THE OPEN HOUSE – A God-Awful Netflix Horror Movie

truly a masterpiece

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Weekly says:

Did Elvis ever think that the man in black is the guy who drove over his dad or his dads ghost or that Martha is helping the man in black

Kyrsten Athan says:

*well bye now*

Darkwolf Night says:

better then cinema sins

TheRealBirb says:

I love how random evil boots is. I also love that you called him “evil boots”

my creativity is on verge of nothing says:

I never saw a point of this movie as being so unplained and every thing happend so fast and kinda boring movie sucks and like i feel that the writter of the movie just was writing this that were on top of his head and didnt think about its logic.AWFUL

Darkvoid EGRES says:

Finally a none predictible movie

Joana says:

15:57 I fucking DIED.

idil ali says:

They need to Annabelle 2 this movie like get the shitty cop who tells them to chill out and see them Tommorw go on a rampage to find the cereal killer cuz he feels responsible and he is lol

Captain Charlotte says:

i dont even know why but this was so fucking funny to me, especially the cuts to the boots whenever he says “evil boots”

Milo Cabral says:

Who would have guessed it was boots the monkey all along

Luna Padilla says:

I’m getting a IHateEveryThing and YourMovieSucks vibe from this. Still this is pretty good and man does this movie look baaaad

Braxton D says:

I mean I wouldn’t call it god awful. I mean it had a lot of plot holes, but I didn’t think it was extremely terrible.

Olivia Porton says:

I feel like this movie should just be called the mysterious cereal and the boiler man

Zachary Ricks says:

Horror movie concept: the horror villian is paranoid, and when ever he/she tries to kill someone he/she always second geusses themself and ends up not being able to kill anyone. And he/she is always thinking stuff like “what if they don’t trip 400 times in the forest, what then?” and “what if they’re faster then me?”

кфмгдdе vlдd says:

b y e n o w

Fizzy says:


Raprot Gaming2 says:

5:29 Carrots? Seriously? Fuck your carrots.
You couldn’t think of something better to add there?
But damn does this movie suck ass.

Dailycreeper 13 says:

This was not a good movie. I was so disappointed. They keep putting intense music and then removes it. Then half of the movie there was not an intense scene where the killer is shown. When it was close to the end the killer was shown. Like tf. Then at the end, Dylan was killed. The heck, he is the main character. This movie was pretty bad because it was just about Dylan and his mom discovering bad stuff happening in the house. It keeps getting intense then it goes away.

Numb Nay says:

i watched this bc of my son dylan with my mom and i was so mad bc it couldve been so much better me and my mom went to sleep mad just saying things all night ab how trashy it was and the contact part made me so mad i wanted 2 stub my toe

wolf cundy says:

The ending was horrible

Baba Roga says:

It’s so weird how this was just an extremely bad remake of The Collector. Like the killer seems like a copy of The Collector but with none of the style, interesting qualities, hint of a complex backstory, cruelty, brains, or threat he had.

Javier Garcia says:

Cinema sins

Jacob Wells says:

Dude I have those boots, that’s strange

‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ says:

You know how he was able to catch up with him at the end?
Because these boots are made for walkin’
Because that’s just what they do

BISanders says:

Alright I watched this movie earlier and this review completely summed it up. Every time you said evil boots i couldn’t help but laugh. Terrible movie, great review!

The dog called Tron Flufflewufleofigus says:

This would be a YouTube short film.

Shayden Shocker says:

I’ve seen this movie and I thought it was very weird…

The Parisienne says:

a lot of open doors in this house

Lil Bagel says:

I swear all bad horror movie characters are like enemies in stealth games set to the easiest difficulty.

Melly says:

Actually the dad died first not the black guy. Racism solved

BlurryFaceFin says:

I literally just watched this movie and I thought it was really good.

Matt Killam says:

I still have a landline dude

Richard Bullard says:

The juicy booty sister was the killer

Papa Billydeth says:

21:55 that’s the itcds 5000 stereo. It’s at Walmart and will start breaking after a couple months

Lady.Whatever says:

Okay that was fucking boring as fuck man, thanks for your time

Banana Bread says:

This movie is just a wannabe Shining

Ligma says:

Evil boots has Stealth 100

B M says:

Jane Bodehouse, as I live and breathe…

Jack Colman says:

I have hated this movie for 6 months and its nice to find someone on my level

Floppy Arms Here says:

I’ve slapped someone awake so….

Igmyster Derp says:

Omg i figured it out!
Its just

Lil Bagel says:

e v i l b o o t s

Noxus Designs says:

Sorry but… “the movie Ha *slash* if”

Really? You couldn’t catch that it was Ha/lf as in the word “Half” split in half? IT ISNT AN “i” !

Melly says:

I think this went for a speculation ending but did it terribly

Blanco Negro says:

25:07 Well he nearly died freezing and could barely see, not surprised he had problems doing a marathon at full speed.

Michael Mangold says:

This video helped talk me down from the window ledge after watching this infuriating movie. I was seriously ready to jump I was so pissed off. Thank you for saving a life.

Joe Lehto says:

To be fair, you can make any horror movie look this bad breaking it down like this lol

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