SMART HORROR IS BACK: Hereditary Review – Movie Podcast

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*Spoilers begin at 9:25
This week Adam and the gang review Hereditary, the latest in a string of smart, crazy scary horror movies to come out recently. They also talk about the history of horror films, and give their picks for little known favorites of the genre.

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Aaron Haygood says:

Hereditary was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. At one point, myself and at least five other people in the theater said “What the fuck?” so loud we could all hear each other from across the aisles. I found this “scary” movie to not only be bland and disorienting, but nigh on cringe.

Dylan S says:

It’s funny because what Adam said about Jurassic World actually happens. It becomes Jurassic World truly at the end. *Spoiler Alert*

Mystical Trash says:

i love the movie Identity

LeToole says:

Coraline… still gives me the creeps

Scourge says:

I love this film so much. Gets better and better the more I watch it.

「THE WORLD」ゴゴゴ says:

jeff sessions lamo

FadedShade_ says:

I saw hereditary but I hadnt seen the witch, was kinda shitty to get parts of it spoiled for me

Matthew Chasse says:

A nice little thing I loved in Hereditary was that some of the exterior shots used a lens that made everything look like a miniature, relating back Toni Collette’s character’s career in creating miniatures. Just a cool little thing that adds to this great film.

Tyler Dokis says:

Adam predicted the end of Jurassic World pretty damn spot on.

Thomas Newton says:

As a huge fan of horror movies with build up to an a climax of chaos and insanity (the shinning) I loved this film. It did an excellent job of capturing psychological horror and stacking it on top until the end where no one is safe or sane. Really well done

YeOldeBaite says:

This movie still hasn’t made it to Denmark, and when it does it only has one showing for each theater in my town… Danish distribution sucks.

StarvingGeek says:

I hate shattered memories, i just really dislike the game play

MichaelBYeaThatsMe says:

Adam’s hair is 9.9/10 in this. GFU Adam! Movie was great too.

wisejord1 says:

I didn’t have much expectation for the movie, other than it was five star. Still thought it was pretentious and boring. The subtlety isn’t as subtle as you are making it out to be, it was just long and boring.

anthony cheesman says:

I wouldn’t call this movie smart that ending was almost as dumb as fallen kingdom

Tequila C. says:

I almost forgot The Johnson’s movies existed. Duuude, that movie was so messed up

Hayden Schwab says:

Love this podcast!

MR rusty831 says:

Another good slow burn satanic film is The Blackcoats Daughter

Pusher _13 says:

I had fucking asshole annoying teens in my theatre who would do Charlie’s cluck during quiet moments.
Other than that, great movie, loved it.

Red Scar says:

I demand MILFhaus

xbm says:

hereditary reminded me of a european horror/thriller. suspiria or possession. very similar in style of filming and build up.

исаас п says:

Big cyka

Lilsulli2 says:

I do not understand all the praise for this movie. I didnt like it at all. It was creep but i was never scared or entertained. It was a slow burn that fizzles out at the end. I cannot believe everyone sucking its dick. Its really meh to me.

Amaro Escher says:

My girlfriend loves horror movies. I told her of this movie so we go to see it. It is fantastic. And she was really scare. Long live Paimon!

Cristian says:

16:52. It’s “more stupid” James.

silja lin says:

I like your thoughts on the movie <3

Mike says:

Funny….. Jurassic world truly is a Jurassic world now….. the movie blows tho!

Oliver Clothezoff says:

The Void was on Netflix not long ago. Probably the best horror movie ive seen since the original john carpenter’s The Thing. Not neccissarily elevated horror there are some definite body horror tropes but all in all I was suprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Etriel321 says:

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the last few episodes of the podcast for new movies, I’m gonna do my best to explain what has been letting me down, I hope you guys can take it into consideration (this is gonna be a bit of a long post).

I love hearing you guys discussing movies but I feel like lately most of the actual discussion on the movie is sitting behind the spoiler section of the podcast and on the other hand what discussion there is before you guys dive into spoilers is pretty vague. Anyone tuning out before you start talking spoilers is barely getting even half a podcast and what we are getting is usually a bit of light banter (which I don’t mind, I want to be clear that I don’t want that to stop), a pretty brief synopsis/summary of the movie and then a short verdict from everyone, which is also pretty vague and is usually just a yes or no. My podcast app tracks the percentage of the episodes you’ve listened to, here’s where I stopped listening for some of them: Solo (35%), Hereditary (23%), Incredibles 2 (roughly 50 %). I actually listened to the rest the episode for the Incredibles even though I haven’t seen it because I felt there was very little discussion on the movie itself outside of spoilers. Maybe others have commented saying you’ve spoiled too much at the start of an episode, I know there are a lot people who are very strict about what they consider a spoiler (I’m pretty loose about what counts as a spoiler, usually just stuff like plot twists and the ending). I don’t know if there is a middle ground here but maybe you guys could make the non-spoiler section a bit longer and ease up a bit on what counts as a spoiler? I don’t know how many people watching the podcast are stopping at the spoiler section and I don’t know how worthwhile it is to cater to this part of audience. I’m hoping you guys can do something about this – from a loving fan

boar says:

i’m kinda blown away at how many people r dismissing this movie as ‘boring’ or ‘misleading’ or ‘trying too hard to be smart.’ i feel like yall didn’t like the first saw movie because it focused too much on the detectives. it’s not even that ‘smart’ of a movie, it’s just well crafted, superbly acted, nuanced movie about grief n trauma with a killer soundtrack. hate it if u need to i guess

vlad_the_implae_her Cunnilugis master says:

First saw was really good

Tman102792 says:

Isn’t Get Out a horror movie where things just get better?

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