Trick or Treat (1986) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week on The Horror Guru reviews TRICK OR TREAT (1986)!

TRICK OR TREAT (1986) was written by Joel Soisson, directed by Charles Martin Smith and stars Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Elaine Joyce, Glen Morgan, Simon Kirke, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Kevin Yagher, Alice Nunn & Charles Martin Smith.

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JD DeMotte says:

Welcome back Josh!

EarthboundX says:

Nice to see more Blood Splattered Cinema, feels like it’s been more than a year. Also a good excuse to rewatch some of the older ones.

xX Justin Xx says:

I thought this was going to be about the modern Trick’R’Treat movie.

Ryan Downey says:

So does this mean Count Jackula will be doing reviews again too?

Mr Happy says:

I believe a dying celeb would think the best thing would be a random kid getting his shit, I mean when hitler was biting the bullet he was like leave my books on how to run a country to that dear trump boy
And to be fair… ava wanted Clinton to have it

(Writes down offend both parties in one comment)

Am I going to hell ?

80s Horror Central says:

Dude, yes!!! Thanks for doing another horror movie review! And reviewing a classic flick as well!

Mr Happy says:

My twitter gets hacked so I can not tell josh how happy I am to see him back OMG AND JACKULA TOO!!!

Doug Glassman says:

7:31 Jackula the Mindtaker!

Cheryl Riggs says:

With a new blood splatter cinema let just horror guru releases a new one fast and won’t have to wait for a year and when is a new count jackula show review start with the new mask slasher’s mask.

D’Angelo Curtis says:

Since that you’re back in it’s metal related what’s your favorite black sabbath song that you like to listen to during the holidays Halloween of course

MATT smith says:

Fucking loved it jack kicking the stroller was one of the greatest things I have seen in a long time lmao

valcliff b says:

o.o Guru, hey buddy. Youtube’s been hurting for your brand of humor, I hope this ain’t just a onesie. Welcome back, man.

Monica B says:

I love the humor throughout this video! Count jackula was hilarious! I never even heard of this movie but I am going to go get it and watch it now! I like the horror Guru and count jackula because they are such fans of Horror and I know nothing about it but they present it in a way that’s approachable for a non horror fan. They help make me see that horror is not just about the gross and gory, though that is a big part of it. Looking forward to the next video!

scream queen shaw says:

Oh damn you showed slaughterhouse rocks. If you could consider reviewing that one, well that would rock balls!

jenbunny1984 says:

Glad you are back



Bukowski Drunk says:

Awesome. It’s been so long, buddy. I love your reviews

AlterUndying says:

this was great loved it.

pythonkatie K says:

There’s too much awesomeness for me to focus my brain to leave a meaningful comment. This was great!

The Name's Recoome says:

I’m so glad you’re back…now let’s hope this keeps up, Masked Slasher shows up, and The Count Jackula Show returns! GOREHOUNDS UNITE!

Ryan Downey says:

Woohoo! Glad to have you back, man.

mr. Obsidian says:

All Hail the KING

Mike White says:

“ anime hasn’t been metal since the 80’s”. I think jackula needs berserk(97) in his life.

Brandon Tenold says:

Welcome back (to making Blood Splattered Cinema episodes) Josh!

Skyler River says:

“No amount of making out is going to convince me he’s straight.” LOL Guru knows what’s up–I always got such a wonderfully homoerotic vibe from Eddie’s hero-worship of Sammi–and even from the way Sammi himself is framed and shot. Maybe the screenwriter was going through some stuff?

Also, welcome back :3

Michelle Smith says:


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