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ewolf87 says:

I love both the book and the movie! If you get a chance to read it, defiantly check it out!! I actually talked to the author of the book about the adaption and of course, he hated it! But the movie itself its unique and fun! Ps check out the imdb trivia section and wikipedia page.

Killer Shamo says:

great and funny channel!

Renegade Hero says:

I’ve never heard of this, great review guys. The best transformation I’ve seen would probably be An American Werewolf in London, that looked very painful. Even though it’s not a movie, the Thriller video had a good transformation too.

Chris Hambrick says:

Great Review

Jeff Floyd says:

Annnnnd great review as always. Yes!

Lone Wolf says:

Interesting, I’ll check this movie out. As for favorite transformation, An American Werewolf In London is still my favorite!

Bumblefritz says:

This backdrop is excellent!

Timothy Crosby says:

I saw this movie as a kid it was fucked up. This one was messed and so was I think it’s called The Incubus.

Jon Murphy says:

Looks Fuckin Great!!!

Gamel Oden says:

Thanks for giving my hometown 76ers a shout-out. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS

Kirk Rakestraw says:

Seen 2 ads b4 the video. Because of Wwam I went out and bought 10 Reese cups and reactivated my Facebook. BTW I dig the new backdrop.

Tyler Yoquelet says:

I Call the WWAM I just got up in me THE BEAST WITHIN

KweenyTodd says:

Great review! I haven’t seen this yet.

Dr Loomis says:

What is this magic?

Cristela Flores says:

Have you reviewed Humanoids of the Deep??

Word Unheard says:

Great movie. It fucked my mind as a kid.
I just unleashed the beast within, about 30 minutes ago. The stomach cramps alone damn near killed me!

MrBenjy1991 says:

This movie should’ve had a sequel

RCMC Overkill says:

I commented this on drumdums video but I got a 1986 Chevy c10 pickup I love my squarebody

michael101st says:

Hey guys! Michael Nunya here! Thank you so much for the movie review!! To answer your question where I found this, I actually watched this when I was 11 years old when it was on HBO. Rated R movies like this were only shown late at night back then on HBO. So I waited until my parents went to sleep and watched it in the dark.
After that transformation scene, I couldn’t go back to sleep for sure! Thanks for the memories and much love to the many days and nights of entertainment you provide for all of us!!!

Corn Pone Flicks says:

I remember seeing the ads for this when I was kid. They really stressed how disturbing the film was, and I guess that message sunk in, because I’ve never quite had the guts to watch it.

Cristela Flores says:

I’ve seen this movie. Your review is hilarious.

kane hodder gaming22 says:

yo buddy mike and jay

Jeff Floyd says:

Great recommendation! One of my favorites. It was one of 2 movies I saw people in the theater runout( during his transformation scene) and evil dead where ash starts dismembering the possessed to stop them and in both cases everybody was yelling “Oh hell no!” Great times!

Gabriel Tompkins says:

Oh, yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it! It’s pretty good in my opinion. My favorite transformation is definitely David from An American Werewolf in London. Fantastic.

Dexter McLeod says:

I haven’t seen this movie in forever. I’d totally forgotten about it. It’s definitely one of the best transformations.

Jon Murphy says:

That bitch let the dog out practically pulled it out threw it out the car door and then let it get killed she deserved what she got no one lets the dog die…

Corjai Taylor says:

Great review!! I’ll check it out!!!

Blu Ray John Paul says:

Hi sexy guys. I have actually seen this film. Pretty sure Scream Factory put it out. I can’t remember it very well though. I do agree that it is a solid old B horror film. I’ll have to re-watch it. Love your faces.

Lois Burke says:

I’m tommy click I’m a big fan of wwam will you please do the review of freddys nightmares freddys tricks n treat and dream come true

Beth Lareau says:

American werewolf in London

Gerald Anderson says:

Seen it as a kid. Would like to see a reboot

Darth Vader Jones says:

Hey I remember the BEAST WITHIN MOVIE. I had a sleepover one weekend my cousins and a few friends and my dad went to the video store to get us some scary movies this was before blockbuster this video store was like privately owned because I do remember that there was a area in the back that had porno movies but it was sectioned off kids couldn’t get back there anyway my father asked the guy that was working there for a real scary movie something we hadn’t seen before and he pulled out the BEAST WITHIN. I had to be like 11 or 12 years old. My dad got us pizza from shakeys and took us home and we watched that movie that movie creeped us out but it was fun to watch with my cousins and friends and I was happy they were spending the night. If I’m not mistaken that movie was out before the Howling (the original) and American Werewolf in London if it wasn’t then I hadn’t seen them yet at that time so that was the first real transformation movie I had seen that was like really good. But that movie although it creeped me out reminded me of a great time I had with my friends and cousins and MY dad. I actually have it on DVD. I Love the show and thanks for that memory.

Gerald Anderson says:

Y’all need to view humugus

zaw3607 says:

Have y’all seen Ghost Stories?

olfart62 says:

I love this movie gave it a fucking awesome + (B+) Saw this in the theater way back in the day and had a great time watching it

Mitch R says:

Love this movie. It scared the fucking shit out of me when I was a kid. Favorite transformation tho goes to American Werewolf in London, with The Howling being a close second. I also think the Thriller video doesn’t get enough love when it comes to transformation sequences.

MrBenjy1991 says:

The guy in the wife beater came off really rapey and pedophile like

Abraztec Gonztec says:

Best transformation scene is the one from The Howling 1981, the werewolf transformation.

Native174 says:

Love the channe been watching since your guys early days keep up the good work would want to watch another channel

MR.E RYDER says:

“sounds like last Saturday night”, u guys are too awesome!

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