“The Autopsy of Jane Doe” 2016 Horror Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil, Susie, Brittini & Fuego discuss (and SPOIL at the end!) the recent well-received morgue-based fright flick, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”!


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Hosts: I just said it! Weren’t you LISTENING?!
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Finally was able to watch this movie since it’s streaming on Netflix. Pretty good watch. I think my opinion of it has grown since watching your review. Great job as always people. Talk soon!

JB Jacobs says:

I cannot get the darn sunshine in song out of my head. I was kind of disturbed by this movie. I really liked it as it when on and upon a second viewing moreso. I saw this on The Movie Channel recently. I am so disturbed by a little ringing bell!!!

Burnt Dice says:

I really liked this one

Jason Brightman says:

I loved this movie!!! In fact, after watching the first few minutes of this review I stopped the video and started watching it immediately. Then I came back to see if we came to the same conclusions. lol …Anyways I wanted to mention that the house where “Jane Doe” was found, there were I think three other dead bodies. My hypothesis is that she made them kill off each other pretty much the way the mortician/coroner and his son did. Btw the bell on the body in the morgue was used with great effect, especially at the end when they were transporting “Jane Doe” to another place, and her toe wiggled, and you heard a little bell.

steve henrichs says:

the female actor who protrayed jane doe did a excellent job to be able to remain motionless throughout the whole making of this movie is amazing.this movie will go down in history as one of the best horror movies of all time.the title didn,t seem interesting ,but the movie sure is. great movie she has played in other movies

Morgan Welborn says:

You know it’s a good movie when you can remember all the scenes that stood out to you, this was a true horror movie and not a jump scare slash’em up.

rgibsonx2 says:

Here’s an under the radar ghost movie if you haven’t seen it: Below.

It’s about a haunted submarine during WW2 and stars Bruce Greenwood and Zach Galifianakis.

Shannon RaeVon says:

I Look forward to seeing this. Thanks guys.

Tom Cabler says:

I really enjoyed this movie! can’t wait for Blu-ray I want to see all the extra I hoping great review! and enjoyed the sounds and creepy of it as well! I also hope that they make a sequel if it’s possible?

The Crimson Drummer says:

This movie was awful. Such a wasted concept. None of this movie made any sense and was so generic, it hurt. how the fuck did the girlfriend get in to the place when they were trapped? Was she part of the “illusions?” Not only that, the characters are garbage. No one of interest, just you average joes getting terrorized by a spirit just like every other horror movie. There’s no reason any of these events occurred at all. No thematic relevance to any message or meaning. Just some scary shit happening to uninteresting, vaguely relatable characters. What reason did the witch even have for fucking with them? Just to fuck with them? Just for shits and giggles? I’m not expecting the movie to answer all of my questions (though some should have just been left unanswered) but there are no clues as to why this corpse is terrorizing the main characters. There’s not point made, it’s all just meaningless nonsense that ends up with two(possible three, we’re never shown the gf’s body) dead people and a bunch of questions that can never be answered. 2/10. waste of 1h30m

Ange Alexiel says:

can’t believe some thinks the blair with reboot is better than this indie gem… do not misunderstood me i loved the blair with , the first one, cos i thought i was real… but this one is creepy from the start to finish.

Xalxitz says:

Yeah, I also like to focus on boobs when I look at a mangled corpse with an open ripcage looking at me.

zanna90 says:

Have you guys ever seen the Wailing??!!

Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

I absolutely loved this hidden gem of a movie. I watched it last month on Netflix. I had put in a request to see if the Horror Show would review it … so happy to see this video. As said throughout the comments, the atmosphere is amazing – a devastating rain storm pounding outside and a morgue/medical examiners lab set in a basement (complete with swinging lights!). It plays a very large part of the overall horror. Do not want to say much more, but, IMHO, it is definitely a Must See. Great review and great job, guys and gals.

BDizzle709 says:

I thought it was great. The atmosphere of it was amazing, and what horror should be when it comes to atmosphere.

Corey Reabe says:

Blair witch better than the witch hahaha

james minor says:

i kept looking to see the body move and was in suspense the whole time and the scares were effective throughout, and it made me feel like it was over and then another scare. That bell became very unsettling.

Kevin Ketchie says:

Where were you guys able to see this? I’ve looked everywhere!

Sublzer0 says:

Thought it was a great movie. Would deffo be on my top list of 2016 horror.

Paul Neiland says:

the actress the played Jane doe would somtimes have a little smirk or just little movements that really creeped me out,,,,really loved this movie definitely was in my top,favourites of the year

rgibsonx2 says:

Loved the movie! It was suspenseful, intimate and cursed with the right mix of gore and supernatural.

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