The Mist (2007) – Blood Splattered Adaptations (Horror Movie Review)

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This week it’s a re-upload of a Blood Splattered Adaptations classic in which The Horror Guru compares Stephen King’s The Mist to Frank Darabont’s big screen adaptation, starring Thomas Jane.

The Mist passages read by Jeremy Huffman of Game Gallows:

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El Ochentero says:

People who dislikes this movie because of the ending are pussies!
Very good review by-the-way, very original idea to make a review comparing the book with the film and you do a good job on that.

Jakey Sommers says:

I watched The Mist for the first time today and I loved it!, and great job on this video man! I really enjoyed the readings from the novella, with the text on screen – I need to read it for myself now! Hope you have a great weekend/week :3.

MySerpentine says:

It was obviously a thinny

CreationZikaz says:

You made a mistake. In the movie, it’s not the black neighbour who goes outside with the rope, it’s the guy with knife.

Chillz McKillz says:

man you are way over the top in expressing yourself but there’s no doubt that your perception and intricate explanation are very sharp. i subscribed!

robspunk says:

OMG this movie is terrible… CGI, story line, music and especially the acting (screaming). You have to watch this as a comedy, it was far more funny than it was scary. 1/5 Stars

Keerya says:

I only watched the movie. The movie is good, the concept is great, I love the ending but the movie and ending doesn’t go well together.
I mean, the characters were so slow at making decisions that were mostly bad I wanted to punch them all the time. I timed, with the insect part, I thinked “turn off the lights !” 3min26s before they do (actually I thinked that even before as to me it’s basical instinct not to make light when you don’t know what’s outside at night) There is more than 20 human being in this store and you’re trying to make me believe nobody said : “considering the deadly monsters ouside I think it’s a really bad idea to make light, it may attract them !” ?

and every time you’re thinking : “just do that ! come on !” “close the fucking door !” “turn the lights off ! nobody want that on the window !” “He said he heard a sound, just run away don’t try to know were it come from it worked so well the other time with the tentacles !” “you see spider webs with corpses in it ? Don’t freacking go inside to investigate ! run away !” “there is a weird looking guy screaming in the nest ? don’t touch him, he may be contamined by poison of some kind ! (I actually knew it was eggs, instinct I guess xD)”

It was a pain every time and it stopped me from feeling sorry for any character. At the end, with the suicide part, I was so frustrated by the rest of the movie that all I could think was “serve you right !”
It’s sad, cause all it needed was either make them react quick so that even if the audience is thinking “do that !” things happen fast enough for them not to think “wow I definitely saw this coming from very far away” or make an happy ending.
The third alternative would have been to make the people left in the store die, because all I get at the end is this :

The “good guys” did all the worst decisions really slow and they all dies, only the main character lived on. Among the “bad guys” only the crazy one die, all the assholes that followed her, killed a guy and were ready to sacrifice a child because “she said so, I’m not to blame” get to live and, for all we know, survived. So… moral of the story “be a sheep and you’ll survive” ?

How tragic it would have been if they caused they’re own doom while help was coming like the main character did ? But here ? No consequences, it’s like : “meh, our leader is gone and our human sacrifice run away ? So far for our fanatic behavior I guess ? Let’s forget us until the end of the movie okay ? (yay we survived ! we were right !)”

I’m sad because to me this film was just lacking a little thing to go from “It’s good but it’s long, glad I saw it but the characters were asking for it to be shitty for them seriously” to “That movie is great and the ending was so tragic !”

CreationZikaz says:

And IMDB: “We don’t see what happens to them. They walk out into the mist, along with the Biker (Brian Libby) who tied the rope to his waist and went out with them to get the shotgun. All the focus is on the inside of the store, feeding the rope through the door. The biker gets killed moments later, which leads us to believe that whatever got him also killed Brent Norton and the others. Later, when some of the characters are discussing escaping, they refer to ‘ending up like Norton and his group’. So the people in the film believe he was killed. Norton does not reappear again in the film.”

So maybe the group saw Norton die as they said “ending like Norton and his group”.. or they didn’t!

Interesting aspect of the movie.

Joe Chill says:

nortan was not the one tied to the rope in the movie? it was the motorcycle guy with the knife. norton said he was leaving with HIS people

ideamaker says:

I actually liked the novel because it kind of set it up for a sequel, I would have loved seeing the military take on the bugs!

Brett Bailey says:

I think the movie ending is great because it is horror, horror make feel anything laugh or cry or scared even feeling happy but being disgusted of watching, reading or just listening that is a whole level by it self

pythonkatie K says:

I love the ending. I saw it in theaters when it came out and it was the first time I saw so many people walk out. Considering it was a horror movie, and based off of a Stephen King story at that, I’m surprised that they were that surprised. To be fair, at that point I hadn’t read the novella, I assumed King was making up for the change in Cujo, and I thought the ending was heartbreaking, but strangely fitting for a King story. I’m not surprised that he approved it.

MadamFoogie says:

Man, the ending to that movie still makes me tear up to this day. What a kick in the proverbial nads. Also, I had NO IDEA Darabont was considering doing The Long Walk! That’s one of my favorite of King’s books! I’ll keep my bloody little fingers crossed.

MrCjprice193 says:

the mist is just an underrated movie.. it just left me numb feeling.. one of best endings of all time..

doesnt matter says:

Personally I think the movie version has the best ending in horror movie history. When horror ends lies despair and that ending was the epitome of despair.

mrKWJones says:

Great review from book to movie! Here is my gripe with the movie though. The book was AMAZING and still to this day is one of my top 5 favorites. In the book you have certain characters that are your ‘safe’ characters (indicating that these characters were written to give the reader a sense of security and a feeling of hope). Those characters are Brent Norton, Dan Miller and Mike Hatlen. Brent was more the ‘logical jerk’. Dan was the ‘Business-like leader’ and Mike was the ‘A man’s man leader’. Now these three characters are essential to Stephen King to really destroy the reader’s feeling of security and hope. When Brent is killed, logic gets thrown out the window and we are presented with uncertainty. BUT it’s okay, because Dan and Mike team together and really start rallying people to help each other in this crisis. There is a huge weight lifted, having them in charge and they even put Misses Carmody in her place. They put fears to rest and a glimmer of hope in the reader. Stephen King is brilliant because he wrote the main character, David, as a no-body. Almost a side character. He doesn’t really do anything until he has to and until the end. So when Dan and Mike orchestrate this big expedition to the Pharmacy, you think it might go south but nothing to extreme will happen. That is, until Dan and Mike are literally killed instantly and one right after the other, with no room to even process what has happened. When the reader experiences this, they have this overwhelming feeling of dread and for the first time they feel as though there is no hope. Stephen King is a master and has built this false safety net inside your mind and has now, destroyed it. AND!!!! When the survivors get back to the supermarket, the larger community in the store sees that their leaders, Dan and Mike, are dead and they also have this devastation which leads to a more convincing Miss Carmody takeover.

The movie ignored the characters of Dan and Mike. Dan was turned into an old-timer that didn’t really add anything to the group and Mike was a background nameless character that died and you feel nothing. I think Frank Darabont really missed an amazing opportunity to use this brilliant way of terrifying your audience.

Daniel Ross says:

The Ending to that Movie was So Sad Guru!☹️

The Helghan Empire says:

You guys know they’re making a 2017 Mist TV Series right? Seems like 2017 is gonna be a great year!

Lewis Bryce says:

About those comments on Christianity… PREACH BROTHA!!!

Maggie Koch says:

You shared a truth that is often overlooked: The greatest terror is humanity’s capacity for evil.  Stephen King is a master at portraying the ugliness and futility of human cruelty, whether it is on an individual or community level.

M. Chedderbeef says:

I’m a Christian and even I think that “natural disaster equals God’s punishment to gays” is the dumbest shit. Even IF homosexuality is a sin, sins are meant to be forgiven. That’s why God sacrificed his son. SO MANY Christians forget this, and the Bible is an *old* book, written by many people. There may possibly be things that got lost in translation. The movie is a great reminder of how weak minds can be so easily corrupted to the point that they think *anything* can be justified.

Kendall Wright says:

Will you ever do another blood splattered adaptations

Matics 89 says:

I didn’t know Jim Sterling had a twin brother.

Jack Napier says:

I felt that the ending was out of character for the characters’ personalities established. David seemed the kind of guy to find a place of safety like the book when they couldn’t find the end of the mist and found a Howard Johnson. I think they had to end it quickly so they did something out of character to shock the audience. I wish Frank could’ve turned this into a series to continue how the book ended off. I do think it was a very effective ending that still haunts me, but totally out of character. Great review and video!

Malefizia says:

Carol…always the badass survivor…^^
joke aside, this is one of my favourite king-adaptations, its well made , and the ending is gut punching but amazing…

The Majestic Canuck says:

Funny how the actor who plays the soldier also plays Starkiller in Star Wars The Force Unleashed. Love how he basically goes out pretty easily in the Mist but only a year later he’s taking down fucking Star Destroyers lol.

yolanda castro says:

Did the book mention Ghidorah the three headed dragon from Godzilla?

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