Slumber Party Massacre (1982) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru takes on the infamous cult classic Slumber Party Massacre – a slasher film so vile, so ugly, so disgustingly sexist… That it could only be brought to you by two women.


Mike Paul says:

I’ve always loved this and the spin off series Sorority House Massacre. I’ve never saw it as sexist.

lauder24 says:

You should have a lot more subs and views, one of the best reviewers on YouTube, I would love to see a video with you and the cinema snob

Kolby Rios says:

Horror Gurus like the Jontron of Horror flicks.

Honest Dave says:

Funny shit man,love it

Benny Clawson says:

Hey love your videos. Especially your “Blood splatter” reviews. I was wondering if you would consider doing a review on the original 1980 movie “prom night”. Thank you for taking the time to read this and continue to make cool videos.

Ethan Gallimore says:

Hey Guru,
Are you planing to review slumber party massacure 2

Liam Early says:

Hey Guru are you going to do a episode on Grindhouse ? You should do a crossover episode with The Cine-Masochist.

Nativemoon says:

Have you ever seen the 80s horror movie Spookies? I think it would be a hilarious review for you to do. I used to watch it with my brother when I was a lil girl, scared the crap outta me. Saw it recently and farting zombies… not too scary. Lol

The Mesozoin Show! says:

This should have been as awesome as the 2nd.

Tanner Wagner says:

I Love AAAHH!!! You Love AAAHH!!! We’re as Happy as Can AAAHH!!!

The Joe Sankovich says:

The Editing… So AWESOME

Michael Silve says:

Ever seen Jingle all the way?? You remind me of the neighbor.

Malefizia says:

The actress playing Valerie looks a lot like the one playing Lisa Meyer in Nightmare on Elmstreet 2.

The Joe Sankovich says:

11:20 … c’mon bro… Haha Haha

Eric Mason says:

Haha this is awesome keep it up dude

StereotypicalEmoUsername says:

dude I’m getting the sequels to this on blu Ray soon I’m so fucking hyped

I Am Totally I Am Totally 20fahil says:

Hey Guru,
What movie do you like better?,
Jack Frost 2 or Gingerdead Man 2

berserker1877 says:

Castration, the ultimate mood killer.

Ricky Kuron says:

Rigg Kennedy a k a art fortunes from beetleborgs was in this movie

Patrick Condron says:

Mr. Guru what do you think of the film Sinister

valcliff b says:

This film has been THOROUGHLY Cormanized.

LadyBowie30 says:

Great video!

Mark Lyne says:

Good to see you back – love your vids 🙂

Nebula Redwings says:

What’s that spidey? Ya gots a tingle pingle in your dingle spingle? XD

Dequan Penn says:


Erica The Empress says:

I guess Little Ceaser’s must still be stuck in the 80s

shawmere mercer says:

love this

Diego Alvizures says:

I like Your Videos, You Do A Great Reviews

Irish Mistake says:

This was epic! You kick ass my good sir.

FAT NIGGA™ says:


crewmate says:

05:00 Hold on. Is this referenced in Scream 2, when Jamie Kennedy dies?

Loki Durden says:

Any man who uses the words sexist or misogyny is a fag.

Just sayin.

Liam Watson says:

It’s all good cause the actresses are all definitely over the age of 18…so nudity isn’t bad in this case.
On the other hand Ione Skye is only 16 in the River’s edge movie which makes the sex scene with Keanu Reeves kind of weird.

Vanilla Gorilla Beast says:

Great video brother, please check out my latest review when you get time!

CharmedTrailers says:

have you ever seen “the house on sorority row” ? would love to see you review that!! 

Sean Buskirk says:

Dude just found your channel today, and have to say good way to start off 2017, keep it up man, I dig it

Danny Gibson says:

You should review Troma’s new Return To Nuke’ Em High Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 when the second one is released!!!

Frankie Calimano says:

(Cinema Snob’s like tone of voice) UUUGHH!! ill Stay with REAL Slasher films, Like Psyco or American Psyco Thank You Very much,They have blood and stabbing in them but, one was well received in Sundance films fest. and the Other was directed by Hitchcock so its OK if i like them.

J.K. Im New to your content a friend and co worker got me into it ,and i must say i really enjoy you vids,You have a new sub here Keep up the great work man.

a random frog says:

another video…yayyyyyyyyyyyy

michaelkeha says:

Anyone else find the fact one of the most “sexist” movies ever made was made by a feminist very damn funny.

cuddlykittehs says:

First of your videos for me to get new in my inbox.

It’s in the middle of the night, and I’m stuck coughin’ all night. I mean, I can live with being stuck awake a good four hours or so, but it’s sooooo boooooring.

Your cute little video showed up in my inbox. Thank gosh.

thomas allen says:

son of a bitch

Nativemoon says:

“Dhey Bad,” Gosh you crack me up! I have had the worst day ever and you totally brighten my mood! I just don’t understand how you are not on television with your own show. I can’t wait to show my friends your videos. Keep up the awesome work, certainly one of a kind!!! ♥♡

Rae Alex says:

Glad to see you back! Also have you ever seen Student Bodies? I’d really like to hear your opinion on it. 

EpicJesse says:

Love your content keep up the good work.

Tim Loss says:

So I’m guessing you from IL? Hello from a fellow native

berserker1877 says:

John Minor, no matter what you do, you will always be a minor. No beer for you!

Carvirous says:

Slumber party massacre.
Don’t let the knife cut your skin.

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