Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2017

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As 2017 comes to a close its time start taking a look back at the past year of movies. Here are my Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2017! Be sure to check out DrumDums an Bryan Lomax Movie Talk as they give their Top 10 as well…

Bryan Lomax Movie Talk:


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Wrong turn must be the best horror movies.

Charetta Boston says:

I really like this guys personality, but his list is making me not like him lol. I wanted a genuine list of real “horror” not just films that wandered into that genre. Annabelle (in his own words) was the scariest one the list. That automatically should’ve given it the number 1 spot. Some of these others were a joke, and a big disappointment to horror movie fans. What happened to the Autopsy of Jane Doe? (Or wait, did that come out in ’16 or ’17).

Charetta Boston says:

Leatherface was trash. And the others had me terrified

Abigail Bazan says:

Cult of Chucky is best of 2017

OJ McClanahan says:

If you enjoyed Never Hike Alone, you should check out “Michael Myers: Absolutely Evil” It’s faux documentary about Michael Myers as though he, and the events surrounding him are all true. It comes off like and A&E, TruTV, ID Channel true crime show and the performances are outstanding in my opinion. If you ever have an hour and half to kill check it out, man! Here’s a link for ya.

Yusuf Akbas says:

IT!!! IT is the scariest movie ever made!

Randy Irmen says:


Vette Latrioux says:

Stop all the extra chit chat and get to the movies! Damn, why do you have to talk so much?

Mr. YouTuber says:

Cody leach I totally agree man lmao crazy first and for most great video love the list. What really got me was your two most horror creations that got you #IT and #zeldapetsemetary crazy

Taylor Mowbray says:

it is the worst movie ever

LPTV says:

I watched the Babysitter until 33:18 and didn’t like it, Unsubscribed

Thomas Corn says:

Watched Never Hike Alone this past weekend…FUCKING AWESOME!

AntonioKowatsch says:

I don’t agree at all with this list.
Babysitter and Leatherface shouldn’t be on this list.

Spenser Cruz says:

Truly can’t see how blood is what’s separating u from putting happy death day at 3 and get out is what I think for you a firm 7

Lee Modlin says:

Not a ranking, but ten films from 2017 that I really enjoyed.

Annabelle: Creation
Happy Death Day
Get Out
Alien: Covenant
Desolation (thanks to Drumdums for turning me on to that one)
The Void
Never Hike Alone

emilekc says:

Great video but I was actually expecting the babysitter to be on your worst movies list. It seemed really fake and commercial, especially how the Viner, yes Viner King Bach was in it. Besides that I completely agree with your list.

fred stuart says:

fantastic review thanks for the movie listed!!!

Jessica Kugler says:

Get Out was my favorite!!! it was awesome!!!

factor104 aroyo vee says:

What happened to ur nose it’s looks a little bloody

RAIDENROACH 1979 says:

My fiance thinks its cool that you think Zelda and Pennywise are scary poor thing she had bad dreams about Zelda for years.

Arcane Nebula says:

Nice to see someone talkin about Never Hike Alone….

Renee Archer says:

I JUST finished Never Hike Alone…EPIC!!

john hoskins says:

Get Out is NOT social commentary. It’s a millionaire black plagiarizing other horror movies and playing the race card and whining.

Xtreme Plays says:

Check out Veronica it is really scary

Elena Zennaro says:


Beatlesfiend says:

My favorite was Gerald’s Game.

Martyn Holland says:

Fuck of and show movie clips

Mr. YouTuber says:

Babysitter is not a horror it’s more of a bloody action packed film and what does it leaves at the end for a sequel???

Jeffrey Kaufmann says:

The director of “It” also directed “mama” which I thought was pretty good.I saw the trailer for the baby sitter.I wouldn’t like it because there’s too much comedy in it and that wouldn’t scare me.

Lee Modlin says:

Hey, we agree on six out of ten. Not bad.

John Evans says:

Baby Sitter is pure shit

bluedemon218 says:

Get Out Of Here is overrated to me it was worth renting but its replay value is low. But if you really think about its like a horror/thriller version of “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”

Isaiah Clark says:

I like Lee’s list better.

Robson Neizinho says:

Stephen King the best

Taylor Mowbray says:

Cody Leach can u pls give me a shout out in your next video

Kitty Katt says:

Review drag me to hell!!! Why does nobody talk about that movie???

DarkSquall says:

shit list

Martyn Bracey says:

this was so helpful, thanx!

Bub's Aunt says:

The cheaters crew showing up next door and all hell breaking loose best of 2017

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