Sinister | Horror Movie Review

Just in time for Halloween, Sinister arrives to scare us silly. But could it be an excellent movie, to boot?

From the filmmakers behind Insidious and a writer who was formerly a movie blogger for Ain’t It Cool News, comes a new horror film starring Ethan Hawke that flies in the face of the found footage trend. Sure it has found footage, but Sinister harkens back to a classic style of frightener like Poltergeist and The Shining. You may be shocked and scared yourself when you see what Dan, Jeff, and Alex have to say about this surprising new film.


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The Totally Rad Show is the summer blockbuster of geek news shows. Every week, hosts Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata rip into the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and more and pull out what’s rad.


Aaron McDonald says:

Dan understood him

lvolpe says:

Yes!! Carlyle is awesome

Stacey Robson says:

good show

Chris Julian says:

It’s a little insulting to the genre when a horror movie is a “good movie” it stops being a horror film and gets turned into a “thriller” or any other genre except horror. Obviously there is no way a horror film can be anything but slashers and exploitation crap…

jay mill says:

dennis wilson was in the beachboys

Jake D says:

I love Carlyle and I love TRS. This movie scared the shit out of me.

MMODoubter says:

Just watched Insidious. CRAP.

Sinister was pretty good.

Ryan Leighton-Evans says:

found the film to be a little predictable but it was a fun horror movie 

Mahendra Uikey says:

the film was quite horriable but the audience would also like to see the end of that ghost 

garryS says:

so fear·com meets The Ring?

beowolve says:

I really enjoy watching you reviews, the relationship you 3 have is great, you are all really lucky to have each other as the good friend you obviously are to each other

Brownsaq says:

love the show

Luis N. says:

“Grounded” means based on reality, without any things that might seem fake or hard to believe.

onepcwhiz says:

Good stuff, guys. It’s cool that you can still make each other laugh.. as well as us, of course!

Mahmoud El Sabbagh says:

Amazing movie

Joe Kresl says:

Alex I do the same thing in horror films haha

2nd3rd1st says:

Terrible reverb from the windows in that spot but a good recording environment was never a hallmark of Bus Stop Reviews. 😛

KidDynamite85 says:

12:19 say again?

ChrisGol14 says:

Thumbs up for carlyle from spill!!

Henry Shaffer says:

I totally got the “feels like let me get a drink of water” part. I’ve been doing the same thing since that IE commercial started running.

Giovanni Foulmouth says:

i have my whore dollars ready

Semidecentdude says:

I watched the sequel first……. I hate myself

Foxinaround says:

the sound design was great! Loved this movie till the end. Turned into Insidious which I hated, but overall this movie was highly enjoyable. Go see it over Paranormal 4.

Nocturnalux says:

I really liked this movie but the twist did not at all surprise me, I knew who the killer was 10 minutes into it

Daniel K Morgan says:

17:48 is amazing

MrNicvdb says:

This is going to be my Halloween movie… looks freakin sweet.

Boot Zunnington says:

the kid below me needs to get a life…

popou says:

Wish that TRS was on weekends too!

KungfuMaster63 says:

I watched It about 3 hours ago at 2 am I can’t sleep and I’m too scared to go to the bathroom.

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