The Faculty Movie Review (Classic Horror!)

As requested, here’s my review for the 90s horror movie, The Faculty!


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SuperSmashers says:

Robert Patrick is pretty great in this. Also just saying, Striptease is a pretty garbage movie except for Demi Moore, at the time pretty fine, and again Robert Patrick. He is hilarious in that movie as a crazy drugged out wheelchair thief

Be Kind, Rewind Reviews says:

I had no idea that this was a Robert Rodriguez movie! I’ll have to check it out now!

OOOHHH! And you totally don’t have to review it, but you should check out Turbo Kid on Netflix! I think it’d be something right up your alley!

Lucas Ferreira says:

I love this movie! I love this review! I love your t shirt!

Impression Blend says:

Great review! This movie makes me feel so nostalgic about the ’90s 🙂 Like you said, it’s not perfect (looks a little dated at this point too), but it’s definitely enjoyable and very re-watchable. So interesting how it’s both, a traditional high school movie and a legitimate sci-fi horror movie!

Allen Tapanes says:

I love this movie … it

King Eclipse says:

I thought that was Ashton Kusher, for some reason, all this time.

Rodsella Aragundi says:

love this movie reminds me of my teen years. also kick ass sountrack

Charlie Greer says:

Great review lee. When i first saw this,i instantly enjoyed it. One of my favs from the 90s. Hey could you maybe review i know what you did last summer and i still know what you did last summer.

Hunter sharp says:

could you review awake in fright?

Wheel Smith says:

classic yes sir !

JohnBombT92 says:

my fav movie of the 90s next to scream part 1

Mother Mayhem says:

ah! I was just talking about this one in my last vid! so crazy, I completely agree with the breakfast club parallel; where I was the Elijah wood character, and the type of guys I liked were clearly the Zeke character <3 so they did an amazing job at casting and writing each and every person! the soundtrack is also still one of my favorites of all time... Layne Staley, Tom Morello AND Shirley Manson in one place? couldn't ask for more 😉

Bushman Blu says:

great review mate love this film and I cant believe I haven’t got it on blu-ray, will need to change that, thanks again

Mesmerized 4Life says:

Great reviews as always, Very good movie.. Review DrGiggles & the Ice Cream Man please!?! And I’d hug you too bro your awesome 🙂

Metal Horror Pack says:

Great Review Lee! This is really good horror!

Three Bulldogs Productions says:

This movie had an awesome soundtrack

lelouchdslayer says:

I like this movie. I remember watching this and Scream 2 on a bus on the way back from a band trip. I know you said you can’t review everything but I do have a request. There is movie called Society that I would like to see your take on it.

LeahHatherReviews says:

I watched this movie way too much when I was younger!

Random Dude says:

Great video.i love this movie

ellea adam says:

can you review sin city 2005

Durant Cinema says:

when u find out that T1000 is an alien, well ur in some deep shit! really enjoyed this movie!! great cast!! nice review lee! making me want to watch this again!

Paul Gilmore says:

Greats review

JurassicHero 3 says:

This movie sucks! The story doesn’t make any sense, the plot twists are so annoying, the characters are generic, most of the main characters are under controlled by some stupid aliens, the effects are disgusting or disturbing, and they’re a bunch of scientific inaccuracies, and also, the aliens, that are from an ocean planet that was destroyed by a dying star, just landed on a small town LESSER COVERED IN WATER!!! I mean when they landed on a lesser water area, what’re they going to do when they wasted all water? And why not they just landed in an open ocean where they can easily adapt here? And Europa! Why not Europa? It has water too. And also, how did they get on Earth without a spacecraft, wormhole or meteorites?

Darnell Major says:

What makes this film work for me is the setup of kids actually despising faculty members in real life for being mean or uptight lol. All they needed to do was put a supernatural spin on it by making the faculty staff aliens. What also gives this film it’s fire is the fact that it was written by Scream 1,2, & 4 writer Kevin Williamson. He also wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer & that crapfest Teaching Mrs. Tingle lol

MonsterSIP says:

Dude The Faculty rocks fucking Jon Stewart are you serious

Hunter sharp says:

great review buddy. this really takes me back to my early teens.

Metal Horror Pack says:

Oh I just wanted to ask you if you can review the original Cabin Fever from 2002?

Alexandria Vaun says:

I haven’t seen this movie in like 10 years, but now I want to watch it again! It’s very entertaining! I never made the comparison but I agree it does have The Breakfast Club elements in it! What ever happened to Josh Hartnett? He was in a lot of those teen movies back then but haven’t seen him in anything lately. Great review!

Reviewed Later says:

I will definitely check this one out soon! I love Robert Rodriguez, and somehow have never heard of this movie! It has the SAME cover art/poster as Phantoms hahaha — ahh, the floating heads in a ‘V’ movie pster from the 90’s — good times.I also agree about Josh Hartnett — I miss him being in everything haha. Great review bro!

Kyle Rice says:

Do a review of “The Strangers”

Lee Duckers says:

Love it!!!!

Maurice Tha Beast Vlogz says:

Review Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon.

Brian Shillingford says:

how about Childs play trilogy? love your channel btw! subscribed!!

李れい says:

how the heck have I never heard of this movie? I can’t believe it just blew right past me. :l it sounds like one I’ll try to watch.

Nocturnal Toothbrush says:

Great review Lee! If you get a chance and if you haven’t seen it already I HIGHLY recommend 1981’s The Burning. I’ve been a horror movie fan ever sense I could walk and a HUGE slasher fan on top of that, but some how I missed this flick. I gave it a watch a few months back and it’s now one of my top 5 slasher movies. Definitely worth checking it out! I’d be interested to see how you like it.

The AtZ Show says:

I remember when I was younger and went on road trips and every time we stopped at a hotel, EVERY TIME, this movie was playing on TV. So trippy.

George Hazelwood says:

great review man. loved this movie. keep up the good work!!

Tyi-Shon Anderson says:

Thanks man enjoy the review glad I watched it at the age I am now cause I kept me on my toes

Hunter sharp says:

wake in fright

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