The Problem with Horror Movies Today


In an in-depth discussion in the style of his “Analyzed Reviews”, Chris Stuckmann talks about what’s wrong with horror movies today, and how the audience is contributing to it.


Jack Johnson says:

I prefer psychological horror, it doesn’t use jump scares, it scars your brain.

alex paynter says:

I completely agree and sadly I feel the same that many modern horror movie watchers do. Growing up I only really watched modern horror movies. The ones on t.v. or in theaters. It hasnt been untill recently I’ve expanded my horror horizons and started to look at some classics. I found that old movies people were praising I did not like. Why? Because I have grown up in an era where I’ve never truly had to analyze if a movie was scary or not. I just went by how many times I jumped and never focused on the true horror elements. I recently just watched Texas chainsaw massacre, the original and did not like it. I was so dissapointed because I have heard nothing but praise and people telling me its the scariest movie they have ever seen. I was dissapointed that I was bored the whole time. Why? Bc there wasn’t any jump scares and we didnt really get to see any deaths. Once finished I realized there was nothing wrong with the movie. It’s amazing. There is something wrong with me and the way I am watching it. I have been conditioned to look at certain things and scary and that devastates me because I want to fully enjoy a movie and see what the more educated population is seeing. I want to enjoy Texas chainsaw massacre and the shining like everyone else. That is why I’m trying to watch reviews to understand what I should be looking for in a good film

Anais Siller says:

No, we don’t want jump scares or loud noises. We want to be scared shitless with just the character or the monster or the storyline. The new IT was scary for me, it made me go back in time and think about what terrified me as a kid. Insidious 1 scared me, I couldn’t enter any dark room for like a week, I had the lights on all over the house. The original Poltergeist movies are scary as well. All those movies that left me scared for a week are the ones I value

Svein Grimstad says:

Insidious (2010) is the best horror movie I have seen. Nr. 2 is Poltergeist (1982). Nr. 3 is The Shining (1980). Nr. 4 is Carrie (1976). Nr. 5 is The Amityville Horror (1979) Someone agree with my list?

joe pikky says:

senses are so dulled these days, people cant grasp a good movie. a film like alien covenant gets crapped on but is totally epic
the scenes with the neomorphs attacking and david bombing the enginneers are iconic.

AnimeFan0017 says:

Horror Movies Today: ‘throws buckets blood at screen’ LOOK AT US!!! WE’RE SCARY!!! EVERYBODY LOOK AT HOW SCARY WE ARE!!!

It’s pathetic

Xanthe Walker says:

Watched this is 2017
I’ve been watching movies that are adaptions of Stephen King novels and honestly they are some of the best movies I’ve seen in years. Stephen King KNOWS what horror is and he’s creative – which results in awesome movies.
Another great mention is Hush. It’s genuinely scary, a deaf mute woman being tormented by a killer that is playing Cat and Mouse with her. She has to figure out how to survive, despite her deafness.

arronplanet says:

This is still relevant in 2017.Havent seen It yet but I’m a bit wary when everyone flocks to a horror because they were told it’s scary.Many audience members have been dumbed down and don’t have the patience for too much psychological horror where they have to use their brains.A jump scare is the quick fix.The Conjuring and others like Paranormal Activity,Oculus,Annabel,Ouiji, etc etc etc…..Sorry.Just not scary at all.

josh hill says:

The problem is horror now always misses the sweet spot. Its either dumb shit to scare teen girls or pretentious overly dramatic shit to impress film school hacks. I don’t want to see a 5 min super closeup of someones face to show how smart and deep the director is. I get most horror movies are done by guys just out of film school and they want to show all they learned but it ends up being paint by numbers. Also like to add, Stop with the cgi gore. It looks like shit. They need to go back to using a lot more practical effects.

Test Subject 101 says:

I went to watch Ouija in cinema and I got so bored I almost fell asleep. My friend had to keep me awake. I got really bored with it and just left. I hated it that much I left 30mins in. I don’t care if I don’t see a monster in a horror movie. I want to movie to have some sort of effect on me. Cheap jump scares and movies that have monsters for the shits and giggles are not a way for movies to be memorable. Having a deep plot or having some creativity in it. That’s what makes horror movies memorable.

I like watching old movies like psycho and eyes without a face as they hold creativity and are different from movies now. They don’t just put a monster or a killer in the film and the company or director is like “yeah… This monster/killer just gonna kill these people over here. The audience don’t even need to know these people just kill them all off. Oh and add a fake jump scare.” You can’t really build a relation to any of the survivors if their all gonna die 10 minutes in the movie. They might not have names and just be called “person who’s gonna die 1st, person who’s gonna die 2nd” and so on so forth.

DarkZide8 says:

Babadook was great, but I’m pretty sure it had lots of scare jumps

Salim Mulla says:

Great video. Subbed

Death Lake Productions says:

This editorial was one of my biggest resources for inspiration in making my recent horror short VIOLENT REALM.

EscalationTV says:

Good Video and a perfect Explaination about Horrorfilms nowadays.
I watched the Babadook today! It IS a very good Horrofilm, but the very End of the Film is very strange fro me. Not because the Monster wasn´t seen at the Showdown (because the Monster was already been shown in some Scenes before the End). If I missunterstood something at the End after the Monster is “defeated” or something, you can tell me if you want!

Mana says:

All horror movies nowadays are just so predictable and because of that its not scary at all.. all movies just feel like copy pasted version of previous movies

Ampex101 says:

PG-13 is ruining movies

Nd Paris says:

Babadook was misleading. And I liked the second version of the Halloween scare.

Interstellar. says:

I absolutely adored The Babadook, and I saw it with two of my friends. We all enjoyed it, and had several screams. The thing was, when I talked about it at my school, some people said they didn’t like it because they didn’t see the monster. I was sad that people were upset at the fact that they didn’t see the monster, because they missed the whole point of the movie.

marxalenina says:

great content. I would recommend working on the narration. It seems a bit robotic…

Adam Munn-Rivard says:

How do you not talk about the image in the thumbnail for this video? Evil dead remake was just a gore fest and not scary, just disturbing. I think the overuse of gore should be addressed, films like the Collector and Collection are great but Saw etc suck.

Clifford Cleope says:

This is really true!!!

Neal Bruce says:

Hi Chirs, This is a very thoughtful video. I grew up on the late 70’s/80’s horror movies and agree that we have lost our way. You gave words to my unspoken doubts about recent attempts at horror movies. Thank you!

Tommy Daig says:

I’m beginning to notice that a lot of movie makers, or production companies don’t even realize the tactics they’re using. Movies like Ouija only made so much money in the box office because it had good commercials, it was marketed well. The numbers I got when I looked up how much Ouija grossed is a bit different from yours, it was a bit over $50 mil. So many people saw it because commercials and trailers looked so scary. I then looked up the next Ouija movie, Origin of Evil, and it made a lot less then it’s predecessor, about $35 mil, even though this one did have much better ratings, over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Studios only look at the money they made, not the actual reason they made the money, they didn’t make a hit movie like the Exorcist that could have a shitty sequel and make millions, they just had a shitty movie that tricked people with good advertisements. If they realized this, they probably wouldn’t have made another movie and just went straight to making another “original” well advertised shitty movie. Origin of Evil probably only made so much because people said “It’s actually pretty good” and this was spread around soon enough before it was taken out of theaters.

mas efect says:

The problem with today’s horror films is that they only rely on cheap jump scares and for some reason there always has to be a part of the movie ‘mostly half it’ where u see the characters in safe places where nothing can happen. horror films shouldn’t be like that, u should feel like the character are unsafe throughout the whole film, they should rely more on atmosphere than jump scares.

KnewWorld says:

“horror” genre, is usually nothing more than issues of religion or psychological drama…..with a whole bunch of gore.

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