SLENDER MAN – A Hilariously Bad Horror Movie

I could tell you how many times I tried to upload this video without it getting blocked worldwide, but then I’d have to kill you

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Brian-With-A-Na DinoJinn says:

Dude, are you docile or being docile?

moop is the best says:


Plasma Wave says:

There could have been a story based on his family with Simon(Human Slenderman), Angeline(His wife), Slendrina(His daughter), Leiv(His son in law),Granny( The mother of his wife), and slendrina’s baby that could have been so much better than this

Cathair 929 says:

It wasn’t good, I didn’t even remember it’s existence til a saw this video but I wouldn’t call it bad, maybe disappointing to anyone who actually gives a shit about slenderman

slender169101 says:

14:39 nah he was just having a good nut

wonderthigh says:

i saw this movie twice in theaters for the memes tbh

supersonic118 boi says:


Alyce Aka Lee says:

The connection to the Tri-Force being one of the symbols could have come from a different creepypasta, named BEN Drowned. He’s one of those video game posseser types, but his story is that (from what I could piece together from different sources), he lived in an abusive household with his father and either a mom or 2 brothers, and the Legend of Zelda videogames they gave him in order to keep him quiet about his abuse were his only form of escape. In the version with the mother, he drowns in their private pool at a party, and no adult came to save him, while in the version with the brothers, he was taken to the ocean (or a lake), and drowned by his family. His soul was somehow dropped into his Majora’s Mask cartridge, and he began driving people to madness through it (very similar to how Slenderman does in the movie).

Brian-With-A-Na DinoJinn says:

Pffft… The third eye symbolism is evil but chaotic good.

None of you know who he is lol. He is real though.

Brian-With-A-Na DinoJinn says:

Blind folds. Metaphoricall to modern Politics and used in movies often… Blind politics.

Cicadas are cute. Don’t ask.

A Depressed Dragon says:

I could tell you this comment but then I’ll have to kill you

Khadijah Dee says:

at least 17:20 explain the random 7:25 image of the start. hhhhh

ActuallyEntity says:

This movie had such good potential and the Slenderman visuals where like the only good part. Such a shame.

TBG says:

There’s a hidden message in this review, but if I told you, I’d have to kill myself

megatronic gaming says:

What is the video on 16:10 ive heard it from somewhere

Sodapopthekitty says:

i thought it would be really cool if the girl who was texting them actually turned out to be some creepy old guy who was making up the slenderman story to lure kids into the forest so he could kidnap them.

JY snowsword says:

Is that… Is that clair? From wish upon? Jesus.

Skycrusher says:

When you’re 13 and think you’re edgier than you really are (not at all)

SharksGame4Fun_What'sNext? says:

16:08: …

AlmightyLydia says:

I heard that there was a Slenderman movie coming out, then I heard… nothing. Always a sign that the movie was a failure.

Andrew Wallace says:

His necks even lighter in the dark

Nick H says:

The Steve and Shrek jump scare actually scared me

rico anderson says:

>TMW a horde is running towards you on Round 30 but you have No ammo, No Monkey bombs, Barely any points to work with, And your teammates are so fucking worthless that you know they wont revive you in time if you go down.

Kale Chip says:

Honestly the only scary part in this movie is when it starts

zachanikwano says:

This video reminded me of Splendorman lol

Renasai says:

Maybe they made the movie dark so that it would be harder to see the actors’ careers ending.

The Asshole Atheist says:


Teo Kim says:

Welcome to episode 725 of “How the Hell Did This Get In My Recommended List?”!

Affixiation says:

What about the jumpscare in the title screen

1RidiculousBoi says:

I had an good idea for a comment *but if I told i would have to kill you*

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