UFI: What Makes SPLINTER an Undiscovered Gem? (Horror Movie Review) What Makes a Horor Movie Scary?

What makes a great horror movie scary? Join Dr. Em and her robot pal Photon a they uncover the secrets that make 2008’s “Splinter” an undiscovered gem. If you like this review, also check out our analysis of the horor movie: THE BABADOOK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRTM0S9qrQ4

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Movie Junkie says:

There’s some great production quality here. I think you guys have something great going on. I love that you have given Splinter the love and attention it deserves. Earned yourself another subscriber here and I eagerly look forward to more, Keep it up guys!

Zombiex4 says:

You should do the thing

Righteous Indignation says:

Good review, funny action between scenes, playing off the hand was great idea; Photon… will grow on me. I think “Ju-Rei: The Uncanny” is a pretty good sleeper, especially the way it’s edited. Thanks!

Psycho_ Maniac13 says:

You want to see a really fucked up movie for no reason?
A Serbian Film

GB06 Chomp Chomp says:

cutest dimples

itinkuno says:

not that these examples are in any way “horror”, but if you like that dynamic, try watching a movie called Dance Me Outside, along with the 2 season followup show “The Rez” and pay attention to the relationship between Silas and Sadie. also, note how cuzza Sadie’s influence, Silo is lacking a lot of Frank’s toxic masculinity, even though they hang out together literally almost all the time

Matthew House says:


Tryple Dreams says:

This is hilarious! You sound like a feminist but you are using the points correctly! The points you brought up with the characters were so true, correct and not changed via politics. Well done!!

Ernest Moreno says:

you are the best

bobby yeah review

Sephor Kekki says:

Her hand haha!

Animations & Creations says:

are you swedish or have you seen Pippi Långstrump or whatever it is called in english

Azrluzbel Mink says:

I can´t speak much english. But I enjoy this video, is good.

NooneofImportance says:

Splinter.  I loved this movie when I first saw it.  Unfortunately I only heard about it because of the Sci-Fi Channel.  Didn’t realize it had a theatrical run, but then again there are a lot of movies that don’t get the proper promoting.  Everyone should have a copy of Splinter if they are horror aficionados.

Darneill Burgess says:

i love this channel

carbonkiller says:

Really well produced video for such a small scale channel! Love the little details like the infection spreading 🙂

Miranda S says:

Just found this gem on Hulu. Great review!

Citokyne Studios says:

I agree with every word she says. Is she reading my mind?

RKD Ram says:

the fuck is this..


I legit was scared by this movie as a kid.

Jumplamp 007 says:

she sounds like a boy

DuffinThe Muffin says:

something that will stick literally

Tvelok says:

i like how the splinter virus is spredding on her hand.

jonnyt8524 says:

I took the I am legend to be that he’s been surviving in that situation for so long that he has his routine down to a fine art.

Which is what makes it so interesting when he strays from his routine and it all falls apart.

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