The Open House (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews Netflix’s THE OPEN HOUSE!

THE OPEN HOUSE (2018) was written/directed/produced by Matt Angel & Suzanne Coote and stars Dylan Minnette, Piercey Dalton, Sharif Atkins, Patricia Bethune & Aaron Abrams.

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Irrefutable Matt says:

i know the fact the end doesnt give people any closure is gonna really piss a lot of people off like the ending of atm(equally bad movie)… but honestly i dont mind movies where unknown killers just kill for reasons unknown to the audience… i have problems with a lot of other shit in this movie though…

the premise of this movie reminded me of the korean movie hide n seek(about a murderous squatter) a little bit… but that takes place in an urban setting and works well off the environment of overpopulation and disconnection.. cant really say much more than that, but if you like the basic premise of this(guy living in your house while youre there) check that out.. much better movie

Robert Clark says:

Looking good with the beard

San Qiang Li says:

Hmm…a dud, huh? Well, it happens…
“Meh” movies are actually the worst, IMO. A terrible movie can turn around to entertaining if they double down on the terribleness enough.

mothangel says:

I usually like home invasion movies, but I think I’m gonna skip this. Hopefully the next movie you’ll watch and review will be an awesome one ^^ *hugs*

Jeremy Jenkins says:

I could not get into the movie. Slowly paced and went nowhere quickly.

Christian Di Leo Reviews says:

You should check out Super Dark Times! It’s now streaming on Netflix

Kip Bowman Jr says:

I find it odd how the killer took out the main kids contacts. he gets him on the ground and sits on him. and then takes out the contacts one by one. Getting off the kid to runaway and potentially find someone. I know its like a game with them. But yeah

Deneko Robinson says:

Take a shot everytime Guru says house

Sandra Weilbrenner says:

thank you my dear guru , i was going to rent this now i am not toing to waste my time or money.

matt corbett says:

2018 hasn’t started off well lol. I was excited to watch this because the trailer looked interesting. Huge disappointment.

Kurodraco Valladares says:

Can you review takashi miike JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I

sageofdeath says:

Y u not back to Ur ol’ video format!!!!!

Kreett says:

The one time he actually spoils the ending, the fucking movie blue balls me instead… the suffering continues

Flowtac Entertainment says:

Being the one who asked you to give this one a look, I would say that, overall, your assessment is very fair & I can agree with it for the most part. However, I will say I am in the minority who likes the final third of the movie, because it felt very mean spirited and a realistic way for such events to go down, though I definitely get why it has gotten a lot of bad feedback in that regard.

Michael Hall says:

Yeah this one was rough and the ending was really bad.

Blaze Razor says:

Nice review watched ending was disappointing

Reviews From The Beyond says:

I hated this pile off boring trash.

Alienboy says:

Hey Horror guru, I’m curious. Is there any other films you feel the same way about The other house?

Benny Clawson says:

This movie sucked. I normally like most Netflix originals but so far this was the worst . I didn’t like any of it especially the ending. I was hoping for something else but I guess they all can’t be good.

Kayla Elder says:

I agree with everything you said. Thank you as always for being honest!

Toto San says:

Damn you make me want to watch it badly !

Jason Rickerd says:

I honestly don’t think the drunk riffing would be worth it either. I am 100% in the, “Netflix, give me back my money” camp.

Super Kami Guru says:

Thanks guru! Thought this one looked intriguing but now I’m glad I know what I’m in for even if I do decide to watch this.

Katy Teacher says:

I was really hoping it was an insurance scam…. it would have been a good twist

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