The Unholy (1988) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie The Unholy directed by Camilo Vila and starring Ben Cross, Hal Holbrook, Ruben Rabasa, and Jill Carroll.
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A priest battles a demon that kills sinners in the act of sinning.


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Nathan Mcgee says:

I’ve got it in a 8 movie pack from Walmart last year. Probably looks shitty compared to the one you guys watched. Sounds interesting though. Just never had any that much of an interest. The whole God vs. Satan stories just never get me all that much. Speaking of which. Look up Jaws Of Satan I think Scream Factory just released it last year.

DJ Innovator23 says:

Please review wishmaster 2 this movie has it all and then some.

Michael Kyle says:

I’ve been marathoning all your videos , these reviews are funny as hell and kick ass.

Danny Rodriguez says:

I really enjoyed your top ten remakes video you guys should do a top ten horrorfest films

No OnE ParaDox says:

Never seen it.

Antavius Simmons says:

can you guys react to cult of chucky and review the slumber party massacre series

Matt Helps says:

only watched half of your vid cause this has been on my watch list and now I gotta get it rolling. cheers.

Iron W says:

keep it up you guys kick ass

calonstanni says:

“A sledgehammer would’ve solved this whole movie” …..haahahaaa. Nice.

Torey Parker says:

I just started researching a movie that hasn’t been released yet, that I know of… but is making its way through the Cannes circuit. It’s called, What the Waters Left Behind. I believe it was filmed in Argentina and the 2 min trailer is insane. I would love to see a reaction from you guys and possibly if you know anything about a release date. Thanks love you guys♡♡

rgibsonx2 says:

OK, you said it, now we expect it. You have to do a top 10 puke scenes in horror movies!

Raven Knight says:

That angel statue came from a church that was burned down in New Orleans. It states in the movie. In Europe it’s very common to see dark gothic statues in old churches and cathedrals. But it was a good movie. I do like it.

Mad Shangi says:

Found the movie I was looking for. I caught the end of this movie not knowing the title. Had some fucked up imagery, wanted to find it.

Nicolas Vincent says:

Vestron, eh? I can feel it. Lair of the White Worm review coming down the pike?

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

you should review splice

Raven House Mystery says:

Another Vestron Video review. Thanks, guys. It’s always fun to see you review an older film.

QueazyBreaks9254 GWS says:

top 10 best & worst shark movies in shark week

Brace Mino says:

I never thought I’d like channels like this, guess I was wrong

Mitch R says:

I haven’t seen this one since I was a kid, and I don’t remember liking it much. I skipped the bluray initially, I may grab it if I can catch it on sale later on.

Pennywise says:

I love it when you guys review 80s Horror films, I find the effects are always much funnier and enjoyable to watch.

lmk001 says:

I don’t think I saw this one but I have wanted to

Rafael Trivino says:

I always remembered this scene in my head from when I was really young of some messed up dog licking a priests balls. Is this why my life is so messed up?

DJ Innovator23 says:

Gotta say the 80s and early 90’s horror movies are by far the best the gore was uncontrollable and over the top your movie reviews kicks ass keep up the good work.

Charles Williams says:

I don’t think anybody had reviewed this one before. I suggest reviewing Whispers (1990). It has some crazy dialogue.

Wastingsometimehere says:

This movie looks like it was a great idea and the effects look alright for the time.

Amanda Ash says:

I jus tweeted you about this, but y’all should definitely review Stigmata with Patricia Arquette. It’s a very different take on possession and the church.

Behind the Scenes Photos says:

Never heard of it before getting it in an eight pack. It’s serious tone made it stand out from Chopping Mall, Chud II, and Ghoulies III.

Anthony Kulik says:

great review guys, so good

Rabid Panda says:

I haven’t been to this channel in ages, still as cool as it was. I’m hooked again.

Beast Mode says:

Loved this movie as a kid

Jared Keoppel says:

you guys are great, you guys should try the horrror classic the burning, and review it.

DeadlyHabit says:

my copy of this was with chopping mall and more in a 10 pack of dvds. can’t believe vesteron took this on

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