The Gore Gore Girls (1972) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week on Blood Splattered Cinema the Horror Guru takes on another Herschell Gordon Lewis classic: The Gore Gore Girls. Many consider this 1972 tale of Go Go Dancers gone wild to be the ultimate culmination of H.G. Lewis’ career – Mainly because it was his last film up until 2002’s Blood Feast 2. But does it live up to such a reputation? Tune in to find out.

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Daniel Ross says:

I love watching These Clips Keep up the Good Work Dude!

Jonathan Lopez says:

Review Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD

Alissa says:

OMG!! I was hoping for a review of this! I had no idea Guru had already done one!! <3 YAY!! Thank you!!

John Reeves says:

Wikipedia is for lazy people. And Wikipedia has been proven by experts to be 90% wrong on everything. It’s so horrible and not credible…

Jordan Ogle says:

Didn’t that melon Jackula fucked turned out to be a man? And then cheated on him?

Jeffrey314159 says:

Review the John Caradine film: Wizard of Mars

Bianca Luedeker says:

Do Blood Feast!

Brian Barnes says:

This is a very interesting film as it brings back HG Lewis’ early nudie cutie period, plus his later gore period (both stuff he did with Friedman) and it seems so much a prototype or the later elitist “hero” with various anti-social tendencies.  Like a lot of things Lewis was associated with, it’s cheap, it’s quick, but it’s also very much tongue in check.  It’s so nice to see somebody dealing with these films that are lost to most horror fans!

Samuel 1738 says:

Hey man i sincerely like your horror reviews!! You remind me a lot of nostalgia critic and thats good!! ;D

Grady Franco says:

This movie was so fun. Idkw it just is. The whole atmosphere about it even though it was long and obviously flawed beyond imagination but it had style.

The Horror Guru says:

That… Would be AWESOME! =)


one more thing why don’t you come out with more videos more often

Sean Bateman says:

More Gore Gore for the Guru!

James Hudson says:

Cool reviews. Love that you review Lewis films. They’re special in a way that people who aren’t into bad cinema cannot appreciate. Anyways, keep up the humorus work and is there a place where  can suggest films for future review? I just happen to be a treasure trove of truly bad and obscure films.

Drain Deimo says:

Well you got another fan. HINT? it’s me

dar88 red says:

how did the killer die i cant make it out


Will there be a gingerdead man three review or a house by the cemetery review

Jonathan Lopez says:

Review Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD

The Horror Guru says:

Of course. =)

Adrian The One47 says:

Love the videos and now a subscriber

GrimlyFiendish says:

That fucking voice you do is too annoying for me to watch any of your other videos. Why are you doing a shitty Cinema Snob voice? His voice is bad enough lol.

Maggie Koch says:

I like this review, the movie feels like a cross between “the Girl in Gold Boots” and early “Columbo” episodes. What is it about early 70’s thrillers and stylized murder scenes? By any measure, it’s drop-dead enjoyable, pun intended.

Caroline Briar Rose says:

Nancy’s lashes are hideous. But great work! You’re great!

The Horror Guru says:

Yay! Glad you dig ’em. =)

Joe Vector says:

Saw this already on Blip so just dropping by to say another great review Josh .

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