The Nun Horror Movie Review – How Bad Could it Be?

I’ll be having nun of it.

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Mundy. Medics says:

Totally agree! The setting and atmosphere was great. But the overall story was disappointing. Valek could have been alot more interesting as an antagonist but overall it seemed pretty generic. It was set up to be something alot grander then what we got.

Limely - says:

The Nun is link to Demon Knight??

Syahreza Difachri says:

i agree that this conjuring cinematic universe is kinda forced. I mean, if you really think about it, the only common thread that connects all those movies are Valak and the Warrens, even their ties with each other is kinda weak.
Here are my problem with the movie *(spoiler ahead)* :

1. They basically wrote his (her? its?) background story that can be summarized like this “here’s a lunatic trying to summon a demon for whatever reason, the church happen to know about this for some reason at the same time he about to perform the ritual and they decided to whoop his ass”. I know that demons are evil as shit, but at least we should know the motive of the original summoner.
2. The reason why Valak is reappearing again is just too random. The abbey got bombed during the war and all of a sudden the gate to hell is opened again? Rather than wasting blood of Christ, why not put flextape on it and call it a day?
3. Speaking of blood of Christ, how is it in the Abbey? why the fuck the church put it in there? and how the fuck Valak doesn’t know that such powerful artifact that could knock his/her/its ass seven ways into sunday is basically under his/her/its nose this whole time?
4. The movie reveals who Frenchie actually is and what happened to him in future movie, but we know next to none about either Father Burke or Sister Irene. Who are they exactly? why exactly Irene is chosen for this mission, she’s just a random ass nun-to-be in the beginning of the movie. How does she and father Burke fit in the bigger picture of this movie universe? Why does she has supernatural power? What happened to both of them after the movie’s epilogue Frenchie died from exorcism?

For those of you who says “the sequels will answer it”, i say nope. A good movie universe is when every movie has their own story yet able to add pieces to the bigger picture. There’s just too many questions unanswered, and watching this movie feels like watching unfinished puzzle. The pieces are there but it doesn’t make any sense, and it’s just missing the big picture.
Sorry for the text wall.

Billabob says:

2 GGTV videos in 2 days? Am I dreaming??

Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

The scariest nun for me remains, to this day, The Penguin from the Blues Brothers.

Carolyn Ford says:

Second lol

Michael Garcia says:

I FOOKIN lost it when you said “Evil Ass Fuckin Penguin”. I hope I can be just as entertaining as you in my podcast and YouTube Vlog

Laya's YouTube says:

Had to drop a like for your awesome accent alone hahah

Mr Orc Shaman says:

Mary love dick?

Hey you go gurl, I love dick to!

Stuck Mannized says:

On behalf of Poland I forgive you for the truly awful pronunciation of Korzeniowski’s name 😀
Seriously though, how did he end up composing for this, I hope he got a generous pay check at least.

Firstname Lastname says:

This movie made me laugh so much towards the end of the movie my cheeks hurt from laughing so much

nd4spd says:

Fair enough points.

If you get annoyed with loud cinemas I recommend balanced musicians earplugs, they’re amazing, and I can’t live without them now.
Although it depends on the cinema’s mix whether I’ll bother to use them, if I find myself in discomfort.

You should probably watch The Conjuring films bro.

Alex says:

i love licorice, i see i dont belong here

Ron Hutchcraft says:

it was terrible, all the jump scares and the bad acting, it was enough to make me
walk out. I need good acting and a decent story line, the script makes the film
memorable most often but by the time The Nun came out, I had already seen the
behind the scenes, the making of, and the trailer with the same old jump scare
about a ga jillion times!!!!!!!!!! I’m so over it, we need real horror films not bad ones.

BlimeyJoe says:

Don’t be ripping on the psychic,
Turns out Mary does loves dick.

That’s also a poem

ODC ART says:

So its good bad or bad good?

Madame Raven says:

I came from shameless plug. I love your accent and you are funny. Subbed. however Licorice jellybeans are good.

decap bro says:

The two Conjuring movies themselves are fantastic and two of my very favorite horror films. But Annabelle wasn’t great and it sounds like The Nun isn’t great either…

Roccia Freeman says:

So were is the jump scare?

Piper R says:

I don’t understand, if Valek was in Frenchie’s body at the end, then how did Sister Irene defeat her, who was Sister Irene fighting, if Valek was already in Frenchie? I mean she sure put up a fight, and did not want to go back to hell? Am I making sense?

The Crimson Drummer says:

I REALLY want to see your thoughts on Hereditary. I’m dying to hear you talk about it. It’s such a good movie

Wee Me says:

A bit of Still Game editing. Love it x

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