THE OPEN HOUSE (2018) 💀 Netflix Horror Movie Review & Rant

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TriBoro Gigolo says:

This film started out as a haunting film in my opinion then turned into something else entirely . home invasion? Dont really know and the home intruder wasn’t explained at all , not even showing his face. I think the killer was hired by the moms sister or the people having the open house to kill off the mom and kid that was staying there. A wasted opportunity by netflix. Watch the pact , much better film of this kind.

Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

Aww nice review!

RedRum Review says:

Thanks for Subscribing! Never watched your channel before. Then I clicked on your channel and I loved the into to this video. Very well done. Not only did it make me subscribe but I even hit that notification button. Love horror, I’m glad a found another great channel to watch, so again THAN YOU.

cglen66 says:

Hey y’all, great review! I agree completely!! But most importantly, I have to say you get better and better. I haven’t been a subscriber for long, but I have torn through your content and love the improvement. Gory, girl, you ROCK! Keep up the great work.

Michael Dunn says:

Good stuff, guys! Appreciate the effort and analysis you gave here.

PacJeff says:

It’s just such a nothing movie. Nothing happens! The payoff is incredibly weak, and I had no enjoyment watching this film

I did enjoy watching this video however

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I’ve been racking my brain in trying to figure out what I watched when I saw this last night and I’m just as confuse as you were guys. All that suspense and then to be let down but that dumb ending. I trying to decide should I do a review of this but I’ll be repeating what you and everyone else have that this very disappointing movie.

Rachael Reviews says:

I just noticed the plush Xenomorph. And I want one.

Timelord 007 says:

Awesome review Danny & Gory, this film reminds me of a ex-girlfriend who used to talk a lot about absolutely nothing, theres plenty going on in this film but the end result delivers no substance, i agree with your on the money review, i was going into this thinking it would be Stephen King mixed with Twin Peaks tupe film but instead it turned out instead to be a Alan Smithee experience, your spot on, all that build up, quirky characters & no fucking pay off, I’m with you what was the actual point to this movie, the concepts there but the execution was awful, I thought the dad faked his death somehow & he was the killer but what a shambolic anti climatic ending the mother was the most annoying character in the movie, did you think it a bit taboo as she was possessive of her son & got naked a fair bit? A bit weird I thought, she needed Valium, Jesus or a bullet to the head lol.

Can’t believe Netflix gave us the excellent Geralds Game & this toxic turd lol, love they humour & you pair always make me laugh with your comments.

Shyho says:



Hey I love your Work! You both have a pretty interesting channel! Come check out mine because I’d love to work with Y’all!

Hendrix Pluto says:

Great review! Sad i wasted my time watching it tbh. Expected more from it

Carnage Candyy says:

Lol love you guys. Your reviews always make me laugh. Dylan really is a good actor I think he could be a horror icon.

Tony Esparza says:

Love u guys @HorrorAddicts

Die or be Killed says:

Hello there! Great review guys.

PMRBonez88 says:

Fun review you guys, can’t wait to collaborate with you guys soon. 🙂

Bloody Dawn says:

This movie makes no sense… How does this dude teleport around the house? Is he Jason from Part 8!

MAX Movie Reviews says:

Good review! You two do good work. Thanks for the sub! Subbed you back! Keep it up!

Kelly Marie Farrell says:

Great job! I haven’t heard anything really positive about this movie so I’ll probably skip. But I like the recommendations for Hangman and Housebound. I’ve seen The Pact and enjoyed it. Do you know if the sequel is any good? And who knows? Maybe someone is watching reviews and an Open House sequel could get it done right.

Beth S. says:

I’m going to pass on this one, and pass on ever having an Open House. And in fact having anyone come into my home I don’t know, that Upper Decker thing freaks me out! 🙂

viper 2.0 says:

great Review guys

Jason Brant says:

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give this one a pass.

TheWickerBoy says:

I was trying to watch this the other night on Netflix but I fell a sleep. I try and give another go but I don’t think I rush it.

horror 93 felch says:

i wish id seen you review before watching the movie it was not good

Ria Hall says:

The end was bad, a better ending would be that the killer was the moms secret lover who killed the dad so he could be with her but she rebuffed him.

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