The Mimic 2017 | South Korean Horror Movie Review | SBS | Shudder

Hi guys! Just found out after editing this that it is on Shudder too! So if you are lucky enough to have Shudder in your country, check it out there 😜

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Sinister Cinema Reviews says:

Made my top list of 2018. Loved it

Wolverine Scratch says:

I missed this but I’ll give it watch this week

Binary Ghost says:

god bless the internet – “Does the dog die” as an actual website, lol of course

Bridie Delaney says:

Actually would be so helpful if you mentioned any animal deaths/ cruelty going onwards! ❤️

Jack Candy says:

You are too cute

Raph Phon says:

I’d say no in regards to an animal cruelty warning, as that’s part of the ‘surprise’. And I scratch my head at why people would feel uneasy about seeing bad stuff happen to fake animals, yet have no problem when a person gets tortured and eviscerated on screen. Maybe if the fake animal had a bad backstory?

Random Horror says:

There was a British sitcom called the Mimic about a guy who voice impersonated celebrities in 2011 but that’s completely diffrent to this one that is discussed in this video. Not a huge fan of South Korean horror but I do love the Vengence Trilogy so there not all bad in fact that’s the beauty of foreign it doesn’t get over done with Hollywood stuff. I haven’t seen this one but I’ll see about this one.

ilovepork and chicken says:

Time to put this on watchlist on letterboxd

Eugene Ratana says:

Totally agree about the effects and also thought it came out in the early 2000’s. But really enjoyed the film also. As always, great review

bantom360 says: , it exists!! That’s actually really funny (not the dogs dying, but y’know what I mean…). Nice find!

A.J. Gurney says:

Great review! Another vote for continued animal cruelty/death warnings…

Jim James says:

you are definitely one of my favorite film critics.. Keep up the excellent work Emma!

Makhirot Baltere Ragzsaft says:

If it’s a movie based on a being from the Korean mythology, it could be interesting.

Erik says:

Yes please mention the animal deaths or cruelty.

Melissa Waddington says:

I really appreciate a head’s up about animal violence

silja lin says:

It went under my radar as well! I’m always gonna give South Korean horror a chance! Thanks for the recommendation, Emma! 😀

Em W says:

Is ‘The Hole in the Ground’ some kind of remake or adaptation of this?

Jasper Fen says:

Once again you have informed me of a film that I should already have known about but that somehow stayed off my radar.. I will be on the lookout for this one. Thanks and I will see you soon.

mackenzieL45 says:

Yes please mention the animal cruelty or deaths! (Just to be warned before they happen <3) I love your channel so much, can't wait to go and check this one out!

ZetZatar says:

Human sounds from an animal reminds me of Annihilation.

As for animal cruelty, these are horror films where horrific things happen to *everything*, why would animals be any different? It’s not like they *really* hurt the animal. That’s illegal.

Jess C says:

This seems like a good one! Also what are your thoughts on the talks of a Creep 3 being in the works??

Little Red Goddess Persephone says:

I do want to know about animals dying as I really can’t handle animals deaths. People dying? I can handle it but doggies? Can’t deal!

Suraj Quantum says:

Korean horror has too much kpop influence its not my taste

Atom1 says:

see.. this is why i love your channel there is always something here for horror fans to watch, saludos desde Paraguay

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

It’s a shamed we don’t get movies like this over here in the States Emma. I’ve heard about this myth some time ago, it’s fascinating. If I do get Shudder, I’ll check this one out.

JustCallMeKeebler says:

Yeah, I don’t personally get bothered by movie animal cruelty when it’s special affects, unlike Cannibal Holocaust which was real. But I would definitely add a trigger warning for animal cruelty in your reviews.

Christopher Yew Xuan says:

This film was pretty hyped in Singapore!!!

Licitt says:

I know this urban legend!!! I’m definitely gonna watch this movie!!!
Are you into urban legends?
Or anyone in the comments?
Drop your favourites!

Anomaisie says:

Yes please with the mention of animal death/cruelty! I always check does the dog die before watching something, but not everything is on there and I love some of the lesser known movies you’ve talked about so it would be great to have that extra piece of info! Thanks for the vid, stay spooky!

Truth Razors says:

Love, love, love Korean horror films, but I think I’ll be skipping this one. Can’t wait to see Us, early reviews have been great!

Ry theGuy says:

You still peeing your pants sometimes cause your to busy making awesome videos for us your fans!?

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