Top 20 Bronze Age Horror – Monster Madness X movie review #25

Top 20 Bronze Age Horror – Monster Madness X movie review #25
Top 10 1970’s Horror, Top 10 1980’s horror
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Furniss, Jordan says:

I thought there was a scene where he drives the chainsaw through the wheelchair mans stomach!? In chainsaw massacre? I’m sure thats a thimg i’ve seen

Aiijuin Art says:

“Phantasm” used to both bewilder and mortify the hell out of me when I was a kid. Not sure how it holds up now at 40 though… My dad used to watch that movie over and over.

Cyril ViXP says:

James never did the review of Phantasm series. It’s awesome films!

CallitHowISeeIt says:

I love that James does so many shows about horror when he has such a problem saying the word ‘horror’ lol, do like us Brits and say ‘horra’ or even posher ‘horrer’

Phreak Azoith says:

Exorcist suffered greatly from becoming a stereotype of its own – the head doing a full turn, the peasoup splash that’s comedy now

The Herobrinenyan says:

I for sure consider Gremlins horror and I consider Ghostbusters a sci-fi comedy

MPCB11 23 says:

Can’t go wrong with 80s films, music or video games!

Kris Fisher says:

Bronze Age WTF? No way is the 70’s and 80’s worse than the 30’s/40’s and the 60’s. The movies in the 70’s 80’s gave us what true horror movies are all about. A movie doesn’t have to have blood and guts but the over tame movies from decades before fail in comparison to the time in this video,but that’s just me.

Dwayne King says:

I love Jason movies I think that should have been number between 1 and 5 .not 10 that’s bull. and number 1 80’s was evil dead 2 that was half comedy but I still love the list and was happy with it cause its avgn !!

Dan Henry says:

What year was James born in? How does he know about all of these old movies from the 70’s and yet he looks so young.

F Britannia says:

I was angry The thing wasn’t in your list until you put Evil Dead 2 on place no. 1… I guess all is forgiven.

Ryan Hatton says:

All the movies here including the honorable mentions are top notch horror.

owadave says:

My favourite horror from the 70’s is probably Stephen Spielberg’s Duel.

MrDeedsly says:

Awe Pumpkinhead! Great monster and decent acting.

Mass Movie Mash Ups & PS4 Game Play says:

and i would probs put Chainsaw Massacre in number 1 as much as i love Jaws cheers bro

Aaron Frederick says:

Love American werewolf in London, laughed my ass off at times honestly, and that transformation scene 30ish years later is still something to behold

ghostface93wu4eva says:

I’m sorry but the thing is the best horror movie of the 80s period. The only 80s horror movie I can think of that actually gets better with age. Not only one of the greatest horror movies of all time but one of the most underappreciated. Friday the 13th part 4 makes the list and the thing doesn’t?? What are you smoking?!?

Zack Reynolds says:

Silence of the Lambs is absolutely NOT a horror film.It’s just not.I think you try to group things into the genre that are not really a part of it.Jaws,King Kong,and Silence of the Lambs are perfect examples of movies you say are horror,but are Thrillers,Mysteries,Science Fiction,Action,or a combination of these.

Manny Dasilva says:

Child’s play should have been on the list

Wil Adams says:

OMG! The Howling, dude.

powerpup97 says:

It’s a shame you didn’t do the 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s. It would have been cool to see your Top 10’s from those decades.

Bill the Fifth says:

James is such a swell and decent guy.

DewkChronic says:

All the remakes are sure things and now with digital files people will see the new and old versions together. They will likely pick the new version to view.

Julio Avila says:

Nice to see some love for pumpkinhead

1980Triumph says:

The Shining like Blade Runner are two totally overrated movies. Neither are nearly as smart as we are lead to believe.

weirdnwild91 says:

Too bad he didn’t do Hellraiser for any of the Sequel-A-Thon years.

Erika Konic says:

I agree with James that the third Nightmare on Elm Street was my favorite one and thank you Wes Craven for giving me nightmares as a child and then later as a teenager.

Wartler says:

I love Jaws, but I would not consider that horror. It’s more of a thriller. And Evil Dead 2? Again, I absolutely love ED2, but it is definitely more of a comedy than horror. Not to the same extent as Ghostbusters, but I don’t find it genuinely scary. It should top the list of horror comedies in my opinion.

Jonathan E says:

Dream warriors was one of my favorites too. Just the idea that Freddy could be lurking in your dreams. Scary shit

Brett Pierce says:

Your 70s lists had the right movies but in my opinion the complete wrong order. I don’t even think I’d put Jaws on my list, let alone in the number 1 spot. 80s was good until you put Shining in the middle, none of the movies above it can even compare to it besides possibly Nightmare on Elm Street. Also replace Night of the Living Dead with The Thing. I know it’s a subjective list though!

ChungLing Su says:

These are good lists.

DjMu3L says:

Genuinely can’t believe that The Thing lost out to Pumpkinhead – both great but I’d argue EVERYTHING is done better in The Thing.

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