Top 10 Extreme Horror Movies feat. Horrible Reviews

Demented Top Tens is the only Top Ten series to exclusively cover alternate media. This week I’m joined by everyone’s favorite Gangster from Horrible Reviews and we’ll be exploring and ranking the greatest Extreme Horror movies of all time

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billybobtexas says:

Great list, one film that sometimes gets over looked in the disturbing/extreme movie genre lists is The Untold Story. A well made film with a Town That Dreaded Sunset feel where the police are a bit of keystone cops, silly funny contrasted with some of the most brutal murders on screen. If you’ve never seen it is a must watch for extreme horror fans.

Jordan Stuck says:

My 2 favorite channels in one video lol. Seriously though this channel is very underrated. Keep up the awesome work!

Dylan Cassidy says:

is this like only for people who have seen the movies you spoiled shit for like every one .
do love seeing jaron though

Sandra Weilbrenner says:

What ? No antichrist ???

Dawn McCarthy says:

Absolutely Love Your Channel And It’s Content Looking Forward For Your Next Video!

James T says:

That moment in time back in the day when I discovered all those french extreme movies all in one summer was the best frontier, inside, high tension and Marty’s. Wish movies like those would call me back.

Sandra Weilbrenner says:

The fact that the cameraman producer and director of a serbian film were murdered 2 months after the film was made you understand how extreme film can get

Jw Nj says:

I was going to add Holy Mountain 1973 but nah, its just disturbing and wtf every minute.

T Gill says:

Keep up the good work. Look forward to each new upload.

fulltimehorror junkie says:

Great work, guys XD Ichi the Killer is a big one for me. Makes me laugh, makes me squirm… Lol

Jeff Carlin says:

I want Inside and Frontier(s) on Blu-ray with English subtitles.

Magerama says:

Another great one! Actually reminded me to watch Frontiers, thanks.

beaterchew says:

this is awesome! (commented b4 watching…)

photovore099 says:

Great list!! I was hoping Begotten would be in there close to the top tho..

Jason Stein says:

Aka “best movies you will never want to watch again”

Zack Moore says:

Great video! Huge fan of both of you. Keep the grind going, you will make it big with content like this!

Jason Reschke says:

Haha “suck on that Mike”

yehspuhr says:

Thanks for another great video. You two are my “go tos” for horror Cinema reviews/ lists.

Keep it up you have a bright future ahead of you!

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