Tips for Making Horror Movie Reviews on YouTube! | THE GHOULOG

Ghoulash offers some (maybe) helpful tips for making film reviews on YouTube.



More of Ghoulash please

Mattae Weavs says:

How come you stopped making those scooby doo episode things? You did like 1 and then stopped…

Jesse Thompson says:

Thank you for the tips Ghoulash

CSharp says:

Great video. Lots of people do seem to underestimate the value of prep and editing.

Dominick Justave says:

Takes alot of work to make a video

FlamingFox says:

That like to dislike ratio

Aaron A says:

Ya, like I’m going to watch an entire movie. That takes way too long. There’s plenty of YouTube videos to explain movies to me.

Doran Wijnmaalen says:

Last time i was this early my gf left me

Nathan 304 OwO says:

im gunna take your abvise for onse golash

Tru Valu says:

I’m not trying to be mean at all, but I hate this ghoulash character

Giovanni Hdz says:

Do a collab with deadmeat or foundflix

theotheroneification says:


Nathan 304 OwO says:


NightWatchMan0111671 says:

Ghoulash first I just wanted to say thanks so much for this video and the tips that you just gave on doing Youtbe reviews. This info is useful and interesting. I regret that as for the editing movie clips into a review, I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to determine if the scene or scenes that one chooses gives away too much about the movie or not. Also, can you recommend someone or some people to watch that could show me just how to edit the clips into the review. I am very intersted in doing this sort of thing but unfortunately I don’t have a clue how to edit music, sound effects, or clips into a vid. This vid was good I just want to know where to take a video review from here.

What Did I Just Watch? says:

I’m glad you started with “watch the movie”. You can tell when a person has not really watched the movie. They sound like the kid at lunch on Monday who acts like they saw the movie, but then only talk about the parts everyone has already seen in the trailer.

Albert Wesker 1969 says:

Enlightening video Ghoulash. Sounds like you and Doctor Wolfula have a lot to do when preparing videos for unloading.


Great vlog. We put these same practices to use in our own reviews. I’ve met quite a few people that have told me that scripting a review is somehow in authentic, but like you, I feel that results in a better review and saves time during editing.

Cleod Productions. says:

Goulash has Ebola, he knows de wae.

TheAngryMidget says:

“Why make a review, when you can make the movie!” – Kim Jong Un 4/20/69

tyler romo says:

Enjoying the ghoulogs doc. Hope your having a good friday.

ForwardPear says:

Thanks Ghoulash been waiting for these type of videos cause really interested in doing one

Galactic yo yo says:

Are there any video editing software apps, like Windows movie maker, that you would recommend

Paranoia Productions says:

I regret all of my videos. How he described unprofessional reviews is pretty much my video history. Taking this video to heart and putting effort into it.

NightWatchMan0111671 says:

Oh and thank you Dr. Wolfula for having Ghoulash offer this info and his hilarious reviews. Your reviews are hilarious as well. Informative also. Please keep up the good work. Horror rules and you 2 are fun.

Cory McCloskey says:

don’t even wanna start a review channel just love the channel

Mark Five says:

You should kill Dr. Wolfula and make this your channel, Ghoulash.

The KING says:

I swear the editing to put clips in between each other are the WORST part about when making a review……. >__<

TheGhostFaceChannel says:

My reviews suck but I’m going to try and get a computer so it will get better

Gtaviper 115 says:


FarrellEvan says:

Dr Wolfula, what software do you use for the editing? I’ve been looking to upgrade from the standard Movie Maker. Thank you for all of the great vids.

Wiz kid 320 says:

When will doctor wolfula hit you again goulash? I’ve been sitting here with popcorn for so long waiting for it.

laura valentina says:

Thank you dr wolfula as I’m with a dear friend who has cancer, I’ll be spending time with her this weekend.. it’s very emotional right now.. and I’m here for support for her.. thank you as your videos are awesome as I like the horror genre.. have a wonderful day & weekend

Mikey Films says:

Great advice Ghoulash

Jason Z says:

Thanks Goulash

George Mead says:

Dr Wolfula and Ghoulash are the tits.

Adams Family says:

Is that the ‘Grabbed by the Ghoulies’ theme in the background?

doomvitus88 says:

Ghoulash, its been a while, but just like the doc, you the creation of the Doc are the tits as well. cooooooold beer! cheers

wstine79 says:

And if the movie sucks, just make Ghoulash review it.

Anthony Chesko says:

I don’t plan on making reviews but these are great tips. A lot of stuff I’m learning in college rn. ……… professor wolfula

kingmunchy _7890 says:


Duston McCreary says:

Forgot the part where you have to fight to have your flagged video reinstated.

Andrew Edwards says:

Great tips! How do you avoid copyright claims when showing clips? It seems like some reviewers have this problem and others don’t.

Dead Reel says:

Great stuff

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