The Clovehitch Killer (2018) Horror Movie Review

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Erik NikkiSoft says:

I loved this movie. Thanks for the review.

InfinityGh0st says:

I loved “I Am Not a Serial Killer.” Christopher Lloyd anyone? I was on the fence about this one because, like you said, it did give off some been there done that vibes. I’m glad you dig it, because I probably will too. Thanks Emma!

Corey Parks says:

I found it to be sweet movie. You still have to c/o The Dark.

Raphael says:

Have u watched the new Ted Bundy documentary they dropped on Netflix yet? Thought it was cool they released it on his execution date.

Jim Roberts says:


John Scardina says:

Thank you Emma.

The Southern Drawl Yacht Club says:

Definitely have to check it out!


Emmmmmaaa… this was a good one. I like well made serial killer movies. This has familiar situations but all serial killer movies do. This one presents it uniquely. He’s well liked in the community like John Wayne Gacy, an upstanding family man with secrets underneath his house. His M.O. is similar to Dennis Rader’s… BTK… Bind Torture Kill. He has a fetish for wearing women’s clothing like David Russell Williams the Canadian Air Force Colonel. I can go on and on. This is why the movie was good… we all know the story, we like when it’s presented differently.

Melissa Waddington says:

I loved this one, one of my favourite films of 2018

Shane Kelly says:

Loved this movie. Charlie Plummer who plays Tyler is gonna go places. Same with the actress who plays his partner in crime!

Jessica Jesse says:

Never heard of this movie but I think I’ll be watching it tonight after this review : )

Sluts and Guts says:

I can’t wait to watch #ClovehitchKiller. I wish I had more hours in the day.

Dominant Persona says:

What’s the inspiration behind the PFP

Jasper Fen says:

I had never even heard about this movie, and it is not the type from what you’ve described that I wouldn’t normally want to watched. BUT your review now makes me want to give it a’s not the first time that’s happened. I think some of the studios may owe you some money for all the business you’ve drummed up. Thanks and to see you soon.

Andrew Harris says:

I was really looking forward to seeing this. Now even more so.
Thanks Emma. Stay spooky 🙂

rowan sands says:

Yes! This film is so good. I found out about it because the director and his wife have a YouTube channel called “so you’re dating a vegan”, that I really like. He seems like a cool nice person, so I am glad this is getting good notices. It was creepy, and there was something almost old fashioned about it that I really liked. Have you seen They Remain yet? You might want to check it out, if not.

ccabral92 says:

I loved this movie! The Christian theme made it really unique.

Blah Blah says:

The Christian theme makes it even more creepy…

Random TV says:

I know nothing about this film but if you reviewed it it must be worth watching great stuff.

Faye Bush says:

Have you seen 1922? It’s on Netflix here in the states. It’s a very good and creepy story.

Jim James says:

Hey Emma. Have you seen ‘My Friend Dahmer’ ?

JustCallMeKeebler says:

Oohhh. I’ll have to see if this is available on YouTube! Thanks for the recommendation!

Brooke Tummons says:

Sounds right up my alley

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