Terrifier (2017) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Terrifier directed by Damien Leone and starring Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran, Samantha Scaffidi, and David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown.
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A maniacal clown named Art, terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way.


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I Am For The Buried says:

When the clown is creepy but there’s no plot

sal park says:


hustle tree kp says:

i think these dudes are giving more credit than deserved this movie was kind of cheesy in my opinion

Attila709 says:

Lets get to the most important question for us guys. Saw some hot chicks in this…was there any female nudity?

Christie Marshall says:


JoshTheBear says:

I disagree with y’all about the “gun” comment. I never expected the gun to come out and for a typical slasher film it is out of character and I loved it because it was completely unexpected much like Art is. Other than that I agree with this review entirely! Great review!

Pokerclown 79 says:

I love this movie, and Jenna Kanell is soooo damn hot

tim huynh says:

Art the Clown vs Pennywise who would win?

Aidan Barnes says:

Character development is the reason why IT 2017 is the bets horror movie ever. If more horror movies had that than maybe they would be better to watch

master chief says:

Bro just enjoy the movie for what it is . I enjoyed it , the story really doesn’t matter it’s about art.

wackdose intolerant says:

clever channel name. if you guys like horror, review a tale of two sisters and goodnight mommy if you havnt.

Nathan gonzalez says:

I think art the clown used the gun because he was fed up that he couldn’t kill her

Captain Bunghole says:

Art is a demon btw

Christian Marquez says:

Movie had one good scene, I was bored during much of it. Art is alright tho

Cloe Stuber says:

I feel the gun was more horrifying. The fact that he gets so fed up with the girl just gives power to it. You can feel his need and want to kill. To him the gun is a last resort, not as fun kill to him. You can feel his irritation.

1:1 0 says:

Art gave me nightmares

Kenneth Desmond Mosley says:

There are things I can’t unsee. There are things I can’t unsee.
The scariest terrifying scene was the scene in the pizza shop where he just sits there staring at the girls. In that scene he showed exactly why clowns are of satan.

Adam Tamsula says:

I got a chance to watch this tonight. definitely a fun watch. loved the review. keep up the good work boys.

L.A king pro says:

The beginning of terrifier was the scariest part for me with that girl getting an interview and her face was so creepy

James Iron says:

Him using a gun is even more terrifying. He’s not a cliche murderer. He kills and frightens at all cost. I think you were asking for a cliche more than an anomaly, sir.

Rowan Bossart says:

This movie is awful it’s not scary it’s like a comedy for gods sake

Cornonthecob says:

Art was alright but those 2 dumb bitches ruined the movie

Sauron Merciful says:

This movie is sick!! It’s horrific not particularly terrifying but really disturbing with a really fucked up murder of one of the women!!!! So much gore and its realistic

Monsta Lova says:

Loved this movie from the start. When Art sees the two girls and just stares at them with this rabid look on his face like he wants to devour them. So awesome! Fairly well shot but a bit too simple in some of the camera setups and not framed the best in certain parts, but lighting was great. Acting was passable. Low on story but not too much of an issue. As with no plot the director focuses on the tension and horror aspect more. Would have liked to see one character stay on a bit longer. Very cool death scenes and tension is usually pretty high whenever Art is on the prowl. Two gorgeous women starring in this and a very creepy but fun scene in a pizzeria. The main attraction is Art The Clown… He really is the new horror icon. Haven’t seen a more bankable horror villain since Ghostface in Scream. Every movie has flaws but to me this did so many things right and set-up a simple but engaging premise. Definitely the best true horror movie of the last few years.

Coughdrops says:

The part where he ripped the crazy ladies chest off and danced around with it on was honestly amazing

Tommy Devito says:

Out of all the clowns I’ve seen in shows and movies this guy art is the scariest fucker

calonstanni says:

I freaking LOVED this movie! Art is unbelievably creepy and horrible and funny. I love the gun, his humor, the makeup, the gore, … GOOD LORD I can’t get enough of this horrifying clown. I can’t believe it only got “three inverted boob shots out of five” and “three sexy selfies out of five” .I’m so crushed and dissapointed and I don’t know if I can trust either of you anymore… sob…

Cas Lynch says:

This movie was overhyped tbh…sad because it’s not actually a bad film when you consider it’s a low budget indie slasher flick, but people have been hyping it up as this masterpiece amazing film that’s going to be the best Horror of the year since it got its limited release, and unfortunately I can’t say it is any of those things…however I do enjoy the main character Art the Clown, they’ve got something really special with him alright and as a big Slasher fan I personally rate this movie up there with the likes of Headless for instance. A good movie that I think I’ll enjoy more the second time around seeing as now I know what I’m in for and not to let the hype cloud my judgement of it. At the end of the day go and support the creators of this film and buy a physical copy of it, they clearly worked hard on this and if it makes enough money well it’s clear that there is so much potential for future products!

1000000man1 says:

I think I enjoy the character of Art the clown more than the films themselves.

I found myself bored because it felt like it lacked something in the story. It feels like it should be a short film.

Diane S says:

Just watched this film and man the gore was amazing, but I do agree it lacked a real cohesive story. I’d give it s 3.5,

Johnhitbox says:

Why do people associate gore with horror? some of the best Horror films ever have very little gore. I think it makes it worse.

- -Kachigga- - says:

Yeah the gun was stupid as shit, he literally just whipped out a gun as he was about to get killed it’s so odd

BlueCorp says:

Terrifier is basically if Pennywise and Jeepers Creepers had a baby.

Jerome D. says:

I loved the gun because to me he shot her out of respect for the fight she put up although she frustrated him.
The lack of a story reminds me of a porn movie that skips all of the small talk and get right to it….lol.

jessica diora says:

I just watched it. the clown was the only good part of the movie. his acting was phenomenal, but the acting was so awful. still i thought it was good, but damn that one scene with her friend smh

Roberta Trevino says:

Honestly, it kinda pissed me off the way that the women were tortured much more than the men in the movie. This trope is also seen in a lot of classics like the Texas chainsaw massacre.

I do understand that it’s his main attribute, but I mean… women are much more terrified to be alone on the streets than men so I really didn’t think it was fair.

Holden says:

I wanted to like this movie, but the characters acted so idiotic that by the end it was just frustrating. Seriously, just watch how the characters act whenever they manage to get the upper hand on Art. It’s beyond stupid. If the characters acted halfway believable, I would really recommend this movie because the character is really fresh and I like its unapologetic style. I don’t care that it doesn’t have a real plot…just have victims that don’t frustrate the audience!

Bullfrog Jay says:

I watched it last night and it was very unnerving. Art was the star of the movie and was masterfully played. I am for sure adding this to my horror movie collection.

Adam Skead says:

I’ll admit this movie was pretty scary

Gramo Chopin says:

What creeped me out the most was he never screamed or anything. Even when he was hurt .

Schwifty Me says:

I didn’t mind the gun. Definitely took me by surprise. If he had just shot her once in the head then I would have been disappointed, but the fact that he completely OBLITERATED her face made it okay.

Coyote Boy says:

Terrifier! What an utter piece of crap! Netflix should apologize.

Mike Solo says:

I think Halloween 2018 copy Terrifier pumpkin dead head.

Azziee says:

The thing about this movie, you know clown is unstoppable and will kill everyone so no point rooting for them to survive or get attached to them.

Omar Morel says:

I finally got the chance to watch this one , ooooooooh boi what a blast Art is up there with Mike , Fred , Jay , Vic , and Chuck

Bwaas says:

Really good review you guys nailed the problems with this movie. They did a really cool thing with the “Final Girl” They just didn’t set up the final girl

Cornonthecob says:

This movie was absolute and total garbage. Not scary at all

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