Slaughter High – Horror Movie Review

Slaughter High is a 1986 American-British independent slasher film written and directed by George Dugdale, Mark Ezra and Peter Litten. The plot concerns a group of adults invited to a reunion at their defunct high school, where a disfigured masked killer awaits for revenge.

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Timelord 007 says:

Awesome review Eric you really summed this one up brilliantly in your review, what makes me laugh is the gore they got away with in this film with the MPAA but the MPAA cut the fuck out of Friday the 13th V & VII.

Your review is spot on Eric & I agree with your version of ending of the film which was the perfect way to end this film because those scenes that follow on with the ghosts chasing him through the school & his kills at the hospital are fucking lame & ruin the film for me.

Harry Manfredini score is good but it’s basically the same tone as Friday the 13th, however I had the hots for Caroline Munro & I wanted her to take my virginity when I seen this film on video aged 15 cause she’s fit as fuck in this so you can imagine my reaction when I met her at a Doctor Who convention in 1993 when I was 18 my hormones were on fire.

Not quite a classic but still worth a watch.

Redcup Lifestyle says:

Nice! Been waiting on a new review or anything from the Death twitch.

Jonathan Cardoso says:

MORE …. I need more reviews lol.

Gtaviper 115 says:

Hell yes been waiting for another review

harleymax01 says:

Laughter High is awesome! Oops I meant Slaughter High. I love 80’s cheesy horror movies!!

Santa Mira says:

We have the same hairstyle: the Q-Ball!

Drew Vannatta says:

Totally agree with your geography complaint. Like when Jason Voorhees obviously goes to California 3-6. Sometimes one sees mountains in the backdrop of the Halloween franchise… or at least make the setting ambiguous. Minor complaint.

Brandon Anderson says:

Freakin live Joe Bob Briggs

marriedmomofone says:

I love this movie!

Lizzy Rose says:

Great review

Cyril says:

For some reason Einstein’s relativity formula is on the chalkboard. In the chemistry lab. A High school chemistry lab. If people don’t know why that’s absurd, then they probably don’t understand general relativity or general chemistry.

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Great one. Glad your putting this stuff out….slaughter high rocks.

Dono Van says:

You pull it off!! Awww yeah!!!

wopjohn says:

it’s funny how so many 80s horror movies featured 30 year old “teens”

Seanical Reviews says:

whαt up dαч wαlkєrѕ!

BoomStick Critique says:

The biggest weakness of the film is the ending an it will prolly ruin the entire film for some.Making the whole movie after Marty gets burned a dream really hurts the film. It pretty much makes all the deaths meaningless.

rosieanna2010 says:

This is one of my favourite movies!

D Chaz says:

great review chrome dome! back to basics

The Rave Music Archive says:

Watched this a couple of weeks ago.

John Smith says:

Simon Scudamore, who plays the film’s killer Marty, committed suicide shortly after production of the film as he had been raped by his father.

April Cost says:

I have that t-shirt! Thanks for another awesome review. I love this movie

Hakers1309 says:

Please please please do a review of rob zombies 31

Volksfest Checker says:

I like this review! 🙂

Jeffrey Sund says:

My bruh you gone …bald xd well..good to see ya again xd

Darian Castle says:

Great cheesy movie, i love this movie quite a bit. I have a german poster “Todesparty 2” which i think is for Slaughter high but the internet says is cutting class the Brad pitt slasher.

Coolfirenewt says:

Nice review, totally agree with you on the ending of the movie. My second biggest complaint with the movie, other than the ending, was some of the casting, I just didn’t find it believable that some of the characters would have ever been friends, or in the popular group. Although Marty was cast very well.

Purple Piano says:

Your typical horror slasher.

BobbyShyne says:

Great video man! 2 pairs of breasts? Dude, why didn’t you show us that? lol

Aaron Graham says:

Hey Eric awesome review man, could the shining be your next review?

Confused Reviews says:

God dammit I was just about to go to bed… Eh 20 more mins…

Zade Nahhas says:

Good review man!

randallqueen says:

Good movie choice, always a fun watch. Love the Drive In totals at the end. Another great review sir.

Ryder Nigga says:

Nice cut dude I’m not use to you seeing it…maybe by Christmas it will be all back eh?

MZZY says:

This was one of ur best reviews I gotta say, and that’s saying alot because I’ve watched them all, this is total drunkentary material forsure!

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Love the drive-in totals

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