Soul Survivors – Podcast Preview: Worst Horror Movie No One Talks About


Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger discuss Soul Survivors (2001) in a preview of their Patreon podcast, which is bi-weekly. Most episodes are one hour long.


The Anadromous Life says:

Yeah the movie sounds like a turkey. But Chris your attitude that we have somehow arrived at the place where everyone is cool with lesbians is provincial in the extreme. I know plenty of good folks who react problematically over gay issues. And you do no favors to the cause by relegating them to a mythical stone age that we have somehow risen above. Human nature being what it is and due to the fact that people from cultures all over the world can watch your videos I wouldn’t be so hasty to claim that we have all evolved beyond such things. Or that it is ever going to happen. Or should happen. The culture wars are hardly over my friend. To stomp on others beliefs as primitive, not a good ploy. But I do appreciate your take on films.

Michele Bachvarov says:

Do the incredibles 2

NickTheMovieGuy says:

Yo Chris you should review SuperFly!

Firescreen Productions says:

Can’t wait for that Incredibles 2 review.

Cate Barbosa says:


Gordon Tims says:

OMG!!! Where’s the review for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, you haven’t done it yet COME ONNNNNN!!!!

Little Cat Productions says:

Where the fuck is the incredibles review

Jack KissMyAspergers says:

Ugh, can Eliza Dushku please be in GOOD horror movies once in a while?! This, Eloise, Wrong Turn… What is this girl’s problem?! How can someone as hot and funny as her only get such shitty roles?

PhantHam says:

Make a hilariocity and incredibles 2 review

Ryan Buss says:

I’d love to see you do a review of tombstone.

Lambros Fouloulis says:

Hey Chris, it’s nice seeing you in this more free-form format. It’s actually a bit more engaging and captivating.

imaad noormohamed says:

Jurassic World 2 review?

Movie Addict 101 says:

It’s strange to hear Chris’s voice without seeing him

Wyld One says:

Hilariocity is one of my favourite things you do.

Mo The Hat Guy says:

I’d like to see a hilariocity review of this film!

nil patel says:

Dude get the incredibles 2 review

Aaron Andrade says:

Since you’re on the topic of shitty hilariously bad films, review taylor lauthners abduction, it’s so bad it hurts.

Sawyer Mason says:

Yes Chris, do a hilarioicity for this movie.

Garry Plays says:




Timothy Hammons says:

I remember seeing a little of this when I was a kid and all I remember is the car crash.

Jake From state farm says:

Nice podcast ccooolll

Jose Alfredo Saucedo jr says:

Gotta see this movie now, can’t wait for you to review this movie

Lindsey Keays says:

PLEASE do a hilariocity review of this movie!

dragonball3166 says:

I remember seeing this this at blockbuster shelf but look impressed to me to see

TCGAMER 99 says:

Where is your review for jurassic world 2

Carlos Nieto says:

Incredibles 2!!

Daniel Epler says:

What’s the point in spotlighting an older film that no one talk about just to trash it? I mean what’s the goal, to get us to watch it and make fun of it? Isn’t it just pointless negativity? Why not spotlight something obscure to recommend it?

MaxR 33 says:

Great video, but when are you going to review all the Halloween movies, you said in your Halloween 2 review that they would start in March but it’s June now and none have come out, and I would love to hear your opinions on the Halloween movies. Keep up the good videos

exittiming M says:

I liked this movie so fuck off.

Willie Stroker says:

Review Detroit: Become Human

Jack Mauro-Brown says:

Review incredibles 1 and 2

TMG4114 says:

Review kickass

amaan cool says:

incredibles 2???????????

Ron Criswell says:

Chris grew up with loofahs..

Britney Spears says:

The cover just gives off a Final Destination ripoff vibe

Jess Mandujano says:

Hey Chris when are you gonna start your Halloween movie reviews leading up to the new one this October?

Zac C says:

Do a weekly podcast Chris and John

Lubaba Hassan says:


Matt Yuran says:

So I haven’t seen this movie, but I will now out of curiosity. You guys made a big deal saying it was strange two girls who aren’t lovers took a shower together? I don’t think that’s even something to blink at. All girls are abit bisexual.. they tend to kiss each other when they drink and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if two girls who aren’t lesbians took a shower together. Girls can appreciate the beauty of other girls and can even at times take it a step further… no biggie

earlene wallace says:

I wasn’t sure if I’d seen this movie because the title sounded familiar. But I looked it up and watched the trailer. Now I remember it. You’re right Chris, it’s a terrible piece of shit. A waste of everyone’s time. Don’t watch it, even out of curiosity.

Oakenlix says:

This guy looks so much like Chris Weidman it’s absolutely ridiculous.

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