Underrated Horror Movies: BRAINSCAN (90’s Horror, Edward Furlong)

Looking for a horror film you’ll love but haven’t seen yet? Maybe with some 90’s nostalgia? If you haven’t seen it yet….. I give you our NON SPOILER review of BRAINSCAN (1994) starring Edward Furlong. Such horror sights to show you.

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s devrim says:

Can you scream more while doing these reviews?

OhTheHorror says:

I have to check it out. I saw a little bit of it when I was 6 and haven’t had the chance to see it since. I’ll hit it up after “The Last Starfighter”

Mike Joseph says:

hey I’m an old school horror fan from 70’s movies to present day stuff, if your anything like me you find that a good ole fashion horror flick is very far and in between, but what did you guys think of the strangers? with Liv Tyler, I honestly fucking got the same creepy rushy feel from it as Halloween 1, or just any scary movie you can think of it was done well few plot holes but does its job at being freaky, I’d love you guys to review it

Michael Trapson says:

I just watched the movie after watching this video. I never seen it before or heard about prior to this video. Thanks for referring me to it. It’s Definitely a gem in the 90’s horror/thriller genre.

DonTae Trowell says:

I just fell bad for the people who like this movie but didn’t catch it back in the 90s.

DSFX Movies says:

brain damage was another underated not very known horror more funny then scary but entertaining as fuck

alimation88 says:

Mike is wearing a shirt I said gotttttt damn

daniel gamgamgam says:

one of my all time favourite movies. thank you for this

Christmas_ TheSergal says:

I will definitely check out this movie it seems really good and that I’ll have a good time watching

Inconsistent TechDad says:

I’ll definitely watch this! Thanks for the recommendation guys.

90's fresh says:


Dontsubscribe Deadinside says:

When you grow up with strict parents, you have to cease the opportunity to watch the worst kind of trash when the house is empty. That’s how I saw the original Last House on the Left, which had me feeling pretty uncomfortable for a while.

Aeus Ocil says:

Love the content guys as soon as I run out of good horror movies to watch you give me some great movies to watch thanks guys!

Chris Johnson says:

Never heard of this movies before! I’m definitely checking it out thanks guys.

JFM515905 says:

“It’s a hidden gem in the groves of gems.” I’m stealing that! Great vid guys!

HoolioThunderbolt says:


Ash Rogers says:

Man this is definitely an under rated flick! I remember seeing it at the movies back in the day when it came out. Thanks for the reminder gonna watch it now!

Pistol1783 says:

An American WWAMwolf in Kentucky LOL pure gold

James Bonilla says:

Brain scan was the shit

Diane S says:

as a kid I loved killer car movies, nobody talks much about “The Car” it was hokey but fun.

Jamie zombiman1313 says:

One film that is kind of forgotten but freaked me out as a kid was “Dead Pit”. I remember renting it in 1990 on VHS and loving it. I recently bought a copy of it on dvd, and after watching it now, I realized that I liked watching crap. Hahaha

Alex Nash says:

I would love to see a review of Dog Soldiers guys!!!! This movie totally rocked!!!!

Billy Pop says:

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Anus Trickster

sweetlogo says:

Slaughter High

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