Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

2017 is nearly upon us, and it looks like next year is going to HUGE for horror! There’s the return of classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween, as well as a TON of new films. Check out my list to get ready for 2017!


DemonicGamerZ says:

One book series I want to see in movie form is Darren Shan’s Demonata series. A horror series about a teenagers battle against a demon after his family was brutally murdered by it(not a spoiler because it happens in chapter 1 of the first book,pretty much at the start). There are 12 books in total and are so worth reading

Spider man says:

wait friday the 13th was canceled??

Garry Ad says:

Horror movies in 2017 SUCK ASSSS i mean there are those we like but wish upon is a movie that the compony ran out of money


Ik I’m like 1 year late but the new Saw movie is called Jigsaw

Riley Jesse Callaghan says:

Halloween and Annabelle

Mysticals World says:

Friday The 13th will be 2018 or 2019 love your videos @FOUNDflix your awesome #FOUNDflix #DeadMeat

Joe Herman says:

Halloween is going to be great, Friday is fun, leatherface was good, didn’t like the mummy, Annabelle 2 was sick,maniac cop is reality,hellraiser, insidious,saw are the same,belko was great,get out was original, bye bye man wasn’t that good, alien was good.Dark tower was ok.

Adam says:

Lol, going back to this video in October, Friday the 13th is gooonnnnnneeee

Christian Reaction and games says:

Jason Voorhees or Micheal Myers? comment below

Tuna says:

“It” was awesome! But I’m excited for saw and flatliners

NewWave Productions says:

Please take a second to see my short movie “UNARMED”. This short movie is about the effects POLICE BRUTALITY can have on a family. I poured my heart & soul into this film and you would literally make my DREAMS COME TRUE by watching and giving feedback. I am a student filmmaker and I literally went broke to produce this film! All feedback is wanted, Thanks!!!

SLL daily says:


Brandy Sims says:

I have a leather face poster from a movie theatre bc my mom worked there

Adam says:

Halloween is gggooooonnnneee

jothegreek says:

A lot of trash

Abibliophobe27 says:

They aren’t doing Friday the 13th anymore or they moved it to 2018. It was a recent thing though.

Excited for the Halloween movie even though it will probably be crappy. Also, I personally liked the first rob zombie remake but hated the second one and have no idea why he did it in that way.

Leather face seems like it will be interesting but it will end up being crappy. Most horror films aren’t great and the more they are remade/continued etc the worse they tend to get.

Sharkbait TV says:


dude bro says:

Friday the 13 got cancelled

Łodzianin Mapper says:

welp jason cancelled what s shame

twentyonemychemicalrancefalloutcrankthatfranks says:

I saw annabelle 2 the jumpscares are scary asf

TheGamingRaccoon Playz says:

R.I.P Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees……

……he sadly won’t come back in the sequel….

Buster 792 says:

I am really looking forward to IT because the old one is out dated and it deserves a reboot and bill skarsgard looks like the guy for pennywise.

John Taker says:

can anyone please tell me the name of the movie..where the son, in a family of four, sees inside a box in a metro, and then does not feel hunger,when he tells her sister, she too feels no hunger,same with their father.. and in one scene, their mom sees a dream where her family is eating her on the dinner table

Liveon1 says:

I hate movie that turn into seri

Fox Trot says:

What about another 40 days of night

specktacal's '-' says:

INSIDEOUS 4 well that’s gonna be shit the first was good second was ok third was shit and four will fuck itself

Ayrissa Christensen says:

5:28 is that matt smith


They should make a movie of scp like if you agree

Strangely Leo says:

0:43 SAMMY

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