Underrated Horror Movies: SESSION 9

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Ron Saari says:

If you don’t mind black and white flicks check out Night of the Hunter. More of a thriller I guess. Robert Mitchum as an evil preacher is awesome. Way underrated and ahead of it’s time.

ReelinWithReed says:

That’s crazy I just watched this for the first time yesterday. Wasnt very impressed, it wasnt bad, but wasnt good either I didn’t think. Keep on keeping on!

smug_grinch says:

“Hey, what are you doin here, man?” Great flick. I own the DVD.

Satyrcain66 says:

Thanks for the review, guys. UFC was never my thing, though, I kill men in alley’s and storm drains for sport.

DonTae Trowell says:

Nobody enjoys a good titty slashing like J.

LulyTubee says:

Yup it’s a good one

Darth Vader Jones says:

Hey guys I love your show I’m not a patreon subscriber I should be and I will but I have a question have ya’ll ever did a review of SALEM’S LOT ? I didn’t see it on your movie review list as I watch alot of your shows especially my favorite shows you’ve done I’ve been watching your channel going on 3 years. I do remember if I’m not mistaken that you guys would be reviewing SALEM’S LOT but I think that was a while ago. So if you have reviewed it I have to see if I could find it . If you haven’t I would love to hear what you guys thought of it I’m pretty sure yall have seen it or read the book its like Stephen king’s second book I believe after Carrie. And it was 2 made for TV movies about one was in the 70s and the other was shown around 2004. The one from the 70s freaked me the fuck out it scared the shit out of me I was a kid when I saw it I had to have been 9 or 10 years old but I had nightmares for over a year. But people who have seen it was like this scared you? I mean it’s nothing to people now but it had me I do watch from time to time and I say it wasn’t that bad but me it still gives me unsettling feeling. I mean my 13 year old son watched and was like are you serious? The fact that Stephen king doesn’t mind killing children in his stories or turning them into monsters creeps me out. But believe it or not I still think of him as one of the greatest authors in the world because he is willing to take HORRIBLE things to the extreme. So if you have reviewed it I will look for it again if not I will look forward to whenever you do review it. To me the 70s version with David Soul was the best one and was directed by Tobe Hooper from the Texas chainsaw massacre. The 2004 one has Rob Lowe in it. Love the show PEACE.

Philip Michael says:

I can’t wait for y’all to blow up big. Y’all got me geeked

Michael L Rakes says:

Very dark movie. I read about it in Fangoria right after getting out of high school and it always stuck with me.

The hospital in the movie was Danvers State Hospital, 17 miles outside of Boston. It sadly was mostly demolished in 2007 by a controversial deal in which the property ( a national registered historic place) was sold to developers to be turned into apartments. Eerily enough, less than a year later, 4 new apartment complexes and 4 construction site trailers were destroyed in a fire, to which no one was charged with. The site now has since been sold yet again and is largely vacant minus some of the hospitals buildings and a few apartments.

Being how you guys are from Kentucky, if you’re familiar with the infamous Waverly Hills Asylum, a neat fact is this hospital was built upon a lot of the same design specs as that one, as is the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV ( ironically, purchased and restored by an Asbestos Abatement contractor, like in Session 9, named Joe Jordan in 2007).

Scorpio11477 says:

I had a hard time getting into this one for some reason. It wasn’t terrible by any stretch, and had its moments.
Did you guys see Lake Mungo? That was another low-budget, slow paced, very dark, atmospheric horror movie that was exceptionally well-done, IMO.

Ben Clawson says:

I’ll be honest with you guys, I thought this movie was so boring. I have seen it twice and fell asleep both times. I actually want to like this film but can’t get into it. I think you guys are way more entertaining.

Daniel Baugher says:

Yeah Jay my sex life is STRANGE to LMAO

Another Cart To Go says:

I believe that y’all should watch 6 Souls
In my opinion it’s really good

bex jackalope says:

this was one of the good ones for sure. I remember the website for this film was interactive and you could click on the different files for mary hearing her various personalities. ugh.. very disturbing. wish I could find that again. and YES to that Danvers, Mass. building being its own character. so good.

Paul Reber says:

I’ve bin waiting for a new video

Loch121 says:


kimberry2010 says:

This film scared the hell out of me. I had problem sleeping after.

Karla Straight says:

I saw this movie years ago and wow was it creepy and incredibly original. Very well done

Tae Ladon says:

WWAM!!!!!!!!!!! Love You Guys!!!!!

Leon Scott Kennedy says:

yo mike and jay wasssup

Fact Feature says:

Can’t wait till you guys reach 100K.

SweetPeach Bellini says:

This movie was a total mind-fuck! I saw it just after it came out and I swear, everybody walked out of the theatre with this wtf look on their faces. Except for some chirpy guy who was so stoked that he figured out what really happened to the one dudes family. The group he came with just walked away from him….(I wonder if he’s a serial killer now)

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