Turistas (2006) : HORROR MOVIE REVIEW


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Jeff Burnett says:

Good review:) I own this dvd.

RonEqualsAwesome says:

Very underrated horror film that often slides under the radar! Great review and video, like always! Keep up the awesome work, Emma; and can’t wait to be here to experience you hit 10,000 subscribers! *Bonus fact: I absolutely love the way you say Hostel!!!* #DriveTo10K #SoProud #BiggestFanFromTheBeginning

Retro Ray's Succulents says:

Thanks Emma sounds interesting!

The Death Twitch says:

lol Scatological

jay w says:

i love this movie

Liam Evans says:

Have you seen wolf creek and wolf creek 2

ComicGaming says:

are you sat ON THE STAIRS!?!?!

Random Horror says:

Hahaha! Spanish for diarrhoea caught you gave sound very familiar then I remembered this film has another title in the UK this film was titled Paradise Lost I seen this film yes the surgeon Dr Zamora might have to review this myself. Great review as always hope you had a great new year don’t have nightmares!

Chris Carfagno says:

I always loved this movie.. Definitely one of the better back packers getting the shaft,,.. Borderland, Aftershock, The Ruins,those are good ones too.. It really got blasted over here n was poorly received n it made no money.. But yes I loved it n always have.. Oh Train is similar but much more brutal,, Turistas was made with care n class I felt..

ceze HM says:

I’m from Mexico i remember this movie, it’s been a while since i saw it.

Boyd Crowder says:

John Stockwell was also in the movie Christine. That was directed by John Carpenter . Great movie.

Liam Evans says:

I’ve got the film its good film the version iv got its could paradise lost and it come out in 2007

Daniel Farias says:

I saw this one at the time it was released here in Brazil. Some tried to boycott the film because of the way Brazil was depicted in it, but it worked as marketing and everyone heard about it. Even the government was concerned that the movie would impact tourism here after its release… I say we don’t need a movie to look bad. We do that pretty well already.

thanks for the help bois says:

hey! i live in brazil but i never actually heard of this movie but im def gonna check it out 😀 love your channel btw ~

Tia McClelland says:

I know it got slammed a bit for it’s negative portrayal of Brazil and the people. The other issue here in the U.S. was it came out around the same time as The Hills have Eyes, Saw 3, Stay Alive, The Omen. There was just so much horror that came out in that year. I think several people also thought it was a ripoff of Hostel.

Samuel Trejo says:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that second definition.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

This is such an underrated horror movie Emma. It’s an excellent and quite frightening horror movie because it so realistic. I’m glad you finally got a chance to see this one Emma.

Andre Sousa says:

Yeah, the media here in Brazil hated the movie, saying it was ‘racist, prejudiced, etc etc.
The horrors fans didn’t mind that much 🙂

Wolfman's Got Nards says:

This was a very underrated movie in my opinion. It was called Paradise Lost in the UK here. As it has different names, this could be the reason it didn’t enter your radar! Great review!

lala oliveira says:

Hi Emma
I’ m from Brazil and I saw this movie a long time ago maybe 7 yeas and I remember enjoyed it but I don’t know if the movie was hated because of the image they made of Brazil .
I liked it and I think bad thinks can happen everywhere so my feelings were similar to yours with wolf creek.

Rishi River Singh says:

I will look for it

Phantom Ginger says:

Sounds good

Bruno Gomes says:

I live in Brazil haha. it’s really impressive that Melissa George managed to learn portuguese in this movie, I honestly think she has a good accent.

Raven House Mystery says:

I remember when this film came out, though I didn’t see it until it got released on video. It was better than I expected, but I think the reason for the low box office was that Turnistas was the last in line of torture films after Saw, Hostel and Wolf Creek.

Keh says:

So, i’m from brazil and i hate this movie… I remember when this come out and none critic from here gave a positive score to this movie. . . i watched it about 4 years ago, but i clearly remember that my country portrait was horrible. i love melissa and olivia and honestly i don’t know what they’re were doing in this :/

Alan McG says:

i have seen this movie. it comes under a different name here in the UK but i can’t remember what. lol

Rebeca Riga says:

Man! it’s been a while I’ve seen this movie (I’m from Brazil) and I remember everyone talking about it at the time, how terrifying it was and all. But like you said I guess people enjoyed it, and didn’t really care for the negativity for tourism. Imo the fact that they tackled the organ traffic thing was spot on. It is terrifying and it really happens! U made me want to watch it again!

MovieAddict says:

I thought I recognised the storyline etc, bought it years ago called Paradise Lost here.

Dambreaker says:

My ex had nightmares after watching this film.

Michael Dunn says:

Been meaning to get to this for a while now, but it just never happened. I’ll fix that soon. Great stuff!

divaducks says:

I watch this on a regular bases, its really good and agree with everything you said. I was forced to see this in the theater with guilt lol I thought I was going to hate it because I was it a fan of hostile, but I ended up loving it more than the friends who guilted me into seeing it lol. Stay spooky <3

Art vandaley says:

Hostel, turistas and wolf creek. Now it’s just pg-13 movies and remakes

Helen Folk says:

Hey Emma have you seen the movie, Contracted and Contracted Phase 2 ? Both movies are on Netflix

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