The Omen – Horror Movie Review

The Omen is a 1976 American supernatural horror drama film written by David Seltzer and directed by Richard Donner. The film stars Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner, Harvey Spencer Stephens, Billie Whitelaw, Patrick Troughton, Martin Benson, and Leo McKern. It is the first film in The Omen series.


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Alecia Fluffy Presents says:

The real reason The Omen is scary is because good people end up saving Damien, the antichrist. Nothing else. It’s the reason it’s scary. In the second movie, they explore the nature vs nurture argument, but the first movie is one all about the love of a father and mother to a lesser extent towards a child and how good is blindsighted by evil. It’s the whole point of the movie.

I’m a huge fan of the trilogy, but especially the first movie (the best one), and I would have you know you’re 3/4 rating really fucked me up.

Alexander Villeneuve says:

Love the opening 😀

The Scream King says:

Nice stars:P Are you going to watch the new Omen-based show, “Damien,” next year?

OfficialBaconGamer says:

Whats going to be your next review Eric?

Al Capone says:

hey bro! could you maybe do a review for the cabin fever franchise? i liked the first one, kinda. but the sequels to a shit on that kinda good movie. but i would love to see you talk about it. i love your vids bro!

Shannon Smith says:

What did you think of the remake in 2006? I thought it was terrible it didn’t do anything new and people say they shouldn’t have touched it

xRedrawandsoreXx says:

hey watching some horror thought leave some good movies to review that silent night deadly night 4 with clint howard and the ice cream man with clint howard and night vision idk if u ever saw night vision b4 but seen it this year its pretty good!!

HorrorWhore says:

a lot of my friends parents probably thought of me as a little Damien… I had so many friends watch this one and then sent ’em home to their God fearing parents. I got in a lot of shit for that back in the day lol I remember debating with full grown adults that this wasn’t horror considering it’s all there in their book of “truth”. honestly, a lot of evil concepts wouldn’t really exist if it weren’t for their God. but I digress… honestly it’s a classic, and if you raise your children to understand that film and television are fictional (back then at least, before reality TV) then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Corey Pack says:

We don’t have too many iconic horror movies like The Omen anymore! Especially ones that are Oscar-worthy like The Omen and The Exorcist was! We need to revolutionize and breathe new life into the horror genre!

kevin poirier says:

Hey Eric I know a lot of work goes into prepping and creating these videos. How long does it usually take you from start to uploading?
FYI it’s only because I count down the day until your ur next one bro, thanks for the entertainment.

Thomas Baron says:

just saw this on tv last night. awesome 🙂 will you be reviewing the remake? 🙂

Joseph Hoffman says:

Can’t wait to see this

howard33072 says:

Your psycho babble about duality had nothing to do with this film. When watching this film along with it’s sequel, I get the impression that it was intended for Damion not to know his identity until a certain point in his life. I believe that there are scriptures that suggest that Jesus wasn’t fully aware of his identity until he was baptized by John.

Gabriel Vince says:

The Openning is AWESOME

xRedrawandsoreXx says:

good movies tho

zippos 79 says:

Great film and review Should do Damien Omen 2 next Yes it’s not as good as the original but still a very good sequel

HorrorMovieReviewGuy says:

Dude, sick opening.

Cartoon Fanboy says:

I hated the ending for both of The Omen movies. I felt like killing the boy myself with my own hands!

Camilla Belle says:

One of my all time favorite films ever since I could remember lol and it also introduced me to Gregory Peck.

xRedrawandsoreXx says:

omg so funny watching silent night deadly night 4 watch it then ice cream man after lol

HorrorMovieReviewGuy says:

The impale shot was done for like 20 bucks and looks terrific. One guy said now it would cost cash. They did it wish fishing line and a hollow cardboard tube. Awesome enough for the cgi fans to doubt the practical fans? Cmon now, show some love for the practical.

Lisa TheCatDude says:

I’ll tell ’em Large Marge sent me. lol

DarkKnightFanBoy says:

Great review of a classic film!! This a random question but has anyone ever told you that your name reminds people of the Columbine massacre?? Eric Harris was one of the kids names…. I know its odd but I can’t help thinking of it when I watch your videos lol

xRedrawandsoreXx says:

i seen that night vision on hbo channel b4 vhs look to it rare gem not funny horror like SNDN4 or ice cream man …. looked it up on youtube it doesnt even know what the movie is ….. the night vision 1987 movie is the one i mean ….. theres a few other movies of the same name but that the first one and is a good horror movie!

steveb987881 says:

HARVEY Stephens played Damien

TheDomdabomb says:

Great review Eric as usual, always look forward to your franchise reviews and appreciate all the time and effort you put in them 🙂

GriefTourist says:

Harvey Stephens recently got done for a pretty bad road rage assault he should have got jail

EscalationTV says:

Good Review! (Y)
The Original is definetly a Horror-Masterpiece of the 70s what really shows to fear Evil and take it more serious, because it´s not that easy to defeat it in our inner selfs! I´m pretty sure that the Makers of “Final Destination” were very much inspired by the Death-Scenes in “The Omen” 😀 The Remake from 2006 on the other Hand was just bad (especially very lazy in the Death-Scenes) and didn´t do the Original´s Justice.

Michael Tovar says:

I only like the first three

April Cost says:

Ever think that the reason he acts the way he does is because internally he’s going through his own struggle with good vs evil? Maybe the reason he runs away after hurting his mother is because he knows it was wrong.

The Late Late Horror Show says:

love this classic.

Horror Show Entertainment says:

Dark Or Light, With Everything out of Sight, This Video’s Intro still has me filled with Fright    LOL, Great Review, Man

CitizenPete says:

Hey Eric. Great review man. I loved the opening with your voice becoming more and more distorted! Also I loved your take on duality cause it’s a subject I am deeply rooted in. And extra points for the picture of Jesus arm wrestling Satan. I loved it so much that I used it an action horror story/script I wrote a few years ago. Again great review.

GriefTourist says:

I’m obsessed by the Omen, don’t know why!

RydiaXizos says:

Given how much you like this movie, have you ever seen the 2006 remake? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

稲田 says:


Icarus Tanović says:

Very good review, especially I like the part where you explaining the very end of the movie, which leaves audiences kinda frustrated, because good haven´t win, in this case. Cool!And thanks!

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