THE SUPER (2018) Val Kilmer Horror Movie REVIEW

“The Super” is a 2018 horror thriller movie featuring Val Kilmer and Patrick Flueger, directed by Stephan Rick and written by John j McLaughlin, its available on iTunes from the 22nd October.
so here is my review, I can genuinely recommend you check this movie out.

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9/30 Studios says:

There once was a comedy drama film called The Super staring Joe Pesci. I guess it’s not the title that makes the movie special, it’s the story

Novad selir says:

I’m going to pass

jacob randall says:

That sounds exactly like that movie with Robert denero and Dakota fanning

Dirk Diggler says:

We want Val Kilmer’s death ripped to pieces.. may he live forever

Kirk Kunkle says:

Val Kilmer is the man. He should have received best supporting actor for his role in Tombstone way back. Definitely going to check this out. Thanks Mr. H for the heads up.

Xavier Ancarno says:

He’s back in shape… ready for Top Gun 2 !?

Andrew Boyer says:

Where did you watch this….?

Jose Ruiz says:

Val Kilmer Was awesome in the movie tombstone!

Pajamapants Jack says:

Damn that’s Val?!

Michael Buchko says:

He looks different from cancer

Julian Grant says:

I thought this might be a remake of that Joe Pesci movie of the same name

VectorMan ZX says:

I will definitely watch just for Val Kilmer alone. In my opinion he was a great actor. Sad about his struggles with throat cancer.

6irty6iamon6 2 says:

Great review. I sure enjoyed it and the back round music as well. Thank you

Cal says:

So the supposedly male protagonist and the Val kilmer’s character are not really who we initially thought they would be?

madman 164164 says:

Val Kilmer still acts? And wow he is really different

william says:

Val kilmer is so under rated, would also agree that many good thrillers Itake place in one location ie 10cl

Atticus X says:

Is this on netflix?

BoussoleFire says:

A must to look at. Thank you.

Loony Bin Animations says:

Nice to see a NEW horror film coming out with a decent story. Maybe faith restored in movies….

GrimDark Narrator says:

While the plot twist is interesting in this one, I found the nature and abilities of the “villain” to be really inconsistent and by the great reveal, entirely contradictory to itself. Val Kilmer’s character was the very predictable questionable guy who seems to be the villain but turns out to be the exact opposite by the end. A 5/10 movie in my opinion. There’s considerably better horror movies out this year alone but still worth a watch if you want to see how Val Kilmer is looking this day.

Peanutbutta27 says:


ricky todd Botelho says:

Great review. Without you I wouldn’t have payed too much attention to Mandy. Great movie. Thanks.

greg williams says:

I watch what Mr H reviews.

Eliot McCann says:

Does it have cancervoice?

StephenFawking says:

he better make a comment about the sink that farts.

Paul Hirst says:

Val Kilmer was huge in the nineties and for some reason then just suddenly drifted out of the limelight. I always thought with a quilty story and script he could show what a decent actor he is.

Johny40Se7en says:

Bloody hell, I haven’t seen Paul Ben Victor for bloody ages either 2:44

You make this sound wicked, I’m really interested.

Keith Drummond says:

I’m happy to see Val again.

Sharen S says:

I just watched -the super with Val kilmer. Good movie . Let me tell ya Val kilmer plays creepy very well. They ended it in a way that you know there’s going to be a continuing story.looking forward to it!

Marc DeBenedetto says:

I was in the middle of watching this movie, and paused it to go smoke. While smoking I watched this video. I knew Val Kilmer, the other super, and building manager were all decoys. Never saw the ghost daughter coming, even though I was already searching for reason the dad was the killer. They totally sixth sensed me.

Alain says:

Damn. Guess I’ll be back after I watch the movie so I won’t get spoiled.

Jaka Gray says:

Do they dub over him like in the awful Snowman? I know his voice resembles Brando with the flu now

Angelo Tennerelli says:

In my opinion, they could have spent a little bit more money and time dubbing Kilmers voice. Most of Kilmers dialogue doesn’t even come close the what you hear.

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