Trauma (2018) Disturbing Chilean Horror Movie Review

This film has been called the Chilean ‘ A Serbian Film”!
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lila l says:

sounds disheartening. i’ve seen serbian film and i’ll never watch it again, sooooo… i’ve been there. i’m good on this one

W. James says:

Even worse than A Serbian Film?

Jazz Ross says:

I’ll probably check it out because this sounds right up my alley. (That says a lot about me. LOL)

TukkyHD says:

i actually jerked to this movie

Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble says:

sounds awful
watching it right now

ProAnal 6988 says:

Thank you for keeping me from seeing this.

bantom360 says:

I said this once, but I’ll say it again. People often mistake “disgusting” for “horrific”, and they both make you look away from the screen for 2 completely different reasons. Shock-factor and disgust doesn’t make a film interesting or unique on its own. Sometimes it just makes it fucking gross, which is what this sounds like tbh… Thanks for taking one for the team.

Craig Gunn says:

Meh, thought it was pretty boring to be honest. Yes the subject matter was horrific but the atmosphere wasn’t up to par & the acting was crap. I thought films like Martyrs was way more brutal & gory.

karen eberts says:

not for me either

Tom Cameron says:

I’ve never heard of this movie, but hearing how disgusting it is from another horror fan, it must pack one hell of a punch. Now I’m on the fence of wanting to see it or not. Because there is my curiosity of how gross it is, and testing how much I can tolerate, but then I don’t want to have that feeling that I wasted my time watching it, if it isn’t that original.

FritzTheCat1030 says:

Just finished watching this. If you take out all of the torture, gore, and rape…it’s just a boring, unoriginal, generic, shitty movie. It doesn’t matter how “edgy” the filmmakers think they are…you still have to make a good film. This wasn’t.

der todesking says:

Enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s as crazy as Serbian Film f.ex. but it definitely has some sick shit going on haha!

andrei tarkovsky says:

also thought the movie was ok but ill be waiting for the remake w/ a gay prolonged sex scene

DJ Thanos says:

As a fan of watching movies with the most shock value possible, i really enjoyed this. I certainly can stomach watching some of the most disturbing scenes out there. The gory mayhem was handled brilliantly by writer/director Lucio A. Rojas, whose film is not just sick but also technically slick, with impressive camera moves, smart editing and effective special effects. I also liked the story line and the name, which goes hand in hand with ones being raised in a traumatic environment, dealing with the reprocussions of trauma and how it can make people dive to the deepest dwellings of sadistic behavior. It’s a solid 8 for me.

Ben Grimm says:

This movie gave me Trauma

kerfies says:

I can’t watch this video as I have not seen the film yet. Damn it.

a. lathan says:

It was my favorite film from last year then terffier ive think real life horror is scary as hell plus very extreme disturbing horror films is my 2nd favorite subgenre in horror dope review have u seen we are the flesh its a Mexican weird experimental horror film from 2017

Darwyn Dehnke says:

It blows my mind people actually decide to follow through and film these kind of things, why are they made and who is their audience?

Tom Himself says:

BTW lookin astonishin emma

Trisha C says:

Thank you for the warning btw!! I have PTSD so even looking up the spoilers would trigger me, I really appreciate:)

Jessica Jesse says:

Sounds like a definite skip for me

Clint Beastwood says:

This channel has multiple value for me, i love horror movies so i get an indepth review of some upcoming flicks to watch out for. But, this torture, gore porn shit thats envogue rn, i’ll give it all a hard pass. However, I get to know what films i might watch, and which i’ll definately avoid. This particular film, i will avoid with a tremendously wide berth.

Tarantinoguy65 says:

Movies like this are why I’m so passionate about getting into underground horror filmmaking. Because for every Braid, there’s a pissing contest to see who can make something more fucked up than Serbian Film. But then they almost intentionally avoid making anything watchable


It was very close to a Serbian film. But it irritated me because the women characters were sooooooo dumb. Either the writer doesn’t know any strong, smart women or they think you need dumb characters to have a good horror film. The rape scenes made me cringe so hard. I hate sexual violence but even worse i hate it in film when it isn’t a vital part of the story. It felt like the rape amd violence towards the women, with the exception of the intro, was just for shock value. The intro incest/rape showed how this boy became a monster. I hate this movie in the end amd like you said would NOT recommend it. Serbian film was more likable…..lmaooooo

J Nc says:

Since you reviewed a film centering on rape and sexual violence, I think you should watch The Seasoning House. This film is as rank as they come BUT it’s a special little disturbing movie that most people have not seen. It’s massively underrated and one of two (the other being Revenge) rape-revenge films that I actually liked and recommend. I would not recommend Trauma, Atroz or Hidden in the Woods even though I respect those films, as all three elicit a very strong response.

1993horrorfreakreviews says:

Great review. I think I might check this one out.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

Don’t tell me that this is worse than A Serbian Film Emma? That was bad watching that once, I don’t believe I could handle a film like this.

nigel rodrigues says:

I watched this movie today and I didn’t really find it disturbing… Serbian film wasn’t disturbing too but unlike Serbian film which was a great movie,this one was doesn’t even give you that horrible feeling like martyrs gives you.

Twisted Messiah says:

I need to check this out. The more extreme the better.

Captain Brie says:

Just saw the trailer and I’m like nope , sometimes I just wonder who the fuck makes films these films and how do they get the funds, hell I couldn’t even watch I Spit on your Grave…I had to give them away

sydney lambdin says:

Emma I love you! Have been watching from the beginning but this movie kind of reminded me of the glass lung, very dark and twisty but beautiful cinematography, Spanish foreign film. Definitely recommend.

Jasper Fen says:

Ugh. Thank you for taking one for the team and warning us all what kind of movie this is. I will give it a miss. Thank you and see you soon.

Twitch-102 says:

If anything, I’m looking forward to a prolonged lesbian sex scene.

MrDWat3 says:

Sharp review, Emma. Well done. You are simply the best! 🙂

whatheduckrudoing says:

Wow, I’m glad I didn’t agree to watch it when one of my friends asked a few months ago… (great video btw!)

Dave Maggot says:

Great review! The movie made Grommit leave the room 😀

Alencar Faulkner says:

Showing gore and violence (and sexual violence) can be justified, in my opinion, to a certain point and after said point it becomes trashy exploitation (which some people like it and I don’t–particularly sexual violence gives me the wiggins) and a lazy cheap way to startle and disgust (and “scare”) the audience; what is this point? I don’t know exactly, but the french film Martyrs seems a good gauge for extreme violence on screen, and for sexual violence and any sexual abuse I need not see it, it’s unnecessary, implying will always be better and more impactful (unless when it’s shown in a brief and very juxtaposed scene). The many voyeuristic scenes of sexual violence and abuse in modern and contemporary cinema disgusts me like nothing else, it’s directors seeing violence and abuse through a pornographic lens to cheapen and quickly sell and that isn’t good, in my opinion, of course.

J Nc says:

Sexual violence is definitely something I can’t stand. Trauma is absolutely heinous but I respect the film because it elicit’s an experience. You’re left shell shock. Hidden In the Woods (2012) is another Chilean film that is just as brutal. It’s an endurance test.

I know you review horror films but there is an anti-war film called Come and See (1985) that I highly recommend you watch. It is considered to be the most powerful film ever made. When that film ends, you are left shook. The film elicits an emotion that is so gut wrenching that when the credits roll, you find yourself numb and speechless, literally staring wide eyed at the screen. I consider that horror. It has 96% on RT and an 8 on IMBD. It’s one of the rare films to reach such a high score on IMDB.

TotalX48 says:

I really hate horror movies that prolong sex scenes i hate it, i am like “ok we get it move on!” Hahaha

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