Suspiria (2018) Remake SPOILER FREE! Horror Movie Review

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Eric Nowak says:

Good review. I really enjoyed this new version of Suspiria. The only minor problem that I had with it was the length of the movie. The stuff with the Doctor wasn’t really needed and didn’t add to the main story in my opinion.

Leo Rivers says:

This was about as good a non-spoiler review as one could hope for – and yet succeeds to critique technical and aesthetic elements in a comprehensible way. Good job! I live in a small dying timber town 17 miles and 100 years south of Eugene Oregon where the Metro Art House got a one night one showing premier Wednesday! Hoo hoo. N-eye gotta tick-it. Nyuk, nuck.

– My poetry and tales YouTube channels

Azor Ahai says:

Just saw the new one. I absolutely loved it, Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swindon are phenomenal!

c. T. says:

Originality score=subbed.

Crystal Garcia says:

Thank you , I’m excited now , it’s gonna be worth driving the extra miles to see it

Javier Buso says:

Wait…No Thom Yorke score throughout the whole film?!

David Hamilton says:

A powerful, yet very malignant and oppressive film. But the final act was just ridiculous to me, I thought it really fell apart during the last half hour.

Mariano Felan says:

Really good review
I’m super disappointed by other reviews but now I really want to see it

xandyx21 says:

I’d have to say that as well as being a classic Giallo movie Argento’s Suspiria has to be one of the most influential movies of all time in terms of style and atmosphere. John Carpenter sites Goblin as an inspiration fot the Halloween theme (and also the blue lighting) and would Tim Burton have even had a career if Suspiria hadn’t been a success??? I think not. Great review I’m now a subscriber looking forward to more and looking back on your other reviews #giveyoursoultothedance

Nino Gaggi says:

that fookin intro scared the shit outta me, nice review hun
just subbed

Erik NikkiSoft says:

Hey, Emma. I haven’t seen you mention Channel Zero on your channel here. You should definitely check it out if you aren’t aware of it.

Aaron Weeks says:

This is 100 percent a compliment has anyone ever told you that you look like Shannon purser?

Bianca Unnasch says:

I did not like the choice of songs used in this remake. It reminded me too much of the fact, that Suspiria comes from the same director who did “Call me by your name”. But here it felt misplaced. The score itself didn’t stuck with me. So musicwise … so la la.

SYA史斯宇 says:

Cool review! I don’t dare to watch horror movies, but I’m still interested so I watch reviews instead lol

martin Johnston says:

Great review, I think people like older version for the nostalgic look, the 70,s had a unique look and feel about it , but I for one look forward to the new one.

James Cobb says:

Can you do a spoiler version explaining the bad stuff at the end please? What was CGI and how was it poorly used? etc etc really worried cause I looooved Mother! but they ruined it with the ending and no Wim worried this film will do the same…

Alexis Aguirre says:

One of your fellow youtube critics mention that this movie it’s not a remake but a cove movie, something between the line of what the director think of the original, plus how he feels the original, thats why it’s a cover movien. ¿How do you feel about that? ¿do you think that it’s correct or just an excuse to defend himself from the stan backlash? afterall the movie it’s no the original

Alan Scott says:

Um, the Tilda thing WAS a spoiler, and you spoiled me on it. Totally regret watching this video.

Mcsteveberry says:

<3 love it! + the soundtrack has been sampled in underground hip hop countless times

spookyastronauts says:

I hope you guys enjoy my Spoiler free review of Suspiria! It was a wild ride that I hope you all enjoy when you see it in cinemas, and mark my words… you’ll wanna see it on the big screen!
Also thank you all for 16K! <3

Tom Ripley says:

You look like Nic Kidman in Batman Forever.

ShawN shawN says:

Interesting that you say the original is one of the best Italian horror films. I definitely got to check it out sometime. I think the new colors are much better in this version, but of course its 2018. I liked the camera shots, acting, dancing, casting and sets. There were some issues in the film as well; some of the pacing doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for sharing! Hope you get a chance to check my review as well.

Sam Sagins says:

The Volk dance sequence in the remake is jaw dropping

jakegetscake says:

Original was better but the remake was cool Dakota was amazing

Aderemi Porsche says:

Is you wearing contacts?

Kamau Lasana says:

Dear Emma thank you very much for your excellent reviews. So informative and perceptive! I am so glad to have found and subscribed to your channel. I have but one request! Please tell me the name of that amazing music and the band that introduces 31 Days of Horror. You will make my day! (Putting this message on three of your latest outputs to increase the possibility of you seeing it!)

Sancho Estrella says:

Can you do a review of the trailer The Curse of La Llorona? Thank you in advance.

marco avila says:

Good remake I like this better than original . What do you perfer?

Chip Noir says:

I went ahead and spoiled myself by tracking down the script. I’m still excited.

Aniruddh Singh says:

Wow , Your personality is so calm.

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