Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru tackles the rockabilly sequel to the infamous 80’s slash-classic Slumber Party Massacre simply titled Slumber Party Massacre II. Hold on to your butts, kids – it’s going to be a wild ride!


Justin jordan says:

so andrew dice clay aka  ford fairlane murders people in this movie…awesome 

joestradamus75 says:

The killer looks like Andrew Dice Clay. It would’ve been funnier if he started telling dirty poetry to the girls just before he killed them. LOL

Liam Early says:

Just kind of kidding.

Sean Bateman says:

did I hear Kefka’s theme in this review, Guru?

warriorking4ever says:

I was gonna make a joke about how the 80s was that magical time in film when the cops could get away with being unreasonable & threatening to teens for no good reason & not lose their jobs over it, BUT then that dream twist ending happened so Officer Vorhees & Krueger are off the hook…And free to kill again once their duty shifts are over! Seriously, someone make a buddy cop flick about Freddy and Jason, it would be GLORIOUS! Coming this summer, “Krueger & Vorhees,” ridding the streets and campsites of drug peddling, oversexed teenagers one bloody corpse at a time, they’re the clawed, machete wielding arm of the law! >8D

Mark Lyne says:

Big thumbs up from the UK – always look forward to your reviews!! Can’t wait till the next one

Andrea Escalante says:

hahaha I love this movie, it was so bad !!!! and i laughed my ass off w this review

Loki Durden says:

13:13 the finger food joke is old, i’d have called it a handburger.

Beavisracecar says:

Is it just me or does the killer look like mike mati from cinemassacre

Billy the Meme Lord Asshole Tesla God says:

If you’re looking for a complete movie shitpile, I would say Cheerleader Massacre. It is loads of it

Liam Early says:

Hey Guru what are your thoughts on Gwar ? Also drilltar sounds and looks like something from Gwar

Liam Early says:

I’m sorry to ask again but Guru what do you think of Gwar ? Some of my fav action flicks are Predator Casino Royale ect. Also drilltar sounds like something form Gwar.

scream queen shaw says:

I fricking love this movie! Like holy FRICK! Grab the booze because your gonna need a little!

charles lee ray says:

You need to do troll 1&2

Clevelander says:

That’s not a bedroom that is a gay porn set lmao

Alaizia Robin says:

all we need is a gif of the pills and you…. XD always love that scene

Thomas Dorcy says:

Another “classic” from the 80’s. Please make more of the 80’s horror reviews. Your channel is the only tolerable thing to watch while on the treadmill at the gym.

Rylie Johnson says:

It appears the Count Jackula channel has now been canceled, why? And also when it’s Halloween month maybe you and Count Jackula can play together “The Evil Within”, just a thought because I think your fucking awesome.

Mike Paul says:

You gotta hit up the spin off series Sorority House Massacre. That one makes even less sense yet is a fun watch.

Liam Early says:

Are you going to see it ?

KRSeriphem says:

Late to the party on this one, but isn’t it kind of possible that the Amy girl was going insane and she’s the one that was killing her own friends and the dream was her trying to escape the responsibility of her actions after being committed while the driller killer is the murderous personality?

bloodrunsclear says:

Now I want to see Rock-A-Billy Massacre

Professor Detective says:

9:32 “We can’t stop here, this is Drill Counrty!” -Hunter S. Jackula, 2014

Mason G says:


Liam Early says:

I meant to say you again. Apologies. 

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