Top 5 Worst Horror Movies of 2017

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As 2017 comes to a close, its time to go over the horror movies of the past year. Here are my Top 5 Worst Horror Movies of 2017.

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Steven Wells says:

Wasnt crazy for happy death day it was ok but i rather not see a watered down slasher film

bigmacchasi says:

Soon as i saw cult of chucky. Was like ok am done watching

03bgood says:

Why did they have to fucking ruin Cult of Chucky, after the great job they did with Curse? Can somebody please get a hold of Don Mancini and tell him that we do not want him directing Chucky 8. Someone else should do it. That’s how it was with the first four films. Once Mancini took over, Chucky has never been the same. Sure, Mancini got lucky with Curse but Seed and Cult is proof that he shouldn’t direct the Chucky films. Why not go back to the Chicago setting of the first two films and pay a bigger homage to the original film? I know Curse did a good job with that but what about setting it at Andy’s old apartment from the first film and include the now abandoned Good Guy factory from the second one?

Robert Cullen says:

I thought the Flatliners remake shoulda been on this list. Top to bottom awful movie.

JohnBlack2345 says:

was going watch JC3, and haven’t heard one thing about BBM that even passed as decent. every review I have watched of that film destroyed it….what kind of killer is this when the citizens are doing the work for him?!

Keith Smith says:

Haha! I subscribed because you have a Midnight Run poster!

serra s. says:

hahaha I knew bye bye man would be your number one hahahahaahah feel like Derren Brown right here 🙂

Jordan Pressler says:

Yo u sound like my kinda person. I am a lifelong horror fan. I have been watching them since before kindergarten, I now write my own horror films on a fanfiction website and I plan to get them looked at one day. I would like to make a career in writing, directing and acting for horror films. Well, acting for anything. But writing and directing only for horror. It’s my number one favorite thing, and yet believe me I’m a very sane individual lol. I haven’t met one person in my life who actually likes horror movies, and believe me it makes me feel so alone. I also critique horror as well. Pretty much I agree with your feelings. However, u r not gonna like me on this. My favorite horror movie of all time, at this point in my life, happens to be….THE RING! 9.4/10. Greatest horror film I’ve seen in my 19 years. I will stick to that unless I come across something I find greater. Keep up the horror loving. Not many fans like us in the world.

Creepy Connoisseur says:

i kinda loved cult of chucky

MJS Lawrence says:

Amityville: The Awakening
The Witch
Before I Wake
Jeepers Creepers 3 was disappointing on so many levels. All the Salva issues, the long wait for such a flop, ending with Trish when she should’ve been the lead…and now we’ll never get a follow up after the tease ending. Ugh. Frustrating

Cloverfield 3 or whatever it’s called is a lock for 2018s worst

Slashers ‘R Us says:

500th like!

Jennifer Moslek says:

Just found your channel & I’m already addicted! I’m a HUGE horror fan & have been really freaking annoyed at the low quality BS being released year after year! I feel like directors ride the wave of whatever makes them a quick buck. Laziness has won over creativity leaving us w/ one “Re-imagination”, “Prequel”, “sequel” & “Remake” after another (You know who your are Rob Zombie! Lol)…As far as “XX”, I wasn’t even able to find part of a segment that didn’t make my head explode! I’m a chick & don’t have ANY problem saying that it’s shameful turning out crap & counting on the fact that you’re doing something spectacular by having an ALL female line of directors to sell it. Maybe next time they want to make “horror history” they should consider picking up the phone & calling some truly decent female directors for advice…I’m sure they could learn a few things from actual talented suspense/horror directors/producers/writers like Veronika Franz (Goodnight Mommy), Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night), Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), Julia Ducournau (Raw), Mary Herron (American Psycho), Kathryn Bigelow (Near Dark) & one of my faves, Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary)…OR NOW that I think about it, those awesome lady directors would have seen who was calling & let it go straight to voicemail….Rant Complete! Lol

Chelsea Jones says:

On JC3 “I’m not going to give to much commentary on this one” precedes to go on a rant LMAO , just kidding I loved it because I hate JC3 so much it deserves every rant it can get

Jessica Kugler says:

i actually liked jigsaw but i am a huge saw fan!!! i actually have all 8 films. i think it’s a awesome franchise!!! one of my favorite franchises!!!

Sylvia Chairistio says:

Bye bye man is worst but jigsaw is good enough I think.. the ending, the story are all Good..

O XxTwixellaxX O says:

I swear if cult of chucky is here…

kevin timperley says:

Jigsaw is brutally awful.

The Russianator says:

Hell yeah, brother, fuck the Bye Bye Man, I absolutely loathe this pile of elephant shit. Why did I waste my money on it?!

That one Guy28 says:

Jigsaw was a good movie in my opinion

Jordan Pressler says:

Wish Upon was absolutely horrible. One of the worst horror films I’ve ever seen. Not even remotely scary, overly reliant on teen drama clichés, and absolutely free of depth. It honestly felt like more of a teen drama suited for the Nickelodeon channel, rather than a horror movie. I love Joey King. One thing the movie did right was casting her in the lead. She’s a wonderfully talented genre star who hopefully gets a better showcase with this summer’s much anticipated Slender Man. But this movie wasted her star potential. 3.1/10

Horror World says:

My Ranking (worst):
1. IT
2. Rings
3. Bye Bye Man
4. Jeepers Creepers 3
5. Cult of Chucky

Horror World says:

Where’s IT?

sulphurman says:

Yes!!! I was anticipating XX for a long time and it was awful!!!

Dereck Lawson says:

jeepers creepers 3 is awesome

Nelson Bennett says:

All of the jeepers creepers movies are fucking shit.


Totaly agree regarding JIGSAW, it was complete rubbish and no where near as good as the previous ones…not sure how any one could give it a positive review.

EleMentaL Adrenaline says:

Wow agree with all but 5 jig saw is one of the best movies i love ❤️ jigsaw

vahid farasati says:

as a psychiatrist i can tell , grave encounters was super scary in any aspect , sorry i know it was irrelevant but i thought maybe it worth mentioning . that movie decieves sub concious of the brain by playing with the time element.

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