting history with Scream.

Pokehon says:

Great classic and was our slasher of the 90’s!

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