Shivers: Movie Review – Body Horror Movie

Shivers: Movie Review – Body Horror Movie
Time for some body horror. In today’s movie review we take a look at David Cronenberg’s break out movie, Shivers. In an apartment building a plague of genetically made parasites has been set loose on the tenants. These worms turn their hosts into sex crazed zombies. What follows is a movie of murder, sex and mayhem. Justin gives his movie review.

Starring: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry and Barbara Steele

Directed By: David Cronenberg

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Hey you! Are you looking for a horror movie review? How about an exploitation film review? If so then this is the channel for you… MOVIE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

The Grindhouse will never die.


Deathtone says:

My favorite non typical zombie pick would probably have to be Slither.

I miss old Cronenberg movies. Not that his later stuff is bad but… I prefer his horror films. His remake of The Fly is just fantastic. It might be my favorite of his horror films.

David Moore says:

I’ve been on and off trying to get a copy of this one for years.

arisd says:

Great review! my favorite body horror movies are videodrome, the fly and society , and my favorite cronenberg movies are crash and dead ringers. I actually like shivers and i have it on dvd, but its not one of my favorites.

Wim Van der Straeten says:

I didn’t expect you to upload another video so quickly again. My favorite David Cronenberg movie/body horror movie is Videodrome (my top 5 of sci fi horror movies consists of Alien, The Thing, The Fly, Altered States and Videodrome). Have you already seen Altered States? It’s a very trippy movie that’s completely out there.

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