SLEEPWALKERS Review (Stephen King Horror Movie Madness)

We’re reviewing a bejesus load of Stephen King horror movies leading up to the release of Pennywise in ‘IT’ this August! First up, one that Stephen King himself wrote the script for and it doesnt turn out so well SLEEPWALKERS. Starring king himself, Clive Barker, the dude from beetlejuice, Ron Pearlman and a guy who does his own mother and brings her young ladies so she can eat their souls and the only thing that can stop them is cats! No really. That’s real.

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Tony Arellano says:

DUDES! This movie was the best when it first came out. I still have it on vhs. Still love it! Also gave you guys a thumbs up don’t want you thinking that was me with the thumbs down lol

Mitch R says:

Clovis the Attack Cat! I haven’t seen this in years, but I remember liking it. From the sounds of things, I should probably leave it at that and not revisit it.

BisexualBadassery says:

I don’t know what “point” Stephen King was trying to make in this–but goddamn that incest was strooong as fuck. I agree, this WAS like Norman Bates on steroids. and meth, or whatever drug makes you want to tongue your mom.

Pistol1783 says:

Ya This movie is straight wack son! Great review guys

Dontsubscribe Deadinside says:

Besides The Shining what Steven King movie do y’all think turned out the best?

zombiefun100 says:

Fun Fact: Mark Hamhill(Luke Skywalker) has a cameo in the begging of the film. He plays one of the cops that find the bodies in the house. Tobe Hooper(Texas Chainsaw) John Landis(American Werewolf London) and Joe Dante(Gremlins) also have cameo’s in the film as crime techs.

Brandi Swick says:

I actually watched this with my dad many years back and it was really awkward but when I watch this film by myself, I can’t help but laugh due to how entertaining and bad it is. It’s a guilty pleasure Stephen King film for me. So bad it’s good lol
Good review!

Rhys Seddon says:

you should review the mini series salems lot (the 70s one) takes a good 40 mins before it kicks in, but it had a big influence for the vampire film fright night

BoomStick Critique says:

I just saw the new Alien film as well.I know people are mixed on it.But personally I liked it not great an has alot of dumb character moments.But i felt it was fun.I thought it was good not great.To me it was a fun monster flick with a slightly dumb set up character wise lol

Mirisha Brown says:

I used to love this movie when it was younger and I’ll still love it. It’s bad and incredibly cheesy. I’m gonna watch it today.

Montgomery Jackson says:

I saw this in theaters and it was a sold out crowd. My parents actually took me to see this and when it was over, they were silent on the way home after the movie, lol! It’s okay, if not for a slice of early 90s horror cheese.

BoyOfSteel101 says:

Dudes. My mum and I are massive Stephen King fans and we sat down one day and had a Stephen King marathon and when this came up it was so fucking awkward and unsettling. So yeah don’t watch this fucking movie with your mum.

Stock Diane says:

The movie is pretty ok, I didn’t see the relationship as incest I was thinking maybe she had turned him into a sleepwalker and he called her mother because of that but maybe I was just not wanting to think of how disgusting it was if she was his real mother…..I’d give it a 4 out of ten, it’s a bit cheesy but wtf  we all can use a little cheese now and then lol.

samantha osborne says:

i kinda liked sleepwalkers i get what your saying about i didn’t like some scenes either

Rayspeace says:

This movie fucked me up when I was younger. Probably traumatized me lol Continue to kick ass!

SegaCDUniverse says:

Watched this recently for the first time, had never hears of it. Wasn’t impressed. A lot of his flicks haven’t aged well.

Stock Diane says:

FYI the song they dance to is called “Sleepwalk” lol!

Megan Linart says:

This movie is pretty bad lol I watch it once In a while with my family just to laugh. I think cujo is my favorite Stephen king movie adaptation. Still freaks me out a little.

alittleolder says:

I watched this movie iin the theater when it came out. The only scary thing, sadly, was, when suddenly the maintitles were on screen with a scary noise. That was the highlight of the movie.

BoomStick Critique says:

I thought this was an all right b movie.I loved the score in this thing.The reason the mom an son were sleeping together is because the male sleep walker collects the energy they feed on.And the male feeds the female through sex.Its why they light up when there screwing.The father was feeding the mom but when he died the son had to take over.

Kiwi says:

I saw the movie. That movie was something else especially when it got to the mom and son fucking. I give it a 2.5

I'm Batman27 says:

That’s your mom, dude! This movie sounds like a piece of crap, not to mention incredibly uncomfortable, and not in the good way.

Rexfellis says:

I rented this movie sometime in the mid-90s and tried towatch it with my girlfriend. It was an…uh…uncomfortable date. Super Mario Kart saved that night. I watched it alone later and remember thinking that it wasn’t too bad, just cheesy and the incest thing kind of ruined it. But, I haven’t seen it since. Don’t really plan to, haha!

Brittany Martini says:

I saw this on TV when I was like 12 and even then I lmfao the whole time. Now I think it’s fun to watch and laugh at

Christmas_ TheSergal says:

Wow the funny thing is I just bought this movie and not even 5 minutes of me getting home yall uploaded this video XD guess it’s time ti watch this shit show lol

Corn Pone Flicks says:

Me and some friends saw this in a mostly empty theater back when it came out, and the  only way we managed to get through it was by constantly referencing the SNL “Action Cats” sketch (about plastic body armor you strap onto your cats) we’d seen just before heading to the theater.

The hot chick is Madchen Amick from Twin Peaks. She’s STILL fine. The mom is Alice Krige, who played a vengeful ghost in the 1981 film Ghost Story, which scared the everlovin’ shit out of me as a child. You should check it out. And yeah, the director was Mick “Needless Shining Remake” Garris. That guy really has no clue about directing. I mean, the Shining is a really good book, he followed it to the letter, and it sucked.

Kaz Kobb says:

When I was a kid I thought they were couples lol

BoomStick Critique says:

Stephen King just said Cujo will have a cameo in Dark Tower.Which is neat.

greenfelds says:

Do you guys believe in the supernatural?

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