Suspiria (2018) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Suspiria directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, and Chloë Grace Moretz.
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A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up.


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Jennifer Woolridge says:

Why is this NOT on DVD?

Chad Anderson says:

I agree that this version of Suspiria is great and surprisingly well paced. My only real issue with the film is the soundtrack, not as a whole, but when Thom Yorke was singing. It was a distraction and made me feel like I was watching an artsy, fucked up Radiohead music video.

Ashanti Berry says:

OH MY GOSSSH HIII!!!! Love your videos.

TheHitherto says:

I loved how they made this remake so COMPLETELY different from Argento’s original. It felt like watching two separate movies without connection, which made it easier to appreciate both on their own terms. There are things I like better in the original, and there are things I prefer about the remake.

Diane S says:

I have not seen the original film and I am not really wanting to but I do want to see this film as everything I’ve heard about it make it sound like something more in the style of horror I prefer. Great review guys. Still waiting on that next paranormal review John.

Michael Knight says:

Loved it.

Avi says:

This movie is pure and absolute masterpiece.

Neil Gaskin says:

I only watched 16 mins of this movie and turned it off because I was falling asleep.

SuperHDJ says:

I hated this remake so bad it misses so many marks that Dario strived for . Suspira the remake, the film’s under texts, the contrived direction is so bloated with art house and audacious false fronts that when you inspect the subliminals it’s down right offensive to the genre

Sinister Cinema Reviews says:

Mia Goth is in another slow burn horror in the last 2 years. Marrowbone. Really solid film.

Isaac Rahman says:

I absolutely loved the remake. The original was good for what it was (dark colorful fairy tale), but it lacked the substance which this film provided. Suspiria 2018 built the tension and was creepy/unsettling throughout. That mirror room scene was INTENSE. Definitely not your typical cliche Hollywood horror movie. Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth were both sexy and captivating. Gonna be rewatching it in the near future.

james minor says:

This was easily the best of 2018. Hope they reimagine Inferno and that crappy mother of tears

A-Team-Fan88 says:

Very informative review!
Jay always wears nice t-shirts – this time: JAWS 😀

konroth rec. says:

better too long than too short .

My Good Channel says:

I liked it, but its not a horror movie. More like art house, I guess. It wasn’t scary at all, even in Olga scene, even in the end.

Desth O says:

Loved this movie from start to finish. It was a redefined horror film with the touch of period piece storytelling. No glowing orb can ruin this movie for me. LOL, meat hook and floorgasms are such humorous rating units.

Vinzi Weihs says:

I honestly loved Thom Yorke’s soundtrack and Suspiria 2018 just made me fall in love with a movie! Can’t understand the underrated (Rotten Tomatoes ~65%) reviews, when this was such a great movie…favourite of the year!

James Schroeder says:

I try to go into remakes or reimaginings as a separate movie judge it as it’s own entity

Sam Loomis says:

I will definitely check this out.

Jason Lehne says:

I was fairly impressed with the remake.

Fanis METAL says:

Until last 15-20 minutes i was really into it the atmosphere was great and the perfomances were excellent. But that ending/reveal sequence was atrocious. Cheesy CGI blood and nonsense twists; that really set me off.

Red_Elephant says:

The film had some great visuals, but overall the story was boring, and I couldn’t wait for it to end – and hated the ending! Hey, I’m going to walk up to you now and (CGI)… and now it’s your turn (CGI)… and all you over there just keep dancing and ignoring what I’m doing until it’s your turn (CGI)… I won’t say anything else but it was lame…! As a kid I purposely rented other horror movies because the tagline of the original Suspira scared me – until I had rented everything else and finally had to rent it – and I loved it! I’m glad this wasn’t just a straight remake as those are usually a waste, but what started out strong and promising just dragged on and on and fell flat – it should have been a different movie altogether. I’m surprised you both rated it so high, I would only recommend this to point out yet another example of how the original movie made way earlier is still far superior movie to today’s remakes…

Esme Calizo says:

Did you guys watch it last night too? I loved it. My favorite horror film next to hereditary. Similar plots with different outcomes and presentation. This is what I thought AMS Coven would be like. Well more without the knowledge of the witches.

pale fire says:

i love the little orb, i didn’t think it’d looked cheesy. the scene where susie is walking to the basement is gorgeous to me. i’m still not the biggest fan of the frame rate moments but other than that i adore this movie.

TheCarolinaCreep says:

I have been puttinf off watching this, Im not really a huge fan of the original to be honest. Sounds like I may have to check this one out though. Great review guys!

L Ashton says:

It’s great to see it when you guys really enjoy a movie. I liked the dance scene which is unusual for me. I found the remainder to be just kinda meh. I find that I get bored watching this type of movie. ‘Under the Skin’ was another movie that just couldn’t keep my attention although I’d say ‘Suspiria’ has a fair bit more story to it.

Andy Mann says:

I have been waiting for this review. Great job. I really enjoyed Suspiria 2018 and personally I think it’s just as good as the original. It’s different enough from Dario Argento’s film that I think I could watch them back to back and feel like I watched 2 different movies. Thanks for calling this a reimagining and not a remake because that’s what it is and unfortunately I don’t think many fans of the original really grasp that.

TheInsidiousArtiste says:

yeaaaaa dont watch this if ur squeamish

Brandon Parker says:

It was a great film. Definitely a modern gem.

A lot of people are confused about why they keep mentioning the war and the Holocaust and I believe that the witches are trying to reawaken Mother Suspiriorum so that she can put an end to the suffering.

James Schroeder says:

Here is a question is there any horror film that should never have a remake?

Sunshine says:

ive been looking forward to hearing your opinion on this one. i personally think its made for fans of the witch, hereditary, and other high brow drama thrillers

lmk001 says:

Great film. It’s got a very good payoff. I think one my favorite horror deaths might be in this movie.

keim73 says:

why do people keep saying this is a long movie? Its not to me but i grew on films from the 70s and 80’s and to me 2 1/2 is standard for this type of film. I first thought it was 3hrs the way everyone kept talking about it, oh and it a good film IMO

Arvind Sidhu says:

Im like you Jay. Have been turned off from movies due their run time!

Your GEEKY Neighbor says:

This was my favorite horror of 2018, I would have liked it if Tulsa Swindon did not also play the old man Doctor character.

Bourbon Ernie says:

I was looking forward to this review. I haven’t even seen the damn movie yet! The original is one of my favorites, though.

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