The Shining: Movie Review – Horror Movie

The Shining: Movie Review – Horror Movie
Redrum, REDRUM!!! In today’s movie review we take a look at the Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining. Jack Torrence brings his family to an isolated hotel for the winter. As the months go by his son gets terrifying psychic images of the past and future as a haunting presence drives his father to madness. Justin gives his movie review.

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd abd Scatman Crothers

Directed By: Stanley Kubrick

Based On The Novel By: Stephen King

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Gamer Geek244 says:

Oh for sure the hotel is haunted. Even if Jack and Danny were crazy in the last act when Wendy is running around how would she see the dog man and the other guy in that bedroom obviously they weren’t real people? Like you said in your top ten horror endings I think the hotel claimed Jack in the end. Like you said in that video, you die at hotel (or I guess jack froze in the hedge maze) then the ghosts claim you at the hotel. But, I think what makes this film seem scary to me is how amazing the acting is. Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson gave the performance of a lifetime. It feels real because Jack Nicholson honestly really looks like hes going insane and Shelley Duvall really looks like she’s scared, she wants to help Jack but she knows her main priority has to be Danny. Yeah this has to be in my top five horror movies.

swapo swapo says:

I love shinning and feel there is something wrong with the hotel i feel it’s truly hunted

Wim Van der Straeten says:

Have you also seen the 1997 miniseries? King wrote the screenplay as a reaction to Kubrick’s movie because he wasn’t satisfied with the way in which Jack Torrance was portrayed in the movie. He felt that in Kubrick’s version Jack was already crazy before he reached the Overlook Hotel whereas in the novel he slowly goes insane.

WitchesDragonsandDragqueens says:

I always assumed the ghosts were real because of the seen with Dick and Danny. Very well done video.

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