The Farm (2018) Cannibal Horror Movie *SPOILER* Review

The Farm 2018 review……….definitely won’t be on everyones menu

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Gregory Galland says:

This movie could have been alot better. I will say that no survivors was good. However i really believe that it could have been longer and it seemed rushed.
However here is a link if you guys wanna watch it.

Madhur Mongia says:

Every horror movie be like oh that’s a haunted house let’s go there in search of ghost without any plan and the best part when they searched for clues or anything by splitting why don’t they be together when you know there is a ducking ghost in the house

Bjørn Vind Abildtrup says:

I wouldn’t mind the slow pace and off screen gore, if I just knew who these people were, both the protagonists and the cult or whatever it was. I’d even like it to be a straight up vegan propaganda moral tale, at least then it would have some balls and not just be this stupid silly and empty let down of a movie.

dragonbesas10 says:

Just finished watching it…I don’t know why I kept watching it lol. I was hoping for something more, but you were right, I kept shaking my head the entire time. Great concept, but badly made

Liao Zhu says:

wasnt there one scene though, when that person next to the main character (the girl) who her guts sawed out or something, honestly i didnt know what even was happening. Another thing is how does an operation this big go unnoticed, and considering how they run the “farm” so smoothly im guessing theyve been doing this for a while, so how has this operation that takes up so much space go unnoticed, like i understand its isolated but arent there like checks done by the government every once in a while, and not that i have any experience, but im guessing its pretty hard to hide that many humans if any government agents did happen to come around and check it out, this whole movie just made me laugh. The part with the baby was also dumb, if ur whole business is run on human meat, y not raise the baby like farmers do with real cattle, and then u know do the thing when the baby is all grown up, like you’re wasting resources. U could however argue that you waste resources by having to feed the baby, but still the outcome is greater. Okay this is weird i sound like im about to go and do this…

leslie scott says:

I saw this movie last week & was very distraught. I was left with alot of questions, comments, & concerns. I give this movie a D.

Taylor Corlett says:

Should have taken your advice…the movie is HORRIBLE!!! LOL

leslie scott says:

Can’t forget about that scene with that little baby getting killed.

Soroosh Jafary says:

I regret watching this movie, waste of my time.

TortureVision says:

This really sucks. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. The trailer looked good, the premise sounded great… it almost seemed like it couldn’t possibly fail. Oh well. 🙁

Vandalle says:

I genuinely can’t believe you told people to watch the movie, biggest pile of shite I’ve ever seen

gunnyo50 says:

A film like this if was executed properly could potentially turn into a movie franchise as this concept sounds interesting and money on the table. Your critiques of the film sounds like elementary mistakes a high school kid would make filming a movie for his uni course. Doesn’t need a big budget to fix those issues you addressed. But I hope someone with real talent and a nice budget make this into a proper horror movie in the future.

Ruth Rehfeld says:

I agree completly wir you. I watched it and i thought : how can you destroy such a great idea more then this movie

Movie User says:

Looks like a low budget movie saying what if animals treated humans like humans treat animals. I believe that is the reason those in mask were not talking. We cannot understand what animals are saying in real life.

Thomas Beck says:

I would like to buy it on DVD great review

Mick Taylor says:

One of my favorite movies. But they were missing the obligatory tit shot. Would have made this movie perfect. Oh wait they did when they were milking them cows.

Ian gordon says:

Yea, shittiest movie of all time. The logic really pisses me off. Could have been sooo good.

jay double U says:

sound like movie i would watch ……………no gore no thanks

Blerzz World says:

I thought it was awful

earl daniels says:

I agree…. Unique ideal really different!!!..but badly scripted!!… Hopefully some one else will pick it up and remake the movie….. With budget…

Kvr 1604 says:

I never wanted to punch somebody more than the couple(srry if my english is bad)

SuperSoulja68 says:

Wow, after reading all the comments, I can see why the full movie( an actual upload) is up on YouTube!

I’m a fan of horror movies, but The Farm is a reminder to myself why I can’t get into THOSE kind of horror flicks!

Erica Salter says:

Thank you for your review. Didn’t like this movie and could’ve been better. Can you find out why The Barge People movie never came out?

Erika Lynn says:

It had its moments for me but overall it was way too slooooooow. Too many unanswered questions and such.

Michael Greenwaldt says:

I just watched the movie and thought it was really good. I thought it was well shot for a lower budget film. The score was great and the movie was quite suspenseful once the main characters get loose. I do agree it is a great idea and it could be better with a bigger budget and better script but for what it is I really liked it. I didn’t even find it slow. I’d love a sequel or hell, a remake. There’s definitely potential for it to be better. I’d love to see Alexander Aja tackle this plot.

michelle mitolo says:

There was something missing there. But I don’t know why the idea of the movie looked so good! In fact it gave me a little bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes. it gets really boring when the killers don’t speak a word. I think the movie should be done again cause as I said the idea was original to me. maybe also they had a low budget and that affected the movie as well. Not bad… But not good either.

The McKinley Squad says:

Couldn’t agree more my guy

wes ragnar says:

Better than Hellraiser judgement

GuplyFred says:

The movie was so bad i just kept skipping through it. It was really boring and dumb

Swiatek702 says:

Man… I had this pop up in my queue last night & was pretty psyched. But I have so many GOOD movies to catch up on, that it’ll probably be a year before I get to this snoozefest. Sounds like a cross between Motel Hell & TCM 2, but without any humor, gore, or ideas. What a shame.

Alondra Gonzalez says:

I don’t really like this movie

Danae Dunning says:

The Farm. Brought to you by PETA

Soso Spacesheep says:

Wasted potential of this movie. I was disappointed. It had a bit of atmosphere of a nightmare dream – but I expected so much more. Too much questions left unanswered. Like a simple vegan propaganda

_ Capz _ says:

Literally the shittiest movie

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