Underrated Horror Movies – Rental Reviews

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James Rolfe discusses movies with pals Justin Silverman, Mike Matei and Tony from HacktheMovies. Today the topic – Underrated Horror Movies

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David Diaz says:

Wearing a misfits hat and you dont go with scarecrow man? Smh

Naked Beekeeper says:

Too many burgers.

Zach Winkelmann says:

Mr Frost is my pick for most underrated horror film.

aquavius nope says:

whats on the tv in the background ?

Oscar Chacon says:

Fuck. Now I want James to review The Monster and the Girl. Lol

gyloir says:

For me it’s Highway to Hell, a little known horror/comedy movie from 1991 starring Chad Lowe and Kristy Swanson. It’s a great little b-horror adventure movie that’s very surreal (think Beetlejuice). Complete with some random cameo’s by Ben Stiller and his whole family (Jerry/Anne/Amy).

Chad Lowe and his girlfriend (Kristy Swanson) are driving to Las Vegas to get married and on the way he decides to take a random backroad. Down this road there’s a portal to hell and they are pulled over by a cop, a demon cop. He ends up taking Kristy and then Chad has to try and catch up and get her back.

Anthony Fracassi says:

I think Marilyn Manson sampled that clip from Prince of Darkness in his, Down in the Park cover. Sorry if this was already mentioned in the comments.

This is my resting face says:

Anyone here remembers “the deadly spawn”?? 1983? Great little independent horror flick that blew(and traumatized) my mind when i was a little kid. Good times

Electric 7718 says:

H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond!

Oscar Ledezma says:

For me, it’s City of the Living Dead

I am Hello says:

I stopped and turned this off.

2:30 – that guy said Big Trouble in Little China failed?.. That is a fantastic movie that is even getting a much un-needed remake/sequel! I think that’s a damn cult classic if not a classic in it’s own right.
Tasteless sir.

HeatIIEXTEND says:

can we please get that second from left guy outta these? thx!

serialkiller77 says:

Mike is awesome! please have him on more than the other tall big guy

DarkSoulSama says:

“In the Mouth of Madness”
“Dog Soldiers”
“Requiem for a Dream”
(PS: I like Doom too XD)

ImKurono says:

Count down for that live showing 😉

BertzTriscut says:

My favorite underrated horror movies are “Feast” and one that I can’t remember the name of. The one I can’t remember the name of had a killer whose outfit was just a dark hoodie and they had some creative but realistic kills with things like fishing wires tripwires, bear traps, and locked one person in a hot tub and boiled them to death. It ends with the final victim (who was telling the story to the cops, which is how the movie started) walking out to get some fresh air and her parents come in and then it’s revealed that she was the killer all along and the film ends with her using the name of one of her victims to hitchhike.
“Feast” was great because it was a horror comedy that deconstructed all of the tropes but it still had the balls to do what most horror movies couldn’t. There’s this one scene where the “hero” gets eaten literally just as he introduces himself, so the mom runs upstairs to check on her son. Turns out he’s fine, but then a monster traps the kid and eats him whole! I actually had to leave the room for a bit when it spat the kid’s shoe at the mother’s face. But after that it’s a consistently gory fun time!

FellLeader says:

о фааааааааааак!!!

レンダリングベールは says:

So glad to see Prince of Darkness on rental reviews so an underrated work by Carpenter loved the atmosphere and mix of quantum physics n cosmic horror

corvusala says:

I think “Murder in the Rue Morgue” is pretty underrated. It’s another Lugosi in a Poe story. It’s also a Lugosi and a guy in an ape costume film lol I never hear any one talk about it but I thought it was great.

Paul P Jr says:

I just saw a really good new scary movie that was made well called Terrifier. It just came out last year and it’s on Netflix but wow was it crazy and done well.

MR. GOONCH says:

My underrated horror movie is either C.H.U.D. or cloverfeild

Horror Chan says:

Phenomena 1985

Cinemassacre says:

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Gerson Melendez says:

It’s good to see Mike Matei back, I really appreciate your pornhub work. Your scene with jenaveve Jolie is one of my favorites. You really slated her. That cream pie at the end was amazing

soundofeighthooves says:

i liked Doom too

TheCiskoKidd says:

You know what’s really fucking scary are those emergency broadcast systems, Even when it’s just a test the sound that comes out from my TV speakers gives me the coldest chills & a sudden shock of paranoia. I have no reason why this happens but goddamn does it fuck with my head.

Jose Montano says:

I think Terror Train is VERY under rated and the Howling is to.

TrEVILlyan 95 says:


Sammy Fox says:

That was a cool intro

Erik Velazquez says:

End of Days is my favorite underrated horror film

Theseus9 says:

Waxwork 1 and 2 are both underrated great horror films.

adz693 says:

Can’t be arsed to go through the comments to see if anyone else mentioned these – but British anthology horror ‘
Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors’ and Japanese anthology horror: ‘Kwaidan’.

Jonny Worldbeater says:

That Taking of Deborah Logan movie sounds like a really great, grounded, realistic horror premise ruined by a stupid ending.

Like, it sounds like it would be so much more effective to have it just be the disease. You could still play the demonic possession scenes and have the characters trying to account for some other explanation, no matter how farfetched, that they could maybe deal with to ‘fix’ the problem.

But no. It’s just the harsh reality of the disease. And that’s what makes it so tragic and frightening.

SquidGunman says:

John Cusak always fuckin’ sucks!

Ivan S. says:

Just rewatched The Raven a couple of days ago. I totally agree with James – this is by far the best Lugosi performance

Eff says:

Dracula wants the succ

The Zombie Lover says:

Food of The Gods.

celeboria says:


Harry Warden says:

My bloody Valentine

The prowler

Billy the kid vs Dracula (I’m not kidding)

The hammer Dracula films

The original Mummy

The fog (I don’t hear about this from ANYONE)

C.H.U.D (it’s not that bad)

The puppet master films

The pumpkin head films

Children of the damned

Isle of the dead

The stuff

Rawhead Rex


Christine (it’s underrated, believe me)

The fly (the original)

Maximum overdrive (it’s underrated and hated way too much)

It lives

There are a lot of others.

Fred Kozak says:

Prince of Darkness is my favorite Carpenter film. its just one of my all time favorite movies.

Dylan Gadzala says:

Dude bro party massacre 3 is my absolute favorite horror movie. House On Haunted Hill (1959) is also absolutely amazing.

Joey Azhang says:

I’m heart broken I get to miss this

K9 says:

For Halloween one of the most underrated movies ever in my opinion is The Witches(1990) combining whimsicalnes with very creepy themes. I highly recommend it.

r655321 says:

I find it mind blowing that between the lot of them and all the utter shit they’ve seen they haven’t seen Prince of Darkness. Classic Carpenter and definitely underrated.

Get on that shit like yesterday…10 years ago.

Bobby Peru says:

Burnt Offerings. Unforgettable haunted house movie. It’s on Hulu.

Buttfilm ltd says:

I literally JUST WATCHED 3 of the 4 films you guys chose.

(The ones that aren’t DOOM fyi.)

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