Ten Things I Hate in Horror Movies

What up YouTube Peeps!? Welcome back to Tony Baker Movie Reviews. This time, I’m listing horror movie cliches that I can’t stand.

To all you horror directors out there, stop doing these things. They’ve all been done to death.

Is there anything you can’t stand in horror movies that I forgot? Let me know in the comment section below.

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“Basic Implosion” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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WGChampions2 says:

Why would anybody be against killing if if a monster or killer is trying to kill them?!? You ain’t Batman. Finish the job.

Chris Kochinsky says:

I hate it that the funniest character is the first to die.

Isaiah Harris says:


Luckybit e. x. player says:


Catrina Jefferson says:

Hate to tell you Tony, but I took four years of Latin in high school all the way through the AP level, was a member of the Latin Honor Society, graduated with a Latin honor cord around my neck and scored a 4 on the Latin AP Exam.

Jon Moore says:

See if your friends fall for these things in real life.

John Shaw says:

I hate when you have military and civilian personal together and the civilians shoot and fight better than the military people!

Neo says:

It’s always some child that’s possessed

zepcrazyfre says:

I’m throwing yo head in the Nutribullet!!


Pj Hunter says:

this list is perfect.

La Tasha says:

He’s right, ALWAYS double-tap!

Panda Mix2.o says:

the movie don’t even be scary its just be the load ass speakers in the movie theaters

supermodelmusicman says:

How about reviewing my latest German horrorshorts “Basement-Ben”, “Last night I became a Bavarian Werewolf” or “The Bloodingham Bathtub Massacres” on my channel. If you want, have a look and make my day. Ben and the werewolf are waiting for youhuhuuuhuuuuhu….

LizzyKoala88 says:

those were all accurate lol

oiat says:

Awesome vid! All accurate

princesstriceestar says:

1. The killer is in the house …. on the 1st FLOOR…. Why is your ass running upstairs???!!! Take your ass outside…. Out the BACKDOOR

2. Why does everyone ignore the old bruja/black grandmother/insert cultural name here telling you to leave the *insert haunted demonic item* alone? She just old and wise, lets ignore her smdh

3. You home alone and hear someone talking/walking/laughing/*insert action verb* and they continue to go about their home chores.. HELL NO! IM OUT!
3.A) Why does the ghost/demon/monster always let you move in the new place BEFORE they start messing with you? You made mad noise MOVING IN/VIEWING THE HOUSE and that was ok. But, now that i’m in the shower, you wanna play games…smdh

king jofferyjoe says:

“If i hit u with a pack of ground beef” has to be one of the most random attention getters i ever heard

keen14you says:

Tony so cray-cray!! I personally am beyond fed up with the cut phone line/ no cell power or service trope. Back in the day, it was effective but got out of hand… You always expect it! Modern bull$#!t approaches with the cell being dead, out of range, or broken makes me sick. WE KNOW IT’S GONNA HAPPEN!!!! If I wrote a script, I’d dispense with communication altogether… Set it in North Korea or something, I dunno…. 🙂

Brave Lion says:

Who disliked it

Nena Rosebud says:

No pets left behind! 😛

Ernest Pobee says:

Lavish head tilt. I’m using that one. Hahahahahahahaha

khulk1911 says:

And to my Caucasian brethren: Do yall really camp out in abandoned houses in the middle of the woods when you have car trouble…like, in REAL life? And what part of that scenario makes yall still want to party and play the guitar by the fire in said house? I’m asking for a friend.

diealect says:

In any apocalypse there’s always a set of keys in the visors

khulk1911 says:

What about the idiot that walks up to the killer – alone – and be like, “I know you are the Strangler! You killed all those people and you’re not gonna getting away with it! I’m going to turn my back to you RIGHT NOW and casually walk to the phone to call the cops — and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!”

Kimjongtrump says:

The phone rings or makes noise when someone is hiding….like put that bitch on silent

Tray titan says:

you think you better than me with the lavish head tilt

Neil Clark says:

#1 was addressed in Scream 1. I immediately thought back to that scene

khulk1911 says:

Or the fool that’s like, “OMG! He’s in the house!” then they run PAST the front door to hide UPstairs!

izzyvulaca says:


tramaine1981 says:

I hate it when they purposely drop the weapon (usually a knive) after they stabbed the killer, thinking it’s over. Why put it down? Just hold onto it I’m case they wake up!

G _Coles says:

ground beef “tich”

Cathy Russo says:

Hate the lavish head tilt!!

Angela Burks says:

The one that gets me the maddest is when they run upstairs. I start yelling at the tv where are you going?! I never see horror movies at the theater.

Floyd Harrison says:

Closing the medicine cabinet with the entire muppets cast behind you is actually really terrifying. Id like to see that

randomitis89 says:

almost 8,000 views and no dislikes..that’s how you know we all hate the same thing

SuggahBear says:

Cabin in the woods.

Ezekiel Caselton says:

That’s F$$$kd up, Tony. U gon call people TO THE HOUSE after you heard a killer make noise? What a friend?

noangel1087 says:

This goes for those “family moves into a haunted house” type of movies: listen to your kids. Every single one of these movies has a child with a sixth sense about something strange or abnormal going on in the house. It is not “all in your mind” no, they don’t need to “lay off the TV/movies, and comic books.” You need to listen to what they are saying, chunk duces, and book it!

BuggTee103 says:

Yeah everybody gotta come over after something pop. The real ones gone be ready for action anyway

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