The Exorcist – The Horror Of Production

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The Fly-By Guys says:

A great subject to discuss. Well done.

씨발 says:


bugyourparents says:

one of the highlights of your video-essay career

Julian 3 says:

I recall all of this quite well and had a relative who worked with some set production; but this review is rather poor as it first of all makes the BS claims about death threats from religious people toward Linda Blair; second, the narrator obviously thinks himself an authority on all things preternatural and metaphysical and denies the reality of possessions occurring; all in all, it was quite disappointing to learn that the arrogance of his personal beliefs would have to inflict his review.

Classic Modern Review says:

Very interesting, not to mention some of the cast crew that died while making this movie.

Fede says:

amazing video bro!!

Mrblue 4023 says:

Thank you for covering this film. The video was great as always

Lung says:

Great video! I agree with the person below. Those mints are likely heart/nerve or anxiety pills, implying the toll the Merrin character’s previous exorcism had on him in the 50s.

outlines says:

Reminds me of that Olivier quote about just trying acting.

afr malatesta says:

The day , it was released, I saw it..JUST as scary..watching this video!

Daniel Lado says:

I enjoyed how slow and methodical the movie is. You think there would be a lot of tension but instead there is more talking and quiet moments. Makes the crazier moments in the film that much more memorable. Also this moment has so much of that 70’s setting especially in the hospital.

Adam Jacques says:

Amazing video! Thanks for the great content, I’m here every week for you.

RAVI D says:

U want edit my projects or work with me plz

Frederick Burke says:

This was excellent. I am perusing your other vids right now. You might want to change your channel title so as to attract the people who are interested in this. These are film analyses, not reviews.

Ross Goodman says:

I had no clue the production was this brutal. Making movies before computers was hardcore.

Jonathan Klay says:

Actually, a priest did not perform an exorcism on set when the movie was filmed, but one did bless the set. That priest was Fr. Thomas King, S.J. He was my professor at Georgetown University when I was a freshman. Fr. King was a friend of William Peter Blatty, the author of the original book, who asked him to perform the blessing after the various tragic events that occurred during production. Fr. King mentioned the story to my class (and to all classes since the film was released) due to the longstanding rumor that the novel and film was based on his experiences as an exorcist. He was a brilliant theologian, but never an exorcist.

Bannerman 1903 says:

2:40 Whats this about nine crew members dying of illness in Iraq? Of all the articles I’ve seen regarding the curse of The Exorcist, this is the first time I have heard of this. Any source material I can look at?

Danny Krinkle says:

Tin of mints? Try nitroglycerine.

Melissa says:

The priest who excorcised Ronald Doe worked at the “brother school” to my Catholic girls’ school. We used to see him around.

Simon Ward-Horner says:

What a great film.

Ben Quinney says:

Method man

Ryuk says:

The scariest scenes in this movie were the hospital scenes. It’s horrifying to think that painless tests we have today used to be purely barbaric procedures.

UndrState says:

“mints” ? Pretty sure that supposed to be heart medication .

Steve F says:

Hi Jack, I like this new “format”, whatever you want to call it. Very interesting story. Reminds me of the story behind Apocalypse now.

TheSparrow002 says:


Cukito4 says:

Video ends at 7:45. You’re welcome.

Cukito4 says:

Fenageled? What the hell is that shit.

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