Shark Exorcist (2015) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Shark Exorcist directed by Donald Farmer and starring Angela Kerecz, Bobby Kerecz, and Lexi Nimmo.
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A demonic nun unleashes holy hell when she summons the devil to possess a great white shark.


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Random TV says:

Well as Shark Week comes to a close in the UK it kicks off for you guys I been doing Shark Week on my Horror Channel all week you can check it out on Random Horror if you wish.

horror ghoul says:

HAHAHAHA this is why you guys are the best!!!!!

The One True Morty says:

This movie is confusing as hell…

Joshua Film's says:

Yay more shark puns for me

Matt Helps says:

thumbs up in the first 2 seconds. lol. do more themed sit downs like this. Also you guys seem really loose in this in a good way which makes this review a lot of fun to watch. cheers.

ItsTheHaos says:

Lol Jay loving life on the “Beach” in the intro!

Also,i think you guys should check out Snakehead Terror and Frankenfish,good movies imo!

Mladen Kulic says:

I saw that you guys did reviews on first 3 Sharknado movies.
Maybe its time to review Sharknado 4 The 4th Awakens.

BethO says:

Someone should do a remake with an acutal shark exorcism. Crowdfunding????

Explosions and Stuff says:

Okay, I’m only 10 seconds in but, dude, I want that hat. Jay, please tell me where you got it.

vegan satanic Nintendo goth says:

da fuck is this lol

Maya K says:

Sneaking suspicion you didn’t like this movie

Ivy Killa says:

This movie really made no sense. Good thing it had good looking girl to watch. The brunette friend was good but the blonde friend was the worst. In that no sound scene where she’s flirting and get rejected. i mean, my god can you act worst then that? And everything else wrong with the movie you said it. I give it 1/10

New Jersey Guyver says:

Just watched this piece of shit and want my time back.

joifan says:

Hahahaha. Great review as always!
FYI I bought this DVD last year based on another famous reviewer here, and he hated it too.

So I of course loved it! So bad its good barely applies but the babes and mysteriously out of place
unrelated scenes make it all worth while. Watching this is like going on a Sharky acid trip. :o)

Can’t wait t to see the rest of Shark Week now. Maybe you’ll even have that marine biologist cutie on again??

Nathan Mcgee says:

Great review! I really should have watched this review before the movie. It was so bad.

Kiergard says:

Do some of you guys wonder, like me, how those movie would turn out if they had 200mil budget? 😀

Tanya Brown says:

dumb b movies

JeanMichel Noir says:

As a horror composer who will work for peanuts I get frustrated with people using stock score! This film looks frigging great.

Tyler Gerhardt says:

Oh, boy. This is going to be great!

Rotten Banshee says:

I want to watch this out of the cringe level but I don’t think I’ll be able to go completely through

tyler somerville says:

They got so baked for this movie haha love it!!!

docthemetalfreak says:

gentlemen I have perhaps a movie worse than this-Raiders Of The Lost Shark.

Your GEEKY Neighbor says:

“It doesn’t even have a beach” lol no nude scenes either it seems.

Tajh Steer says:

Do mega shark vs Mecha shark

SampleScience Sounds says:

Shark Exorcist is not a bad movie, it’s a straight ripoff. After I watched it I felt screwed by the “cinematographer” of this garbage. Nothings in it makes remotely any sens and like the reviewer said, it’s not even funny. This movie is a money grabbing ploy to ripoff shark movies audiences without any respect for them…

MagicMatson69 says:

This sounds like the holy grail of cheesy shark movies. Unfortunately after hearing your review I know it’s not quite what I was hoping for. Hopefully the week gets better guys! Also 5-Headed Shark Attack is coming to Syfy at the end of this week!

Tricia Guzman-Moreno says:


Toxicpunkette says:

What the hell lol, Saw the thumbnail and I had to click. Looks like a movie I would watch with a couple drinks.

XCVI Jkay says:

Its john o’clock motherfuckers

TheMorefew says:

Lol @ the ending. “Gotta get that 1st comment, nerds.”

Well looks like I’m a little late for that.

Raven House Mystery says:

It’s a ratings tie with Jurassic Shark! I guess the debate continues on which is the worst shark movie.

Jay and John, you guys are beyond cool. You got through both films (which I haven’t done) and gave us two more funny reviews. Unless the shark movie genre goes 16-bit with the budgets, we may have to revisit the Jurassic vs. Exorcist debate in ten years.

Darth Zado says:

“What more could you ask for than bikini clad babes?” How about NAKED babes?

lmk001 says:

This guy probably sets out to make bad movies. I don’t even think I could get through it.

Rafael Trivino says:

The cover of the movie looks amazing

Wastingsometimehere says:

This certainly looks like a hilarious mess.


Did you know that Roni Jonah was signed to WWE and wrestled in their development ground. Shame about how her career turned out…

Andrew Del Pilar says:

I only know about this movie because of I Hate Everything. This movie is looks and sounds atrocious.

Zade Nahhas says:

This reminded me of your review of Sand Sharks. For some reason I found it funny when your review was not intended that way. Most importantly, I remembered that being your worst shark movie (if I recall).

Mr.Celery says:

Could you do a top 10 best practical effects in horror films please

Droah Frit says:

Oh god no…it’s shark week again…lol!

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