The Babysitter (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review Netflix’s original horror comedy THE BABYSITTER!

THE BABYSITTER (2017) was written by Brian Duffield, directed by McG, produced by Mary Viola and stars Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor, Hana Mae Lee & Emily Alyn Lind.

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Medalion says:

Surprisingly good movie, funny, tense, but with a strange sense of heart. I actually think the Babysitter and the kid had great friend chemistry… it’s kinda sad for the ending, until the post credit scene.

TheShiera34 says:

Man I loved the movie all the characters were a riot

Puma Lion says:

You look like Seth Rogen

Normaali Ihminen says:

Alright I’ll be honest this movie is not for everyone. However if you
are like horror/comedy and jokes movies and don’t take everything what
you see in movies seriously like me then this is really good movie for
you. Movie concept is unsual. Usually in horror movies Teens are chased
by psychopath but in this movie teens are the psychopaths.

Samara Weaving’s role as Bee/babysit is excellent she is actually
believable babysitter I think we all would have secret crush towards cool & reallly friendly babysit like Bee when we were 12 year olds, and been equally as brokenhearted to find out she’s actually a psychopathic killer. It seems that she is also having ”some” kinds of
feelings towards Cole (?). 9/10

Judah Lewis’s role as Cole is also excellent. It is really easy to
relate to him. He is absent- minded but smart school nerd who falls in
love to his babysit Bee. 9/10

Jokes are fun and edgy just it should be in these types of movies. Plot
is also good. It is understandable and NOT Predictable like some people
claim it to be. Plot’s build up is also pretty good and solid.
Character chemistry shows in the movie. 8/10

Emily Alyn’s role as Melanie is really superb. She is supportive and
kinda really good friend to Cole and she has secrectly crush on Cole.

Other characters:

– Hana Mae Lee as Sonya 8/10
– Robbie Amell as Max 8/10
– Bella Thorne as Allison 8/10
– Andrew Bachelor (Also known as KingBach from Vines) as John 8/10
– Leslie Bibb as Cole’s mom 7/10
– Ken Marino as Cole’s dad 7/10

All in all this movie is good for edgy comedic laughs and for horror/gore fans. Only disappointing thing was that otherpeople just cant see really good horror/comedy anymore like I do but
still it is their own opinion and it is understandable. This movie also has 80s classic horror
flick vibe which is good.

Should I recommend this to someone? – Yes! I personally would recommend
this movie for people who likes over stereotypical teens and jokes and

Would I watch it again? – Yes! It became one of my favorite
Comedy/Horror flicks . If there is planned sequel or prequel I would
defiantly be first in line to watch it.

Solid 8/10 for me.

Looking forward to sequel or prequel (if there is planned one)!

Tapuwa Zindimu says:

not cul if u are a christian

HorrorFanaticx25 says:

Great review definetly agree with your take on the film

Jen K says:

Oh my gosh these killers were so like the perfect role models expect when trying to kill you. In the middle of killing you wait your now standing up to your bullies no fix this! Lol I love the gate meets don’t tell Mom the babysitter is dead reference was perfect. Love the review and the movie.

TechNOGeek Reviews says:

This film was fun

justin denney-hall says:

The Horror Guru/ Count Jackula I just watched this and I wanted to say thank you guys for the review because I would not of heard of it other wise you guys are the best !

Kenny Ith says:

Samara Weaving did so good!

Ivy The Twisted says:

After watching your review earlier today (I stopped at spoiler section) I added it to my watchlist.

I’ve just finished watching. This is so my kind of movie. Loved it! I wouldn’t even know this movie existed if there weren’t for you… so thanks a bunch!

P.S. My only complaint is mid-credit scene… like seriously… WHY!?!

Keith Pasculli says:

Liked this movie so much more than I thought I would. The end was a little over the top but it was an entertaining movie.

Hat Hole Home Video says:

The Gate mixed with Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead! Never thought I’d hear a movie described that way!

Jacob Pettit says:

Was watchin movie expect in a comedy movie turned into a slasher ha

Jon Stewart says:

The annoying jock is Ronnie Amell, Stephen Amell’s brother.


Yeah, enjoyed the fuck out of that. Horror comedies are so hit and miss but that was a good one.

TheHitherto says:

Agree; easily McG’s best movie. It had some of that adventurous 1980’s feel to it.

Captain Marvelous says:

16:36 there’s no side boob. The most they do is focus on boobs a couple of times.

Mr allstar says:

Sucks the black guy (king bach)had to die

Christopher S.D says:

I just watched the movie.

Holy fuck I love it to bits.

Wulf Boy says:

Good to see you two together for this. i miss the early days.

silvano Anderson says:

This movie was fucking awesome

SSJ3MJ says:

“Shes a Satanist in the bad way” Therese a good way?

Mega MovieZ says:

Anyone else think Samara Weaving looks like a younger Margot Robbie or is it just me?

Christna Kim says:

I watched the movie because of this review and it was awesome fun! It had something for everyone!

cnnlive10 says:

Netflix needs to make this into a series.

Lord Beerus says:

Jackula, I like to thank our Dark Lord for letting us YouTubers become YouTube’s Satanic movie reviewers.

Mega MovieZ says:

Great review guys! This film surprised me! It’s not great but boy it’s LOTS of fun! I felt the trailer spoiled way too much though! There are a few other problems but overall I liked it. It’s not going to be in my top 10 at all but it didn’t need too. I’m just glad MCG made a good film. I’d score it 6.8/10 but I might change it to 7. I will be uploading my review tonight!

Reviews From The Beyond says:

Nice “The Sacrament” poster man.

Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez says:

The best slasher flick of 2017 it’s saw meets magic mike

orlock182 says:

Guru my man I have to ask.. Where did you get that badass Jason from The New Blood shirt?!

TastersChoice says:

When you Google “The Babysitter”, the Alicia Silverstone movie pops up, not “The Babysitters”. Have you guys ever watched movies made before 2010?

Mogens Schmidt says:

Please review gingerdeadman 3

StereotypicalEmoUsername says:

I’ve been wondering for a while guru but do you listen to black veil brides and if you do what do you think of them

rudeman62 says:

this movie is so good even Bella Thorne couldn’t ruin it

Feirce Majora says:

I’m hoping for a sequel but I also don’t want one, because it might ruin it but it was a really good movie

Ronda Collins says:

Damn, Bella Thorne is going full “Bob Saget” to prove that she never wanted to be on the Disney Channel. – She was the cheerleader, btw.

Also, they set up for a sequel. Am I the only one who wants some more backstory on Bee?

warriorking4ever says:

Great video Guru and Jack! I just saw this film today and it was awesome, a scary yet fun horror film for the Halloween season. I must say though, the cultists, as entertaining and crazy as they were, come across as being pretty small time in the grand scheme of things. They have an evil magic book that will grant any wish they want so long as they complete this murderous ritual, and yet none of them want to wish for anything big like endless wealth, dominion over the world, or immortality/invulnerability (well, except for maybe ONE of them, wink lol). Just saying, seems like they could have come up with better wishes (granted, then it may not have been as funny lol).

Anubis_X64 says:

This film was pretty good. Definitely had that “80’s” Dark comedy/horror vibe to it. I liked it.

Ira Jose says:

Movie was fuckin brutal with “amazing acting”……

Tardim 3000 says:

100th comment

Raist In Hell says:

I would love to see a review of The Gate, or maybe even the sequel.

Feirce Majora says:

I loved it tbh

John Manning says:

On the topic of the Terminator sequels: while “Salvation” and “Genysis” are equally terrible in their own right, I feel that, in my own personal opinion, “Genysis” was worse. Say what you want about “Salvation” (and trust me, I feel the same way, I’d rather castrate myself with a straight razor than watch it again,) I at least respect the fact that “Salvation” was trying to do something new with the franchise; by that I mean, rather than endlessly talking about the future war and Judgement Day, and only showing us a flashback or two, we can actually get to see it. I appreciate that the movie doesn’t try to throw in ridiculous time travel plots and forced references to the first film (or at least ones that I recognized,) and just tries to be a movie about people fighting robots. Yeah, it’s watered down, boring, dull, PG-13ified, directed by a guy who clearly didn’t know what he was really doing, and filled with obvious studio meddling, but I can at least see that the film tried (and failed.) “Genysis”, on the contrary, was (again, in my personal opinion,) just a complete shit show that made me hate myself for watching it, and made me question my faith in the franchise.
Oh, I forgot, great review, Guru. You and the Count never cease to impress and amuse me.
And anyone in the comments, please reply. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Colinbb09 gaming says:

The kid got cocky after he killed that jock. I followed him and wanted him to win until he turned all “I am unkillable”. HE DROVE A CAR 100 MPH THROUGH HIS OWN WINDOW AND GUESS WHAT.. THE BABYSITTER IS STILL ALIVE. Good movie too.

TheHazeMonster says:

He pulled an M. Knight Shamalan. Movies were really shitty til he made split

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