Well, here we are; the Slender Man movie is finally here. Just, uh, don’t… DON’T GO LOOK AT ITS ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE PLEASE JUST DO NOT NO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO

Yeah people didn’t really like it

Oh, and spoilers… obviously.



Wicker haz brown sauce says:

The true movie is Marble Hornets.

Lil Broomstick says:

The Room > Slenderman

weird person says:

I watched the movie yesterday and I litterly said after the movie I can’t wait for HoodoHoodlumsRevenge to review this movie. And then BAM here it is.

Night Owl YT says:

Like it or not, this movie was destined to be bad, ever since the PG-13 rating. Everybody should know that a PG-13 “horror” movie is gonna be terrible. Horror movies need to be R rated. Horrifically Bad CGI. Although it is the best comedy movie of 2018.

HoodoHoodlumsRevenge says:

“It’s all spreading HIS word… ya know?” I said to the crowd awaiting a response, and before I knew it I heard someone slowly start clapping behind me before everyone else clapped too. I turned around, finding the source of the noise. The person standing there? Albert Einstein.

EmiBondo says:

I didn’t even read the title I just thought I was watching a tinfoil Umi meme.

Nightcore Кnifu says:

I knew this movie was gonna be Shit the moment they said they were gonna make it… So sad…

PolurBare says:

disappointed but not surprised

Juan Viera says:

is it like a 5 year old made it

red shadow says:

Fucking knew it would. Now i gotta hear why

Marsha MacMillan says:

Oh , well…Slendy shmendy.

ThatBugBehindYou says:

I don’t know if you’re listening Hollywood, but this is why you don’t put memes in your movie.

I know, I know, you guys thought creepypastas weren’t just memes but, well, they became memes 4 years ago so you don’t have an excuse.
Slender man died 3 years ago and you really had to pull out all the stops due to that but you mainlined it, and that’s why you failed.

scp 2521 Jamie says:

its a $5 movie from walmart level of good

crystal fahrer says:

This is like ba bad creepy pasta

NIGHT Summer says:

Wait is all of the weird slender man porn cannon to this movie then?
*oh it is*

Gunpoint Gaming says:

If we had some men in there it would’ve been better, pushing women ruins movies. LET’S HOPE VENOM WILL BE FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

jasmine banuelos says:

But why? Why trees?

Kenzie L says:

Marble Hornets should have made the movie lmao

Drawtoonz Studio says:

I can’t stand it when trailers show things that aren’t in the actual movies. What was the girl holding? Too bad, you’ll never actually know, because that scene was cut.

Also, here’s an idea: The movie was originally going to be rated R, but the studio wanted it to be PG-13, so they had to heavily rework parts of the movie. Maybe Chloe actually did stab herself during that scene, but they had to sloppily cut out her fate, hence why the movie sort of forgets about her.

Nina Harkin says:

I 100% agree with what you said
The movie should’ve been about the kids going missing and the more about the parents finding out about the slender man and stuff, sticking to the original story itself

This whole movie just felt like a bad trollpasta someone wrote lmao

Coffee Maker22 says:

You what this movie needs


St. PaddyMad! says:

Wasn’t this movie supposed or be cancelled altogether?

Plus, with the whole creepypasta trend now dormant, this movie would practically be not a box office hit.

Bogdan Goranov says:

Later they found that Slenderman was the original Venom Host. Marvel X different creepypasta crossovers

Noir Silent says:

ya know?

Skunk Girl says:

I wonder what that slender stabbing victim is thinking

Reece Bell says:

What a shocker, who would have guessed a movie based on an average CP made by people who don’t understand the original material sucked.

i want to die says:

Sony has done it again

Gunpoint Gaming says:

Young teen girl gets impregnated by large tentacles

Pretentious Adonis says:

I knew this movie would be complete garbage because it’s a slenderman movie made in 2018 by sony.

Salty McSlim says:

I’m just gonna go play the game and forget that this movie exists

TheOnlyWayIsYoshi says:

I can’t say this is the best movie but I can’t say it’s a bad one either. It’s bad but there are a lot worse movies out there (good points in the video btw)

Zone 9 says:

I kept almost falling asleep during the movie and kept checking the time, I just wanted to get the hell out of there, it was that terrible, lol.

Spacebitch says:

The Slendy CGI is so bad that it looks like it was supposed to be released in 2012. Back when the trend was relevant

Thigikna says:

hey, bully music!

Danny Satch says:

Literally got a slenderman movie advert right before the video

Gamer-Grape says:

*ya know?*

Nateteh Bunnie says:

It didn’t capture what made slender man back in the day just something about the trees

Penny and Trans says:

I think the reason it failed is because Sony tried to pull an “emoji movie” with this. Where they try to make it cheap and hype it up for the publicity. After all there is no such thing as bad publicity. That’s how the Emoji movie made so much.
The problem here is that it wasn’t hyped enough in how bad it was. They were much too late to the topic, and not many people cared if it was good or not. However some did, and they criticized it. In my opinion this is worse than the emoji movie. Because while the emoji movie was bad, it made fun of a topic no one actually cared about. This took something that a small fan base genuinely cared about and crapped on it for a lousy bit of cash

Elva Gonzalez says:

Swear to god I cant make a better movie then this.

conejito fantasma says:

I hope we can get a GOOD smiledog.jpg or laughing jack movie (the killerverse could be cool but i dont see it in a movie)

Darnell Thomas says:

TBH I knew this movie would be trash. But hope

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