Stephen King’s IT (2017) Movie Review! Scary Horror Movie!

I went to see the new IT Movie, and it was amazing!


The Gore Merchant says:

I’m totally the same way with reading books man.

smoothSnake23 says:

Great review, TMK. Also your story time was kool haha

DCBLAQ says:

IT is the best movie of the year shit the best movie in the last 10 years horror movies this shit was fucking crazy good and crazy scary im goint to see it again saturbay wit my girl to scary her clothes off lol

Devilstompa says:

Can you get audio books. Thats what i do is listen to it because i have a hardtime reading books to.

Silent J says:

Great review !

SIB Studios says:

Tmk you NEED To do more movie reviews

The Gore Merchant says:

You should do more reviews and stuff, I enjoy listening to you speak.

basicloner says:

I don’t understand how your good with computers and you can program can’t you? but you can’t read books, like doesn’t your computer knowledge require lots of focus and attention?

Troy Thomson says:

Melbourne to Queensland in 3 days!? Jesus, did you tell your old man that it was the pedal on the right?

Jamie Rogers says:

I didn’t know you were a big It fan!

pinkbeatle2012 says:

Maybe audio book might be good for you , I’m really getting into them more than reading

Yog Sothoth says:

The part in the movie where Bev was standing by the drippy sink in a daze. Then hears that creepy ass noise and wakes up to find it filled up. Like she’d been there for hours. Sheeesh that creeped me right the fuck on out. Love the first IT. And I know this will live up to the hype as well.

Serena Celestine says:

If you can’t focus on books then sorry but you’ll never get through American Psycho… it’s a masterpiece, but the first half is literally lists and lists of products, names – very monotonous. Purposely done of course, and the second half really pays off. One of my favourite books but fuck that first half is tough.

The Amazing Lucas says:

Why are people praising this film? It was garbage

Pica Beatz says:

Loved the movie !!! Only con it wasn’t that scary

Rapter Hunter says:

Hate into

Concession Kernel AMCAJ says:

Great review

Harrpoll03 says:

So ur cousins pirated a tv show for u? I wish I had cousins like that

Lukeyboy599 says:

Great Video Luke!

Dan Lew says:

You seem genuinely scared lol are you ok? I agree though I read IT when I was 8 and it took me so long and had to go back to the previous chapters over and over for it to sink in.

Gloria S. Knight says:

★★ It (2017) ★★ Full Movie in HD All Language ★★ Watch Now ►►

StoneCold316 says:

You literally just described me to a fucking T how I am with reading.

Darcy Lyons says:

This movie was such Fun Ride!

mynameisBlade says:

Had to log in and comment on the fact that you agreed with me on why this movie is so great! It hurts children. Anyone who thinks movies that hurt kids are just bad because of that are some real sheltered pussy mofos. This movie did it perfectly. It wasn’t too brutal and it wasn’t too soft. Great movie and great review luke!

steven hibbert says:

Take your pick bbb billy boy

Chris Fehringer says:

Audible bro, im same way when it comes to that what your talking about, when i hear it i can imagine it in my head like a movie, like listening to a great story. IT the book is awesome, the new movie was pretty good i enjoyed it

CJToezZ says:

Bro when u opened the vhs and looked at it and said wow made me smile and realise how old I’m fucking getting lol

white wolf says:

Bro you need to edit youre video better you ramble alot

ZerroWolf G says:

Cobber have you tried large print books? Perhaps is something to do with the density of the text.

Ricardo van den Bragt says:

I completly agree with you man! I saw this movie when i was 10 years old alone.. I was so scared for 3 months,, And trust me i saw Halloween 5, Childsplay, Jaws and this one got to me really badly.. I love this movie and because of we both like this movie i supscriped!!! 😀

Sodapop Gaming says:

Not only is his costume styled to be old. but in the Novel its not colorful like Tims Currys version. Its a silver suit with Orange tuffed buttons. it was correct to the source material.

This movie blew the 90’s version out of the park!

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