The Ritual (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews Netflix’s original horror movie THE RITUAL!

THE RITUAL (2018) was written by Joe Barton, directed by David Bruckner and stars Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier, Sam Troughton, Kerri McLean, Maria Erwolter, Paul Reid, Francesca Mula & Jacob James Beswick.

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TheBlondBaka says:

The Ritual was actually a theatrical release here in the UK, got to see it last October and very much enjoyed it. I sadly haven’t seen any of David Bruckner other than his segment in Southbound (which I agree was one of the best), but his work is on top of my to see list.

Reviews From The Beyond says:

I was waiting for you to review this. I didnt even know it was coming out then i watched it and i was like damn that was good. I went in to it blind . great film . gotta love Netflix for under $15 bucks a month. The shots towards the end taken of the god monster are beautiful. And yeah he just set a high bar for himself. I think its his best work yet. Such a nice surprise.

Nathan Mitchell says:

Really enjoyed this too please review Unkindness of Ravens been asking for about 18 months

Wicked Nymph says:

I LOVED this movie, watch this movie.

Starr Clarke says:

I’ve been having a hard time getting through this film. I can’t see ANYTHING when it gets dark. I couldn’t even see the first dead animal. Does that mean I won’t follow or understand what’s happening?? Cause I keep giving up

Joshua Jezeski says:

Wicker Monster? Sounds…familiar….Just can’t put my finger on it.

Michael Hall says:

That monster was so great.

Myles Fuller says:

Totally agree 100% the ritual was fantastic ! Best movie this year so far what a neat concept for a monster.

Keith Pasculli says:

Great movie and great review.

nicole3359 says:

SPOILER!!!!!!!!!! Sorta

Do you think the picture ID they found in the woods belonged to the woman who spoke in English? It was never really spelled out but it would make sense. It was hard for me to tell because she looked a little different due to reasons I won’t spoil.

Kreett says:


Jeremy Jenkins says:

The Jötun creature design is amazing. The ending fell flat after all that happened.

alan nielsen says:

Yeah it was an amazing film and omg that monster!!!!!!!! Amazing unique design. Best horror in the forest ive seen since the original cabin fever only this was actually scary not just gory.

Ezio Auditore says:

Amsterdam is in The Netherlands, not Denmark.

Jackie McCann says:

Last weekend, I walked into my living room while my mom and my brother’s girlfriend was watching it. I was immediately interested and watched it with them. I loved it!

Darth Machiavelli says:

The monster was apparently designed with the help of Guillermo Del Toro.

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

Just finished watching it and it was razor sharp tense, and it made me think of Scandinavian pagan metal music, to those who saw it you know why. But yeah it was great and it’s awesome that this and A Dark Song are great supernatural thrillers with a lot of passion and effort put into them.

Sam Dango says:

Love your ozzy shirt! Can’t wait to watch this!

Jacob Cutlip says:

tweeted to you about this. loved it but the last act was mostly humorous. laughed out loud at even the monster reveal. but great character movie

zedword82 says:

The creature is fantastic. Brilliant film.

Evil Ed says:

It was a great ride from beginning to the dreadful end.

prufrock1977 says:

I’m trusting you. Stopped at 1:55 I’m sure I’ll check out the rest of your review in a few hours!  🙂

Brian Isom says:

Took your advice and I was so grateful I did . Best I’ve seen in a long time. Really liked this movie.


That was a fucking good movie

Irrefutable Matt says:

really loved the


creature design in this… crazy ass elk god meets ganesha… it was pretty awesome and unique

prufrock1977 says:

I need to add another thumbs up on your review…After watching it. I definitely agree with what you said!

petitwallaby says:

Okey dokey! A glowing recommendation from you usually means I’m going to love the movie so I’m off to watch it. I’ll be right back to finish watching your review! 🙂

Stefan Forrer says:

were they actually on vacation in the beginning of the movie? i thought it was just a regular night out in town, wherever these dudes live, i might be wrong though

MrMToomey says:

Wasn’t really excited to see it, but I am now that you said it from the same guy who did the Siren skit.

Brandon Tenold says:

Glad to hear this is good. After the Tales From The Crypt “Ritual” movie, the title made me a little nervous.

AnIdiotsLantern says:

Thanks for the warning about the animal death. I heard this movie called “The Descent but with boys … and different.” It made me curious.

Wrightgrlgnebd says:

Thank you for reviewing this! Really wanted to hear your take. Another great one…. really love this director.

MEliria says:

I loved the shit out of this movie!

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